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Atari Jaguar Information

atari jaguar roms Nowadays you can still download Atari Jaguar ROMs and play one of the classic games developed for this specific gaming console. If we take a closer look at the past, we can see that Atari Jaguar was released to the test markets of San Francisco and New York in November 1993. It became widely available in 1994. Atari Jaguar was sold as the most affordable and the first 64-bit gaming console. The biggest competitors were Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis while they were still 16-bit units. Atari Jaguar is the 6th model made by Atari Corporation and the last that used physical media.

The console was affordable indeed, yet it had plenty of hardware-based bugs and the development was more than just complicated. There were no third-party media for the console, which is one of the biggest reasons why it was ended as a project back in 1996. There were only 50 licensed games for Atari Jaguar and 13 additional provided by Atari themselves. In later packages, the famous Atari Jaguar CD add-on was sold with the console. Nevertheless, it just prolonged its lifespan, unsuccessfully. In a nutshell, the console was sold in around 250.000 copies which is significantly lower than other models which were available on the market at the same time. Another reason why the manufacturing was ended is the appearance of Play Station and Sega Saturn, which were far more advanced back in a day.

Atari Jaguar is the last console the Atari Corporation made and distributed. After it, they stopped developing gaming consoles and games in general. This makes it very rare and very important in gaming history.

If you want to play Atari Jaguar ROMs today, you can do it by using one of the emulators. The best options are Project Tempest, Virtual Jaguar, and RetroArch.

With the help of the emulators, you can enjoy classic games such as Missile Command 3D, Iron Soldier, Iron Soldier 2, Sensible Soccer - International Edition and many others. These games are stunning and probably completely different than you may have encountered until now.