Download Sony PlayStation 2(PS 2) ROMs

PS 2 Information

playstation 2 When you hear the word "console", PlayStation usually is the one that first comes to mind in a lot of people, whether gamers or not. Video games have been a source of entertainment since the early 1970s. Arcades with various games were introduced to the public and since then, the industry has been skyrocketing with continuous developments and expansion which many users enjoy nowadays. Tournaments were even created for competitive players that want to showcase their talents in certain games. It allowed several nations and ethnicities to have a place to socialize with others of the same interest.

On March 4, 2000, PlayStation 2 (Commonly referred to as PS2) was released in Japan as a second installment of the console line-up along with other brands like Nintendo's GameCube, Xbox, and Dreamcast. Despite having a lot of competitions, PS2 managed to take the spot of the best-selling video game console of all time and sold up to 155 million units worldwide. Numerous game titles were released for the unit and marketed over 1.5 billion copies across different countries.

PS2, aside from being recognized as one of the best video game consoles, is also one of the longest life spans a console can ever have. The production of this installment took 12 years compared to the average which is just 6 years, and continued manufacturing even after the release of the third installment. This proves how much people were into the unit back then and why it is still considered as one of the best nowadays. The production was discontinued in 2013 to give way to the development of its successor.

Videogames were developed to bring the fun of the arcade to the comfort of our own homes. It became so popular with kids up to young adults because it allows people of all ages to enjoy their games. In modern days, with the help of the internet, it's much easier to download and play different games on a computer and mobile. Versions that are compatible with our common devices are developed to give us the nostalgic feeling of having to play the same games when we were younger. It also became a competition of the still-existing, and thriving, consoles in the market today. Recently, Sony released the fifth installment of the PlayStation PS5 and it is still one of the best and most trusted gaming consoles all over the world.

Growing up in the modern era, video games have helped us develop our sense of coordination, intellectual capacities, and the desire to reach a certain goal. It is also proven in studies that video games have cognitive benefits such as enhancing memory, improving brain speed, attention and concentration, and social skills. It is a great source of learning because it allows the players to exercise their minds while having a great time. As much as the videogame industry is aligned with the continuous development of technology as of today, many gamers still love and enjoy the classics. Some of the games that players loved up to this day are Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo 4, and Final Fantasy and they remained one of the best games of all time.

PlayStation 2 remained the most popular video game console and it caused its competitors to suffer financially and some even went into discontinuation of the production. The main reason why PS2 stayed on top despite its weaker specifications compared to others is its built-in DVD player. Other consoles require a separate adapter which many users find very much of a hassle. The initial games released weren't one of the best, but during the holiday season of 2001, the blockbuster games lineup serves as a foundation to keep the unit in momentum serving as a very big opposition to its rivals. Sony also made sure to secure the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Grand Theft Auto Series as PlayStation 2 exclusives.

Another top specification of the PS2 is their console adapter which allows users to play audio CDs and movies from DVD which makes it a very convenient buy because it has several uses. It is also compatible with most of the games in the original PlayStation. People always dig for versatility. PS2 never really gets out of the limelight and many players would still love to own the unit right now. Currently, the repair of the PS2 unit was long discontinued and there isn't that much way to own one anymore.

Fortunately, you can now play the classic video games you loved without the need of actually having a console. Simply download the available PlayStation 2 ROMs and play the games you once loved as a child. After downloading, load it and you can now start playing the games considered as classics in the industry. A computer with basic specifications is enough to keep you at the edge of your seats. And yes, you can still use controllers if you want the same nostalgic feeling you had as a child.