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Hyper Metroid Game
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Parameter Info
Console: SNES
Original Game: Super Metroid
Type: Complete
Genre: Action Adventure
Modifications: G,L,T,GP,Other
Creator: RealRed
Date Created: 04/18/2015
Last Modified: 08/29/2016
Parameter Info
File Name: Hyper Metroid UH.rar
Downloads: 283
Requirements: No-Header (SNES)
Version: 1.0

Hyper MetroidDescription

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Hyper MetroidRead Me

by Trevor 'RealRed' Sitkoff

Design Philosophy:

As an avid fan of Super Metroid, I've played quite a few romhacks of the game. Some were really impressive in some cases,
but almost all were incredibly frustrating and/or poorly designed in some way. One hack, 'Project Base', was a wildly
derivative version of the original game with a completely new palette, modified levels for new routes of access to powerups, and
several new abilities and movements added to Samus's arsenal. After playing it, I simply had to hack again.

Originally, I was simply inspired by this hack to make a small set of levels that would utilize this fantastic new set of moves,
but as I worked on the project, it became larger and expanded in all directions.
I realized I could focus on eliminating issues that plagued other hacks of the game. Overpowered enemies,
poorly planned clunky level design, powerups being withheld simply because the player would enjoy having them...
With a close focus on a detailed world, maneuverability, and just having fun, Hyper Metroid is the Metroid game that I've
always wished that I could play. Hopefully, it's equally satisfying to you as well.


Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. Controls

III. Exploring Planet Zebes

IV. Power Up!

V. Installation/Setup

VI. Credits

VII. Contact


I. Introduction

K2L was a peaceful earth colony geared towards research in cutting-edge technology.
Samus Aran was the lead engineer on site, whose innovations were groundbreaking.
She was successful, and happily married, soon to start a family with her husband, Adam Aran.
Her success, however, did not go unnoticed.

The Space Pirates are an advanced alien species who rule the galaxy with unrivaled weapon technology.
With overwhelming military forces, the incredibly strategic artificial intelligence Mother Brain,
and the ruthless, cunning, and merciless leader, Ridley, few galactic civilizations live without the
looming threat and fear of the Space Pirates. Fewer yet that could keep the threat at bay.

One fateful day, Ridley launched a full assault on the K2L Colony in order to steal Samus' most recent
invention. Their operation was almost a complete success. Schematics stolen, prototypes taken, and nobody
living to speak about what happened...
Except for Samus.

Rescued by the Galactic Federation, Samus was in poor condition. Critically injured and her unborn child, dead.
After a long recovery, Samus had nothing to return to, and swore vengeance upon the Space Pirates.
She began researching and constructing her own version of Chozo Power Suit technology; that of a long gone but
incredibly advanced civilization of humanoid birds.

Now with the unrestricted ability to explore even the most dangerous environments, Samus could begin her hunt.
The Space Pirates would pay.

Her first mission was at a space pirate base she had located, the presumed location of the
brains of their operation, Mother Brain. She succeeded in destroying the Mother Brain, but it was a decoy.
She had, however, learned of the Space Pirates' plan to utilize the organisms known as 'Metroids' for
the manufacturing of biological weapons.

She then went to planet SR388 to eliminate all of the metroids in order to put a halt on their current plans.
While she was there, however, she witnessed the birth of a larva metroid, and could not bring herself to dispatch it.
Instead, she chose to plant the Metroid where the Space Pirates would find it, using it to track down their base of operations.
And so it begins. Samus is on her way to the Ceres Space Colony ready to begin what could be her most dangerous
mission yet....


II. Controls

Up: Aim up
Down: Crouch, morph
Left: Walk left
Right: Walk right

A: Run/Action. holding A allows samus to move much more quickly, but it also allows for quick maneuvers to be performed.
Try holding A in conjuction with other movements in order to find new and faster ways of getting around!
B: Jump
X: Item Select (choose between items on the HUD, such as Missiles, Grappling beam, and more...)
Y: Shoot

L: Angle up/aim diagonally upwards
R: Angle Down/aim diagonally downwards

START: Pause
SELECT: Item cancel (instantly deselect any chosen weapon on the HUD), auto-morph

Controls can be modified to your personal liking in the CONTROLS menu before starting up the game.


III. Exploring Planet Zebes

Most of Hyper Metroid takes place on the vast, mysterious planet known as Zebes. Countless foes, new and old, reside
within its depths. There are also many obstacles that will stand in Samus' way. Some will require new abilities hidden all throughout
the planet, but others will require ingenuity. Here are some tips and other things to look out for...

Hold the RUN button: When you are holding run, you can quickly perform actions that can get you out of a
tight spot! For example, hold RUN and then press JUMP. You will automatically summersault, even when you're a morphball!

Fighting with Ammo: Ammo is limited, but it is not without reason. Missiles are very powerful early on, and can eliminate
most enemies in a single hit! Be sure to keep a keen eye for more ammo expansions. Being well stocked with ammo can get you out
of even the tightest corners.

Look out for small tunnels: These are all over the place. some tunnels are shortcuts, while others lead to secret new areas.
Be sure to locate and explore any that you find, as there are rewards hidden all throughout...

Be sure to visit Tourian: Tourian is the Pirates' deep underground bunker. It's completely inaccessible to Samus, but there are clues
there about how it may be entered. There is also a very valuable item hidden deep within that can turn the most dangerous
battles in your favor...

Look out for new beam weapons: Samus's Power Beam is very weak and ineffective. It's able to dispatch weaker enemies, but the ones
found deeper in the planet can block it with their tough skin or armor. In order to remain on top, be sure to search high and low
for new weapons. The most dedicated explorers who find as many beams as possible can come up with unstoppable new combinations.

Try out bombs: Bombs are one of Samus's most valuable tools. Not only can they uncover hidden passageways, they can also pack
a massive punch that one might not expect.

Save your game often!: Save points are hidden all throughout the planet. These will allow you to try and retry parts that may give
you trouble, so save often.

Look at the map: There is always a new area to explore. Samus's power suit uses sonar to map out areas when she first steps foot
in them. If you're ever feeling stuck, take a look at areas you have yet to go to on the map. Many areas are already shown, but
hidden areas will often have hints or unexplored map squares that could be the puzzle peice you are missing.

Don't feel obligated to defeat Gold Torizo: You're probably not supposed to fight him yet.


IV. Power Up!

Samus's Chozo-based power suit is highly adaptable. New powerups can immediately be installed for enhanced
exploration abilities.

Energy Tank: Energy Tanks add 100 to your maximum health. Collecting these will allow for

sustained survival as you reach more dangerous depths of the planet.

Reserve Tank: Reserve Tanks are like a second chance! If you run out of health, reserve tanks (if set to auto)

will give you a moment to rethink your strategy while your health refills in a moment of desperation.

Missile: Concussive ammo based rounds that pack a punch. Any missile pack will supply

you with the missile launcher if you don’t already have it. Packs add 5 ammo to your total.

Super Missile: Explosive ammo based rounds that utterly destroy anything in their path.

Super Missiles cost 10 ammo to fire. Any pack you find will supply you with the super missile launcher.

Packs add 10 ammo to your total.

Power Bomb: Unleash a devastating explosion and remove all opposition!

Power Bombs cost 20 ammo to light off. Any pack you find will supply you with power bombs.

Packs add 15 ammo to your total.

Grappling Beam: Use the grappling beam to make your way over dangerous or hindering obstacles

all over the planet. You can swing back and forth to gain momentum, and you can latch on to walls

to kick off of.

Varia Suit: Varia suit adds 50% defense from damage, and also can protect samus from the most searing heat.

Make sure to find this item!

Morph Ball: The morphball allows you to transform into a ball by pressing DOWN twice. Use this to access

tunnels and other areas you couldn’t enter previously.

Bomb: Lethal energy based explosions that can destroy brittle or worn obstacles as well as any enemy you’re

skilled enough to hit with a bomb.

High-Jump Boots: Enables an incredible jump height boost.

Charge Beam: Charge up your beam for an almost unblockable shot that does triple damage!

An excellent back-up attack for if you run out of ammo.

Wave Beam: +5 Damage

Wave beam can pass through walls, putting any enemy within your reach.

Wave beam is statistically the weakest beam, but has a hidden potential locked away…

Ice Beam: +15 Damage

Ice beam has the ability to stop your foes. You can then use them as platforms,

or simply ignore them and move on to your next target.

Spazer Beam: +20 Damage

Spazer beam will triple the damage of added beams by changing one projectile into three!

Spazer is powerful by itself but can unlock incredible potential when combined with other beams.

More power-ups can be found, but it's up to you to find them…

Samus also has a wide variety of abilities ingrained into her power suit itself, but they

must be discovered in order to fully use. Some require no items, while others require a combination

of several.

Special Beam Combos: With a certain ammo based weapon, you can charge up singular beams and

execute powerful combos. Experiment and discover, for they could be very useful…

Crystal Flash: When you’re at a point of desperation, you can use a power bomb and

absorb it for a complete health refill. Be careful to watch your ammo, though! Crystal

Flash is very expensive, and you may not have enough ammo so keep some stocked up if you’re

looking at a long and difficult fight. Press and hold L, R, shoot, and down, as a ball with powerbombs
selected all at once to use this ability.

Wall Jump: A secret ability that can make areas available earlier than they should be!

Keep your eye out for Eticoons, as they are known to be proficient in the skill.

Shinespark: A powerful speed boost that can be utilized if you have a certain item.
The Dachora knows how to do it, so pay close attention…

Bomb Spread: Using Charge Beam and transforming into a ball while holding shoot will

allow you to make a V-spread of bombs that can take out close by enemies.

Samus’s Power Suit is full of hidden abilities.
Try out different things and you may 
find new ways to explore and fight!


V. Installation/Setup

Being a ROM hack, this is a little bit of trouble, but it's still worth it!
Here's what you need:

Hyper Metroid.ips - You got this with the readme! We'll be using this later.

Super Metroid (JU) [!].smc - This is the rom file, the original Super Metroid Game. Google it and you'll find it quickly.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If your super metroid ROM is 3,072kb, it is UNHEADERED. If it is 3,073kb, it is HEADERED. You'll need to download
the respective version of the hack in order for it to successfully and properly patch.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunar IPS -

An Emulator - Personally I prefer ZSNES 1.51,but nobody likes that anymore. Alternatively, you could
use snes9x, Higan, bsnes, or any others you may find. Google any one of those and you'll be able to
use that to play the game.

Use Lunar IPS to apply Hyper Metroid.ips to Super Metroid (JU) [!]. Then, load the rom with your
chosen emulator.



VI. Credits

Hyper Metroid by Trevor 'RealRed' Sitkoff

Project Base by Michael 'Begrimed' Silcox


Black Falcon
Scyzer (not a joke)

Troubleshooting & Debugging:


Beta Testers:

DMantra (Who I couldn't have done this without, god bless you man)
Begrimed (also a fantastic tester)

Special Thanks to:

My Family
Kejardon & Jathys
Krzysztof & Tendai


VII. Contact

If you ever want to talk, I'm frequently in the Metroid Construction IRC channel,
which can be found at the channel #metconst on

Alternatively, you could post in the Hyper Metroid topic on
or even send me a personal message. (I'm RealRed.)