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playstation portable If retro gaming is mentioned during casual conversations, the PlayStation Portable Handheld Console is probably amongst the first things to be brought up and discussed. Despite being released more than a decade and a half ago, it is still considered one of the most legendary gaming devices that were ever released in the gaming industry and history.

All kinds of gamers, no matter their age or nationality, at one point held, owned, or used a PSP. It is something that even non-gamers are familiar with, which is a feat that speaks for itself.

It was an instant hit and best seller upon its release in 2004, having sold about 500,000 units on the first two days alone. Sony (PSP Manufacturer) released multiple PlayStation Consoles since then, but PSPs popularity never once ceased. That first release marked their existence and presence in the gaming world.

It didn't take long for PSP to climb its way on top. Not long after its debut, it became one of the top contenders in gaming devices in the market. Sony fought neck-to-neck with Nintendo and Microsoft for the throne as the leading gaming console manufacturer in the industry. Though, it was Sony who took the crown in the end.

With the original and first PlayStation being the first ever to sell 100 Million console units in under a decade, and PlayStation 2 being the best-selling home game console to date with a staggering 155 Million sales, Sony proved that they deserved the top seat. PSP didn't disappoint its predecessors as it contented with approximately 80 Million unit sales in its first ten years.

If you have a PSP, you might also be familiar with hearing the term or abbreviation ROM, which stands for Read-Only-Memory. This is no doubt the primary vital tool or piece to play with your PSP.

ROM is used to store crucial information and run retro games in a much more modernized medium. It is a memory chip that would save your data instead of deleting contents when the device is turned off. This means that you would be able to pick up where you left off or save your game progress.

With the great leaps in technology, retro games are now also available in ROM files. PlayStation Portable ROMs can be used as an emulation that would allow you to access and play them on a modern device and medium. Another thing to remember is that PSP ROM can only be played on specific and particular consoles, though you can play them on modern devices if you so wish.

Many websites on the internet offer PSP ROMs that contain games that were initially intended for arcades only. This might be your one good chance and opportunity to play your favorite and classic arcade games on a portable device. Three of the most popular and known retro games available for PSP ROMs are Grand Theft Auto, Dragon Ball Z, and Tekken.

Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure classical game that revolves around criminals. Players are cast as part of the gang and are tasked to commit crimes to rise through the rankings. These tasks are required to be carried out brutally and without any kind of remorse. Its nature and story plot makes it amongst the most controversial role-playing games in the market.

Dragon Ball Z is a game based on the anime and manga of the same name. It allows you to navigate a player and control them while they fight in a big arena. Each DBZ game has its own story mode that is unique and different from each other.

Tekken is a viral fighting game that took the franchise by storm. The game series' main plot is to participate in a massive tournament and earn the title of Best Fighter. It has a wide array of characters for you to choose from, with each one having its own background and skills!

Besides these three games, there are a whole lot of others available online to choose from. Amongst the noteworthy ones are Kingdom Hearts, Bleach - Heat the Soul, God of War - Chains of Olympus, Assassin's Creed - Bloodlines, Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, and Final Fantasy.

It is essential to note that just because you downloaded a game, you wouldn't be able to play it immediately. You will need an emulating tool that is suitable for your device. These emulators are software products that mimic the work done by gaming consoles on your laptop, PC, or phone. This will allow you to load and process the game.

Rocket, RetroArch, Rapid, Golden, PSPlay, PPSSPP, PCSP, and JPCSP are amongst the most popular emulators available that you won't regret choosing. Do take note which one of these is suitable for which device!

Choosing the perfect game and emulator are the two critical steps in playing retro games through PSP ROM. Once you accomplish both, you can immediately jump to playing. You can dive straight into the virtual and graphical world of retro gaming!