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Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition Game
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Parameter Info
Console: NES
Original Game: Final Fantasy
Type: Improvement
Genre: Role Playing
Modifications: G,L,T,GP,Other
Creator: Robert August de Meijer
Date Created: 02/04/2019
Last Modified: 02/08/2019
Parameter Info
Filename: FFUltra Champion Edition.7z
Downloads: 22
Requirements: No Special Requirements
Version: 1.1

Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition Description

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition Read Me

Online Readme for:
Final Fantasy Ultra - Champion Edition

[Please copy paste this into a text editor if reading in Notepad]

Thank you for playing my project, the game I wish was on the market, and instead simply made myself. In this Readme you will find class descriptions (part 1), what each spell does (part 2), a walkthrough (part 3), and a design document (part 4). Besides the enjoyment I get out of playing this game, I also love hearing from others what they think. With enough feedback, there might even be a 'Hyper Fighting' version coming one day, an idea I heartily welcome.

Part 1: Class descriptions

Axes / Scale Armor / No spells
Mr. hit hard. He equips axes and does the most physical damage, by far. It doesn't get much simpler than that. He also hits rather frequent (3 attack rating per level), and can wear scale armor (which is good enough for second place in your party). As you would expect, he can't cast any spells. No problem, he'll often take out smaller enemies in only one hit!

Swords / Scale Armor / No spells
Mr. lucky. The rogue actually has three things going for him: his extremely high luck factor makes it easy for him to run away from battles. Secondly, that high luck also helps your party with preemptive attacks (and avoiding ambushes) as long as he leads your party. Finally, he also gets 5 magic resistance per level, way higher than anybody else. He's just good at avoiding trouble! He can use swords, so he'll help out on offense. And since he can use scale armor and has above average evasion, he's able to stay alive at the front of your party just long enough for a heal. He's got a lot going for him, but he can't cast spells. One other minor bonus: the level design of this game let's him 'steal' some extra powerful items ahead of time.

No weapons / No armor / All indirect spells
Mr. fury of fists. This guy does twice the attacks he gets from his attack rating, and he even gets 4 of those every level! On average, he hits less hard than the Viking, but due to all the attacks, throwing a couple of TMPR spells on him will make him do more damage in the long run. The Monk is all about the long fight: he even has access to all the indirect spells in the game, making him able to buff your teammates and curse your opponents to your advantage. He can't cast as many spells per day as dedicated casters, though, so think ahead. He also doesn't wear any armor, but luckily gains an armor bonus per level.

Swords / Cloth armor / Both direct black spells
Ms. pwnage. The Ninja delights in beating up her opponents. She uses swords and even gains 4 attack rating per level. On top of that, she has access to direct black spells, helping her nuke 'em to pieces. And if that's not enough, she has the highest evasion rate in the game, helping avoid attacks. He only real weakness is that she has low armor, so make sure she hits before being hit back. You can have her lead your party, but high armor ratings (like the Paladin's) are better defense in the long run.

Hammers / Scale armor + shield / Both indirect white spells + one direct white spell
Ms. protector. Want to make sure you win every fight? The Cleric has all the tools needed to stay alive as long as she has some magic to spend. She has access to all the indirect white spells, which is mostly for defensive buffing. And she can cast CURE spells to keep folks alive (but she doesn't have the HEAL spell, like the Priest). She even has the ability to wear scale armor and shields! As you would expect, she's not very good at killing enemies. No problem, she makes friends easily.

Staves / Scale armor / Both direct black spells + one indirect black spell
Ms. nukage. The Warlock specializes in direct damage spells and can cast a lot! If you know which elements work against which enemy, the Warlock can blaze through this game. She even wears scale armor. Sound overpowered? Once her magic is spent, her staff won't do much damage. And boss fights, with their tremendous hit-points, and after a long trip through a dungeon, might have her feeling powerless. But no matter, smart use of inns and houses will keep her fresh and 'productive'.

Staves / Cloth armor / All spells
Mr. magic. So you like casting spells? The Sage has access to all spells, helping your party fill any holes. Need a character that can heal -and- nuke? Want multiple TMPR spells but also the ability to nuke undead? The Sage is your answer. His spells also have slightly more power than other casters. What he doesn't do is fight well: staves and cloth armor is all he can equip.

Staves / Cloth armor / No spells
Mr. so you're looking for a challenge. The third (fourth?) leg of your party, the Fool doesn't bring anything to the table. Want a character dedicated to using potions and helping with running away? The Fool is there for players who want to make the game harder. Good luck with having him still alive by the end of the game!

Hammers / Plate armor + shields / Both direct white spells
Mr. tank. The knight in shiny plate armor, he'll protect your class from physical attacks like no other. He also can cast direct white spells, healing your party and protecting them from magic. He even has above average luck and magic resistance, the guy's blessed! He's not that much of a damage dealer: he hits more often and slightly harder than the Cleric, but that's not saying much.

Swords / Scale armor + shields / All spells
Mr. all-round. You want a hybrid? The Ranger brings a lot to the table, but nothing especially spicy. He uses swords, wears scale armor and shields (pretty good as a leader), and none of his stats are low. One of his best features is having access to all spells. He won't be able to cast many per day, but he'll do fine as your only healer, nuker or buffer if you think ahead.

Swords / Cloth armor / Both indirect black spells + one direct black spell
Mr. tricky. My personal favorite, he's got all the indirect black spells you need. Buff your team to super strength and curse your opponents into puppies. He also has access to the direct black spells which hit one target. On top of that, he can use swords, so the Wizard is also good at taking out single enemies. Multiple enemies? You can confuse, stun, and poison them! He can't take much of a beating though.

Staves / cloth armor / Both direct white spells + one indirect white spell
Mr. heals on wheels. You'll never need a healing potion with this guy around. Plenty of HEALs and CUREs to throw around, but also HOLY spells to damage undead and some indirect spells to help in longer fights. His staff doesn't pack a punch, though, neither will his cloth armor keep him alive long. But healing is great, isn't it?

Class combinations ideas

Team powerful
Paladin / Viking / Warlock / Sage
Probably the best party for a new player, the Paladin soaks hits while the Viking and Warlock beat up enemies with ease. The Sage is for extra healing, buffs and perhaps that extra nuke spell!

I want it all!
Paladin / Cleric / Ninja / Wizard
Since your party can only have four characters and there are about seven things a character can excel in, no party is perfect. But this one comes pretty close! Access to all the spells in the game, two characters that can hit hard, enough healing to get around, and the Ninja can take care of the occasional group.

Hybrids ftw
Ranger / Ninja / Monk / Sage
Who needs to specialization when you have four characters who can do a bit of everything? You might want to switch the Sage for a Viking, Warlock or Priest for dedicated usage.

I know what I'm doing
Rogue / Warlock / Monk / Sage
When you know your way around, know when to cast spells, and when to run away, the world becomes this party's playground!

Let's get physical
Rogue / Ninja / Viking / Monk
This high-octane party shoots first and drinks healing potions later. Champion Edition is balanced to be beatable without healers. Surprisingly effective!

Team run away!
Rogue / Paladin / Cleric / Priest
Yes, this works. Go wherever you like, run away and heal up afterwards! Only special encounters won't let you escape, but those are the kind of fights this party excels at! (don't forget to use the TMPR ring, though). Perhaps the best party for beating the game at a low level.

Part 2: Spells
There are two schools of magic (White and Black), but also two fields in each school (Direct and Indirect). Direct spells generally do raw numbers, like damage and healing. Indirect spells generally change the status of things. The direct spells are the top two in each shop, the indirect the bottom two.

Which classes can cast what?
Paladin ? Direct white spells
Ninja ? Direct black spells
Monk ? All indirect spells
Priest ? Both direct white spells and one indirect white spell
Cleric ? Both indirect white spells and one direct white spell
Warlock ? Both direct black spells and one indirect black spell
Wizard ? Both indirect black spells and one direct black spell
Ranger ? All spells
Sage ? All spells

Level 1
CURE = Heal about fifty hit points.
HOLY= Deal a lot of holy damage to all undead enemies (like zombies and skeletons).
INVS = Increase the evasion of your party members. Good for long fights.
WAKE = This spell will take away any paralyze and sleep effects from party members.

FIRE = Deal a lot of fire damage to one enemy.
BOLT = Deal a modest amount of lightning damage to all enemies.
SLEP = Put your enemies to sleep. This spell can be resisted.
BIND= Lower the evasion of enemies, making them easier to hit with weapons.

Level 2 spells:
HEAL =Heal about fifty hit points for the whole party.
PURG= Takes away poison and stun effects from your party.
SHLD = Raise the armor rating of your whole party. Great with Invs.
SLOW= Makes opponents only hit once.

ICE = Damage all enemies with ice. Does more damage than Bolt.
AERO=A lot of wind damage to one enemy, more than Fire.
BLND=All enemies will go blind, making it harder for them to hit you.
POIS= Poison all your enemies, which will sap away their hit points at 10% a turn.

Level 3 spells:
CUR2= Heals around 100 hit points.
HLY2= A stronger version of Holy.
MUTE: Silence all enemies
WILL= Reduce the chance of afflictions (like Stun, Sleep and Poison) to your party.

FIR2 = Deadlier version of Fire
BLT2= Deadlier version of Bolt
TMPR = Makes the members of your party hit harder. Great for long battles.
CHRM= Makes enemies fight for your. Can be resisted.

Level 4
HEL2: Heals everybody for quite a bit
CLNS= Removes all afflictions from your party.

SLD2: Increases party absorb even more than SHLD
LIFE: Revives party member to 1 hp out of battle. Damages one undead in combat.

ICE2: Ice damage to all enemies
COMT: A lot of dark damage to one enemy
HSTE: Double attacks for one party member
BIO: Poisons and sleeps all enemies 

Level 5
CUR3: Heal a lot of hitpoints for one party member
HLY3: Damage all undead for a lot.
SHEL: Defends party against elemental spells
SOFT: Remove stone out of battle, petrify one opponent in combat

FIR3: Deal a lot of fire damage to one enemy
BLT3: Deal a lot of electric damage to all enemies
STOP: Paralyze one enemy
SHEL: Defends party against elemental spells
WARP: Teleport back one story out of battle, lower morale of one enemy in combat

Level 6
HEL3: Heal a lot of hit points for all party members
WALL: Defend against all magic for party
CHKR: Fully heal and cleanse caster
EXIT: Exit dungeon out of battle, lower morale of all enemies in combat

ICE3: A lot of ice damage to all enemies
DARK: A lot of dark damage to single enemy.
TPR2: Increase attack damage of one party member
GLXY: Paralyze and sleep all enemies

Level 7
CUR4: Fully heal and cleanse party member.
HLY4: Deal massive damage to all undead
IVS2: Greatly increase invasion for whole party
HEX: Poison, blind, sleep and mute all enemies

QAKE: Deal a lot of earth damage to all enemies
TNDO: Deal massive air damage to one enemy
DETH: Terminate one enemy
HST2: Whole party doubles attacks

Level 8
HEL4: Fully heal and cleanse the whole party
PERL: Massive holy damage to all enemies
SLD2: Greatly increase armor for whole party
LIF2: Fully heal dead party member out of battle, deal massive damage to one undead in battle.

FLAR: Massive non-elemental damage to one enemy
MTEO: Massive dark damage to all enemies
XZON: Terminate all enemies
TPR3: Massively increase attack power of one party member.

Part 3: Walkthrough

General tips

- Although the game is balanced so that any mix of classes (without a Fool) can beat the game, having a good mix of abilities helps. In general, there are five things you want:
1) Physical attacks. This is because you will not want to cast spells each fight in order to get as far as you can. Also, bosses have a lot of hit points and magic resistance.
2) Physical defense. You're gonna get hit a lot in this game. Healing potions are expensive.
3) Spells that win fights. Mostly direct spells like BOLT and ICE, but also HEX and WARP will work. Some battles can be easily won with the right spell, saving a lot of time and healing.
4) Healing spells. The more healing you have, the further you can go and the higher your chance is of surviving a boss battle.
5) Spells that buff your party. Boss battles are hard in this game. Without the ability to counter their attacks and get through their high hit point totals, you're going to have a hard time against them.
Since you can only have four party members, you won't be able to have all these five abilities covered to the max.

- Don't count out the Rogue's ability to run away and improve ambushes, though. He qualifies as a good leader.

- The classes best suited for leadership are, in order: Paladin, Rogue, Ranger, Cleric, Ninja

- Although the game can be beaten with only healing potions, it's really nice to have one or two classes that can heal.

- Knowing which battles are best to run away from makes a huge difference.

- Learn the elemental weaknesses and resistances of each enemy.

- Armor can greatly reduce physical damage. Learn to use the SHLD spell, and use TMPR to break through enemies' armor.

- There are no secret passageways to worry about.

- There are four bonus dungeons at the end of the game. This includes the Ice Cave and Temple of Ordeals.

- The Floater has moved to a cave in a desert.

- FIRE spells, HOLY, and hammers do extra damage against undead.

- There are three places in the early game where you can fight extra tough enemies, like the Peninsula of Power.

- Don't feel bad if you can't complete a dungeon the first trip: they're designed to be done in two or three.

- The Mystic key doesn't open as many doors now, which means doors are already open now in the Marsh Cave and Temple of Fiends.

- Most dungeons have teleports, bringing you back to the start (or at least closer).

- The best gear can be found in the four bonus dungeons scattered around the world.

- Each dungeon has a ring which can cast a low level spell in combat. There are also two staves later in the game which cast Heal and Ice. You cannot equip these items.


- Get equipment and some spells for your party in the first City, then orient yourself by fighting around town.
- Once you're level 2, you should try attempting the Temple of Fiends (northwest). In each corner there are chests to be looted. You might want to return to town before fighting the boss in the middle of the temple.
- After beating Garland and crossing the bridge, head East until you see a town. Get the new spells and maybe some weapons.
- At level 4 you should be read to head South, then West to the pirate's cove. There's a lot of treasure, so you should take two trips before attempting the pirates at the end. BOLT will kill most of them. The stairway behind Bikke brings you back to the first story.
- With the ship you can go NorthWest to the Dwarve cave and pick up some cash.
- To the south of the sea, there's the Elf town and castle. Get some spells and equipment.
- At level 5 you can do the Marsh cave, which is West of the Elf kingdom. A lot of treasure, so take multiple trips. You fall into the middle of the first floor: the exit is to the north. To the east is a stairway to the second floor. Check out all the rooms. The one with six statues is a boss: multiple Piscodemons. BLT2 is effective, as is SHLD. The TNT is for a dwarf.
- At level 7, it's time for Astos, whose castle is Northwest of the Elf kingdom. There are a lot of undead. Astos has a thousand hitpoints and mostly casts spells. SHEL is very hand. Without that spell you might have to rush him down. Also get the three chests in the treasure room.
- With Astos defeated, the Elf prince will give you the mystic key. Open the locked doors in that castle, in the first castle and in the dwarf cave. Don't forget to get some level 4 spells in the Elf town.
- After giving the TNT to the dwarf, you can sail West towards the desert town. You might want to get some level 5 spells and new equipment.
- To the east of the desert town you'll find the Earth Cave. It's huge and has many treasures. On the third floor in the middle there is a teleport back to the entrance. The fourth floor has some out of reach chests guarded by Golems. You can run away from them, or use SHLD to surive the long fight. On the fifth floor it Lich, who is Undead and weak to FIRE. SHEL, SHLD, HAST and TMPR are also handy.
- When you're done with the Earth cave, it's time to sail West to the other side of the world. Inland you'll find a crescent lake with a town. See which spells and equipment you want to get. Talk to the fellow in the upper right: he will give you the canoe.
- The Volcano is northwest of the crescent lake town, but the rivers are a maze. You might want to use a Cabin before entering. The second floor is a maze with a lot of treasure. Be wary, the enemies will start to hurt you a lot from now on. The lava tiles do two damage to each party member for every step you take, but you won't fight enemies on them. There
is treasure all over the place. About 2/3 in there's a telporter back to the entrance. On the bottom floor, there is only treasure in the top left and top right rooms. In the bottom left room is the boss, Kary. Use SHEL against her fire spells and SHLD against her hits. You might want to try to CHRM her!
- With the volcano done, you should be strong enough to get the Airship! Go into the cave south of the crescent lake town. The enemies are very strong, but the dungeon is pretty short. You'll have to walk over some sand to get through. The Floater is guarded by two battles: the Eyes must be killed as soon as possible as they cast stuns and stones.
- Use the Floater in the desert and board the airship. You can fly North to a town in the mountains and to the Northwest is a town along the sea. Both have level 7 magic. You can get expensive Mithral equipment in the mountain town.
- In the Northwest, there is a desert with a strip of forest at the top. Nearby is a 'secret' tile which will bring you to the caravan. This dungeon goes in a circle and has some chests. The Tricker enemies are vulnerable to BOLT. The Oxyale is hidden in the oasis in the middle of the map.
- With the Oxyale you can enter the Sea dungeon which is in the sea town. The Sea dungeon only has three floors, but the second floor has no walls, just water you can walk through, and can be disorienting. There's a teleport in one of the rooms. There's also a chest and mermaids on the third floor. The boss can be found in the big room. Kraken hits very hard physically, so defend against that. You might want to try to SLOW him. BOLT and DARK are effective.
- In the middle of the world map (north of the Dwarf cave) is an island with a library. It's full of undead and books. Three bookcases have gold. In the bottom room there are three vampires. This is a hard fight. Cast WILL to avoid stuns, SHEL and SHLD to reduce damage, and focus damage on one vampire at a time: they regenerate 10% of their health each turn!
- In the bookcases behind the vampires you will find the Papyrus, which you then take to the desert town, where a doctor will teach you Leifinish. With this language you can talk to the folks in the Northeastern forest town. You have to park your airship way north. In this town you can learn level 8 spells. One of the people has the Chime, which you need to enter the Air tower.
- The Air tower is in the huge desert on the Northeast continent. There are many treasures on the second floor. The third floor has a Blue dragon which casts lightning spells. The fourth floor alters its appearance and has a teleport back to the entrance. The seventh floor is a maze: go two tunnels left and two tunnels down to find the staircase. The eighth
floor is a long bridge, with a 1/64 chance of fighting the Warmech. It'll probably kill you, so run away. Tiamat, the end boss, casts lightning and as a dragon, takes extra damage from the Ashkandi sword.
- Now that have cleared the four orbs, you can go to the Temple of Fiends and beat the game. But there are four bonus dungeons and another 'secret' area worth visiting.
- The best bonus dungeon to attempt first is the Ice Cave, north of the Volcano. By going immediately south, you can find the Ice staff, which casts ICE. The rest of the dungeon is a simple maze. Eventually there is a staircase in the upper-right, which is an exit. Nearby is a room with a hole, taking you to the last boss. Hyudra mostly casts ICE spells, so make sure you cast SHEL. Ashkandi is effective.
- The second dungeon is the dark cave all the way in the Northwest corner of the game. To get there you need the ship, which you probably parked where you got the airship, so travel south and then east to get to the dungeon. You can't see most of the walls, so you have to feel around. Straight to the left and a bit up is a room with the Rogue's best weapon and the INVS ring (do you get the reference?). Then go southeast until you find another room with treasure. Finally, go down and then left to get to the boss. Death casts very strong spells, but WALL will help a bit. It's undead, so use that to your advantage so you can beat it before the stronger spells start being used against you. There are no exit teleports.
- The third bonus dungeon would be the Time Tower, Southwest of the crescent lake. On the first floor, you must find out which teleporter is correct. It's the one with blocks that look like a '?'. The second floor can be tedious. Going down, then left is probably the best path to take first. Then continue clock-wise. Eventually you will enter an Inn. Above this inn are some secret chests. Continuing clockwise will take you to the boss. He mostly buffs himself and attacks hard. He will eventually cast XZONE, so make sure WILL is cast. SHLD and INVS help against his assault. You might get lucky with SLOW. Because of his buffs, time is not on your side.
If you come across PinkPuff, just run away. The MagiTechs are pretty hard, so cast SHEL and perhaps a HAST and TMPR. They regenerate health.
- The hardest bonus dungeon is the Holy Shrine, which is the temple in the swamp, North of where you start the game. The pillars act as teleports. In order to get to the end, follow these steps: Take the left pillar, go down (get the chest) and take the pillar south of that room. Again take the left pillar. Then go down, getting the chest in the room, and then going back up and then left. You'll enter a super small room and then end up at a hallway. One of the rooms has the Heal staff, the others are empty. At the bottom of the room is the boss. She heals herself fully after a couple of rounds, so spend those turns buffing your party. DARK does extra damage to her. Get ready to heal before and after she casts PERL.
The pillar next to the boss room teleports you out.
- After the four bonus dungeons, look for an island directly south of the desert town. It features four rooms with boss battles, and a chest with a trinket. These trinkets open teleporters in the Temple of Fiends, bringing you to towns where you can go to an inn, get items and gear, and even purchase level 8 spells.
- The Temple of Fiends is entered behind where Garland was. You can talk to the bats, as they were previous warriors. The path through the temple is rather straightforward. On the colored levels, you'll fight souped up versions of older bosses. On the brown level, there is a bug in which you cannot open the first teleporter you come across, but there is another one further down. The red level has another Heal staff in the bottom left. The green level has a teleporter all the way to the right. The town of the blue level can be found all the way to the bottom right.
- In the last room (which has pillars artistically alligned), you can fight all the bosses in the outer ring. These random battles take about 40 steps before they trigger. In the middle is Garland, who becomes Chaos. He casts CUR4 after a couple of turns, so start the fight buffing up in every way you can. After that, try to defeat him before he heals up again.

- There are three bonus fights you might want to get into if you're looking for a challenge. In the Holy Shrine, there's a 1/64 chance of fighting Golden Golems. They have a ton of hitpoints and armor, but can be whittled down by buffing up your own armor and attack power. They drop plenty of gold pieces. The bridge in the Air Tower has the WarMech. It will regenerate health, so first buff up before trying to destroy it. The last and hardest 'secret' boss is PinkPuff, who is also a 1/64 random encounter in the Time Tower, second floor. She has max stats, so you're going to have to try to avoid being hit. It's hard to beat her before level 50, and even then the odds are against you. Luckily, the dungeon has an inn to keep your health full.

Easter eggs:
- The dancing girl in the first town is Sinsia, who is my real life girlfriend. Although she doesn't like these kind of games, she nevertheless playtested with video commentary <3.
- In the elf town there is a grave with the name Joris. He was the first playtester, gave up after half an hour, and therefor I had to kill him.
- Martine, a friend of mine who is obsessed with mermaids, is hinted at by multiple NPCs. She's very happy to be in the game with fins.
- There are two NPCs who reference the power of (real) bears! If you know which movie they are talking about, you know what they mean.
- Weapons and armor with special names are references to real life myths/religions/legends, Tolkien or Warcraft.
- PinkPuff, the ultra hard bonus boss, is a reference to the maker of Final Fantasy Negative One, which was my favorite Final Fantasy hack until I made this one. So much credit goes to her work!