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Naruto Rom

Naruto (J)

JP Country
Naruto  Rom Naruto (J) JP Country (JP) 178

Dragonball Rom

Dragonball (J)

JP Country
Dragonball  Rom Dragonball (J) JP Country (JP) 335

Golden Axe  [t1]Rom

Golden Axe (J) [t1]

JP Country
Golden Axe  [t1] Rom Golden Axe (J) [t1] JP Country (JP) 212

Wonderswan ColorInformation

wonderswan color roms Bandai Wonderswan was introduced in 1999 as we have mentioned. This was the original model. A new version added color support and hardware improvements and it was known as Bandai Wonderswan Color. The last version was Swan Crystal and it was available on the market until 2003. In general, all of these versions were sold in over 3.5 million units, in Japan only. This was around 8% of the total market share in the entire country. The devices supported various games and some of them were developed by third-parties such as Taito and Namco. Bandai Wonderswan was eventually outrun by Nintendo Game Boy Advance which started dominating the market as the result of better hardware and more, available games.