Download Sega Genesis (Megadrive) ROMS

Megadrive Information

megadrive romsThe Sega Genesis was one of the two consoles vying for the top spot in 16-bit gaming consoles during the early 1990's. The battle between the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was epic, and the two were pretty evenly matches. But there were definitely some things that people loved about Sega Genesis that made them choose this console as their favorite. Let's take a closer look at what is arguably the most loved 16-bit gaming console.

This console game came with 2 controllers, the console, at least one game and tables that would hook it up to your TV. The games came as cartridges that you would load into the top. The console had the best possible graphics of the time and pretty decent sound as well. The original Sega controllers came with a 3 button layout as well as the gamepad and the center keys.

As for games, the Sega Genesis had a huge number of games that you can play on it. Here is just the small portion of the Sega Genesis games that are out there but above you can see the full list of Megadrive Roms available at our website:

Of course, today it is a lot more difficult to find these cartridges as well as the original game consoles. Sega has released a few replacement consoles that come with some of these games already on the hard drive, but programmers complain that it doesn't feel like the original Sega Genesis. What many people are doing instead is using an emulator and playing the game on their mobile device or computer.

An emulator allows you to load the game in a completely separate container that doesn't affect your computer at all and then choose which of the Sega Genesis ROMs that you want to play. You can find lots of games for the Megadrive by following that link, and they will load up the same way that you remember with the same music and graphics. If you have a Sega Genesis console that can hook into your computer, then you will really feel nostalgic as you play these games. You can use a joystic and keyboard as well though.