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“JUSTIN BAILEY” patch Game
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Parameter Info
Console: SNES
Original Game: Super Metroid
Type: Improvement
Genre: Action Adventure
Modifications: G
Creator: Auximines
Date Created: 12/12/2007
Last Modified: 02/28/2016
Parameter Info
Filename: Justin Bailey
Downloads: 0
Requirements: Header (SNES)
Version: 0.99b

“JUSTIN BAILEY” patch Description

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

“JUSTIN BAILEY” patch Read Me

Super Metroid "JUSTIN BAILEY" edit v0.99b
By Auximines 12/12/07

12/11/07 Best ending redone, opening graphics drawn, changed permissions
6/28/02 Grappling beam "hanging" sprite fixed 
6/24/02 First release

Thanks to SnowBro, for Tile Layer.
Thanks to Jathys, who's SABS program and information helped with palettes.
Thanks to Yousei, for his palette editor.
Thanks to FuSoYa, for help with compressed graphics.
Thanks to Cartoon Network for keeping me company during all this.
Thanks to Nintendo for Metroid, and years of fun.



When Super Metroid came out in 1994, I really loved it... but like many people, I was a bit disappointed to learn that while 
the game had the same ending as Metroid, you couldn't play a second go-around with armorless Samus. So, I thought it would be fun to do it myself. After about a year of work, (Samus' sprites are an immense trainwreck of scattered 8x8 tiles) I can finally play Super Metroid with armorless Samus.

Who is Justin Bailey anyway?

This hack is a throwback to the original Metroid. In the first game, if you finished the game within a certain time you got 
to see the surprise ending, the shocking revelation that Samus was actually a *girl*. (Unheard of in 1986) And furthermore, 
you actually got to play as Samus without armor in the second loop. Now, you can enter a password (000000 000020 000000 
000020; the "20/20" password) to achieve the same effect, but that particular code wasn't well known back then. The claim to 
fame for all loyal Nintendo junkies was "JUSTIN BAILEY ______ ______." The Justin Bailey code let you play as armorless 
Samus, and gave you a few other things as well. 

Her outfit was sort of a "space swimsuit" kind of thing, and I've read that a "bailey" is an old Australian slang word for 
"swimsuit'. So, "Just-in bailey = "Just in a swimsuit", get it? As much sense as that seems to make, lots of people speculate that it's just a coincidence, and "Justin Bailey" is one of many random things you can enter to get various effects; it wasn't anything special the programmers worked in. Regardless of it's origin, the JUSTIN BAILEY code is a well known legend in the world of Nintendo, and it was, and still is often thought of as the defacto "armorless Samus" code. Hence the name of this ROMhack.



This is NOT a ROM, it's an IPS file; a patch for a ROM. You must already have an NTSC Super Metroid ROM. (I'm not sure if it
will work with a PAL ROM.) I don't know where to get one, search the internet. Shouldn't be that hard to find.
To apply the patch, go to any website with ROM hacking utilities ( ,, etc.) and grab an IPS 
patcher. (My favorite is Lunar IPS) Just follow the directions that come with the program. 

Lunar IPS

If you still need more information, go to



You'll probably notice that Samus here doesn't look much like the way you know her nowadays, when I started making  the 
graphics in late 2001 there wasn't any modern version of Samus to model the sprites after, and I didn't like the outfit she 
had in the Super Metroid ending. If I was going to do all the work of drawing and arranging thousands of tiles, I was going 
to make my own design. And since the theme is "swimsuit" (see above) I used a design I liked, and took some liberties deviating from the original armorless Samus. (Space-sneakers, for example).

And my anatomy is a little better than it looks; each sprite was made with limited space, and an odd shaped tile formation. 
The upper body and the lower body are different sprites, the tiles are arranged in the shape of a suit of space armor rather 
than a human body, so it's hard to fit an accurate human body in there. 

Also, many sprites are used in combinations with other sprites in different frames. the "aiming upward" sprites were made to 
look good when standing, but those same sprites are used when ducking, and it makes her waist look very short. The ducking 
sprite itself is the same one for left and right, but the upper body sprites are also the standing left/right sprites, and 
since one has her back facing you it was hard to make a lower body ducking sprite that looked good with all the different 
sprites it's combined with in various frames. There are many other sprites like this, too. 

So if her arms look too short sometimes, or her upper body too small, waist too short, legs too short, or anything looks "wrong" at all, I know about it. And I can't fix it as it would screw up something else. Every sprite is as good as I can get 
it, under all these bizarre circumstances. The swinging sprites (Grappling beam) in particular were extremely hard to put 
together, and they still came out looking rather choppy.

Oh, and I did not draw Samus' face in the opening, I copied graphics from an old PC98 game and modified it a bit. I drew everything else, though.



Q- Those tiles look perplexing. How did you make sense of it all?

A- Using Snowbro's Tile Layer Pro, I created 8x8 grids, numbered 0-99 in different color combinations. So I replaced every 
tile with a numbered box of a particular color, and took in-game screenshots of the strangely shaped stack of blocks that now 
made up each of Samus' sprites. I then drew a human body inside that shape, (By hand, with a mouse!) in a paint program and 
used the numbers on the original screenshot to figure out where to put the new tiles. For example if two tiles that made up 
Samus' head were tiles 83 and 87, red box, yellow numbers, I knew just where to put the new tiles- #83 and #87 in the red grid with yellow numbers.

Q- How many tiles does Samus have?
A- Over 4,200. Not counting the opening and ending graphics.

Q- She looks like Mai Shiranui!
A- NO!! She had her hair up in the ending, so I gave her a ponytail.. and just a one-piece thing looked a little boring, so I 
gave her a little vest. With white trim... Seriously, I had no intention of making her look like Mai.

Q- When I enter the hot part of Norfair without the Varia suit, the colors are messed up.
A- I know, and going in, locating all those palette addresses and creating new palettes to match them is much more trouble 
than it's worth. You aren't supposed to be that far into Norfair without the Varia suit anyway!

Q- Will my speedrun movies still work?
A- Unfortunately, no. For some reason emulator recordings made with the original Super Metroid ROM always go out of sync near 
the beginning. I'm hoping someone will make a new one with this patched ROM! 

Q- Can I upload this patch to my website?
A- Yes, go ahead. Just be sure to include this README file. 

Q- Can I use these sprites in my Super Metroid ROMhack?
A- Yes, you can. I'd prefer if you didn't alter them unless you have some cool idea that demands they be altered.  And it'd 
be nice if you throw me some credit. 

But do not make a "nude patch". I don't want my work contributing to that, and most people who do nude sprites don't tend to 
draw them very well. ^_^;

Q- Can I commission you to do some sprite art for me?
A- No, I won't do it. Sorry.

Q- Do you do that "electronic mail" thing?
A- Sometimes.


[email protected]