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Mortal Kombat II Unlimited Game
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Parameter Info
Console: GEN
Original Game: Mortal Kombat 2
Type: Complete
Genre: Action > Fighting
Modifications: G,S,L,T,GP
Creator: Smoke
Date Created: 03/07/2011
Last Modified: 03/03/2016
Parameter Info
File Name:
Downloads: 3015
Requirements: BIN Format (GEN)
Version: 1.0

Mortal Kombat II UnlimitedDescription

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Mortal Kombat II UnlimitedRead Me

(MKII HACK) v 1.0  [07.03.11]

>My English isn't so clearly. So don't beat me :P

Table of Contents:

1.Launching the game;
2.New options;
5.Secret codes;

1. Launching the game

In archive you will find 2 patches: one is in the *.exe format, and another is in *.ips. You must patch
original MK2 rom by ONLY ONE of these patches. To patch rom with ips patch you need an ips patcher,
WinIPS for example. Use one of the patches on your own will(exe or ips). 
For launching this rom you need any SEGA GENESIS/MEGADRIVE emulator. I recommend you to use Gens or
Kega Fusion.

2. New options

This hack I try to do so that player can calibrate it on his own. Because of it I decide to add some 
interesting options. In this part I explain you how to use it.

So, all new options you can find in the menu 'PREFERENCES' on main menu.
1)COMBO MODE. Consists of to suboptions - Combos and Run. The first one turn on/off combos, and the second
do it for the running. Default - all of them are turned off;
2)GAME MODES. Various fighting modes. Consists of three points: ARCADE MODE, ENDURANCE MODE and finally
PRACTICE MODE. If the first one is turned on then you will play in common arcade mode. If second then
Endurance and finally the third point turns on practice mode. In this mode you can try to use your
fighting skills against cpu or human. There is no timer and all hits don't cause damage. To exit from
battle you must press START+(A). Default - ARCADE MODE.
3)SOUND SPEED. It defines a speed of sound. This is because that sound in emulators Gens and Kega Fusion
plays at different speeds. In Gens they are slower than in Kega Fusion. This option just works with sound.
Default - Kega.

3. Features

-- Added a combo system;
-- Secret fighters now fully playable;
-- Bosses now fully playable;
-- More new sounds;
-- New Select Screen and Main Menu;
-- New stages and music from Mortal Kombat 1;
-- New moves such as Brutality;
-- New Game Modes such as Practice and Endurance;
-- Returned biographies/Endings/Intro/VS-screens from the arcade version;
-- and many more...


If you want to play in Endurance mode up to 8 on 8 players you must do the following actions:
1)You must enter in PREFERENCES menu and turn on point ENDURANCE MODE;
2)Next - choose START GAME;
3)Then you must choose your fighters for Endurance. For choosing a fighter you should press (A) or (C)
buttons. (B) button finishes a choosing. If amount of choosed fighters is equal 8 then a choosing will be
finished automatically. The first chosen fighter will fight last in battle. The others will go on its
order. Thereby possible to put in your team and team of the enemy any amount of fighters from 1 to 8!
To make enemy team as cpu it is necessary to keep START and press button (B) by choosing a fighter. So,
you can play against cpu, make battles cpu vs cpu, and of course play against human in very bloody
battle :) Enjoy

5. Secret Codes
      Secret line(you should press these buttons at a last line in OPTIONS menu):

6. Changelog

1)Added biographies for all characters include bosses and secret chars in game from the arcade version;
2)Added endings for for all chars include bosses and secret characters;
3)Added vs-screens in 2 player mode;
4)Added small intro in the game from arcade version;
5)Returned chip damage;
6)Fixed jump sprites after winning upon Shao Kahn in the end of game;
7)Fixed bug after time over winning upon Shao Khan in the end of game. The game isn't freezes anymore;
8)Fixed bug with Rayden electricity on bosses. The game isn't freezes anymore;
9)Characters names are changing on lifebars in Endurance now;
10)A couple of small fixes here and there.

1)Fixed clouds on The Pit stage;
2)Fixed a bug with Noob Saibot's superhit FWD, FWD+(X) doesn't work;
3)Fixed cpu Noob Saibot. He doesn't use a spear anymore;
4)Fixed Kintaro's falling sprites;
5)Fixed bosses air hits bugs(hit DOWN+(A) in air is not working anymore);
6)Terminated Sub-Zero's and Smoke's infinite combos(Z,A->spear->Z,A->spear...);
7)After defeat in 2nd round Shao Kahn doesn't smoking anymore;
8)Cpu doesn't execute pit fatality at The Pit stage;
9)Kintaro doesn't throws if he is in block;
10)Shao Kahn once again speaks "You will die" at the beginning of the round;
11)Added fighters and actors demonstration to the end of game(after Supreme Demonstration);
12)Added a possibility to skip type of finishing move in Supreme Demonstration(you should press 'START');
13)Added 'BRUTALITIES' point in Test Modes menu;
14)Enlarged 'BACKGROUNDS' point in Test Modes menu;
15)Added a damage counter in battle;
16)Added an Endurance against 2 random opponents on a Battleplan at question mark;
17)Added icons to ex-secret fighters and bosses on a Battleplan;
18)Cpu more often reacts on Noob Saibot shadow throw;
19)Added a possibility to finish Liu Kang's Fatality 2 executing a Pit Fatality;
20)Smoke once again summoned at The Portal stage, not The Pit Bottom;
21)Smoke now smokes :P;
22)Battle against Ermac runs on Goro's Lair stage;
23)Added Liu Kang's screams;
24)Changed Smoke's and Jade's endings
25)Added Noob Saibot's superhit -- Black Ice (DOWN,FWD+(A));
26)Fixed bug with no working block after various hits;
27)A little improved a Combo-System;

1)Fixed Jade combination bug BACK,BACK,BACK+(?);
2)Fixed bosses suffer animations after Kintaro's hit DOWN, UP;
3)Added one more layer(spikes) on The Pit Bottom stage;
4)Fixed bosses jumping animations;
5)Bosses don't react on DOWN button anymore;
6)Added more new sounds to Shao Kahn
7)Sound "Shao Kahn Wins!" changed on "I Win!";
8)Improved Select Screen;
9)Fixed bugs with ex-secret fighters fatalities;
10)Added a possibility to end BRUTALITY move with Pit Fatality(You should hold (Y) button after tapping
Brutality combination);
11)Improved Main Menu of the game(thanks to Taven for this);
12)Added Liu Kang hits sounds;
13)Added Fatality 2 moves to Noob Saibot and Jade;
14)Changed Jade's Friendship;
15)Added new superhit to Noob Saibot -- "Shadow Throw";
16)Improved bosses hit results.

1)Fixed PRACTICE MODE - now hits cause damage, but if health is equal 0 it is automatically will be
2)In PRACTICE MODE possibility to fight against cpu is added(turning it on as in ENDURANCE MODE);
3)Fixed Jade's superhits;
4)Fixed arenas: The Pit - now clouds has normal palette, Palace Gates - added house on a background,
Throne Room - changed background and added old Shang Tsung on it;
5)Fixed a bug when game freezes if Kintaro try to throw his opponent-boss. Now, Kintaro doesn't throw bosses;
6)New 'Choose your fighter' screen;
7)MK1 and MKII arenas are now interleaved by 2;
8)Added something secret :P ;
9)Bosses don't have an air hits anymore;
10)Improved Jade's Fatality - more blood, much longer;
11)Added SUPREME DEMONSTRATION like in UMK3 in the end of game. It shows the following finishers:
FATALITY1, FATALITY2, BRUTALITY, FRIENDSHIP in their order. To exit from demo you should press START;
12)Improved AI - now, cpu reacts on players air hits;
13)Cpu now uses combos.

1)Added a possibility to play for secret fighters and bosses: KINTARO(LEFT on LIU KANG), 
2)All fighters are now fully playable(there are no bugs in their playing);
3)Added finishers and superhits to ex-secret fighters;
4)Added a possibility to use bosses superhits;
5)Added a possibility to finish ex-secret fighters;
6)Added new menu - PREFERENCES. Consists of Combo Mode, Endurance Mode and Sound Speed;
7)Added ENDURANCE MODE. Player chooses players for team by yourself. Max amount of players in team = 8;
9)Added combos to all players. You can turn it on or off. Combination for combo player executes by yourself.
Each fighter have 6 combos;
10)Added/returned sounds from arcade version of MKII. All fighters names are now announced, also messages
about victory, choosing, about making a finishing etc are announced;
11)Added 6 arenas from MK1 game;
12)Added music from MK1 for these arenas;
13)Added new finishing move - BRUTALITY;
14)Added run for all players except bosses;
15)In the end of battle cpu can execute a finishing move.

7. Authors

Main and only coder is Smoke a.k.a. BIGBOSS
All new graphics by NeoVamp.
MKII - Midway Amusement Games, LLC;

8. Donate

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WebMobey: Z110548931890