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NBA Jam 2K20 - Tournament Edition Game
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Parameter Info
Console: SNES
Original Game: NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
Type: Improvement
Genre: Sports
Modifications: G,S,T,GP
Creator: eskayelle
Date Created: 07/15/2019
Last Modified: 07/17/2019
Parameter Info
File Name:
Downloads: 274
Requirements: No-Header (SNES)
Version: 1.95.76

NBA Jam 2K20 - Tournament EditionDescription

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

NBA Jam 2K20 - Tournament EditionRead Me

::NBA Jam 2K20 - Tournament Edition
::(Summary of Patches to Original ROM
::and to Subsequent NBA Jam 2K17 ROM)
::By eskayelle
::(Use 1.95.2xlegal.ips to change 
::the revision number... until 1.95.40)
::Prep time (not including playtesting):
::Double Z Mod = 300 hours (incl. v4.0.1)
::2K17 OT Ed. = 85 hours
::2K20 TE = 213 hours
::*****PLAYER CODES*****
::*****START MENU CODES*****
::The NBA Jam 2K20 - Tournament Edition vx.x.x (U) [h] [x].smc file 
::is a modified SNES ROM of NBA Jam - Tournament Edition and an addendum to 
::@EMILLER518's NBA Jam 2K17 hack, adding various improvements cited in this document. 
::Any IPS of this file should be patched to a headerless 
::NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (U) [!] ROM.
::This ROM can be opened and played via several emulators, 
::including ZSNES or Snes9X for Windows 
::and SuperRetro16 (f/k/a SuperGNES) for Android.
::The following is a list of known Windows or Android emulators 
::within which this ROM works
::(note that it also works with Raspberry Pi/RetroArch 
::software and the Super Everdrive)...
::1) bSNES-plus v073+3
::2) Snes9X v1.33a
::3) Snes9X v1.51.ep10r2
::4) Snes9X v1.56.2
::5) Snes9x v1.57
::6) zSNES v1.51
::1) SuperRetro16 v1.9.6
::2) John SNES Lite v3.71
::3) Snes9x EX+ v1.5.37
::This is a batch file serving two purposes--
::1) To compile all the .asm and .ips files to be associated with the
::NBA JAM Tournament Edition SNES ROM and create the NBA JAM 2K20
::Tournament Edition ROM.
::2) To operate as a readme file, documenting the hack revisions and 
::corresponding changes to the original ROM.
::Revision 0--
::Applied NBA Jam 2k17 patch to original NBA Jam - Tournament Edition ROM
::File name: NBA Jam 2k17.ips
::Revision 1--
::Summer 2017
::Applied Mattrizzle's bugfix to the NBA Jam 2k17 ROM.
::Address Range   |   Hex Values
::$1500F2-$1500F5 |   A9 FF 8D 0E
::$1500FC-$1500FF |   8D 0D 21 8D
::$1501B2-$1501B5 |   89 A2 0A 06
::$1501BA-$1501BB |   8A 06
::$1501BE-$1501BF |   89 A9
::File name: NBA Jam 2k17 [bugfix].ips
::Revision 2--
::Summer 2018
::Applied eskayelle's NBA Jam bugfix ASM hack to clear the
::1) injury bug (patch by eskayelle)
::2) Grand Champions bug (patch by phonymike)
::File name: OrigBugsFixed.asm
::Revision 3--
::Summer 2018
::Modified text via hex edit to acknowledge bug fixes in the legal screen
::and revised the Feature regarding the options menu
::File name: textedits.ips
::Revision 4--
::October 20, 2018
::Replaced nametile for player #$A3, using dext3r's name editor.
::File name: nametile#$A3.ips
::Revision 5--
::October 20, 2018
::Removed West mention from Features screen.
::File name:westout#$A3.ips
::Revision 6--
::October 20, 2018
::Replaced portrait for player #$A3, using Mattrizzle's tutorial.
::File name: portrait#$A3.ips
::Revision 7--
::October 20, 2018
::Replaced stats, initials, and initials code for player #$A3 via ASM.
::Added special abilities to player #$A3 using parcodes ASM from
::NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod.
::Added acknowledgment for bugfix application in first (legal) screen
::File name: ...#$A3.asm
::Revision 8--
::October 21, 2018
::Replaced nametile for player #$A8, using dext3r's name editor.
::File name: ...tile#$A8.ips
::Revision 9--
::October 21, 2018
::Replaced stats, initials, and initials code for player #$A8 via ASM.
::Added special abilities to player #$A8 using parcodes ASM from
::NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod
::File name: ...#$A8.asm
::Revision 10--
::October 21, 2018
::Replaced portrait for player #$A8, using Mattrizzle's tutorial.
::File name: portrait#$A8.ips
::Revision 11--
::October 22, 2018
::Modified the attract mode text (specifically the Attention NBA Jam Fans) screen
::to improve the formatting of the text.
::File name: 2k17textfix.ips
::Revision 12--
::October 22, 2018
::Replaced certain banners with those from the original NBA Jam.
::File name: banners.ips
::Revision 13--
::October 22, 2018
::Revised nametile for player #$A3, using dext3r's name editor.
::File name: nametile#$A3new.ips
::Revision 14--
::October 22, 2018
::Replaced the original game's Start Menu code with the Konami code;
::ASM was pulled directly from NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod.
::Code is Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A inside the Start Menu.
::File name: konami.asm
::Revision 15--
::October 22, 2018
::Replaced the first two end credits to acknowledge the original 2k17
::hacker and the Overtime Edition hacker.
::File name: credits.ips
::Revision 16--
::October 22, 2018
::Replaced the uniform palettes for the Rookies and All Stars team via hex.
::File name: uniforms.ips
::Revision 17--
::October 22, 2018
::Replaced the court colors for Rookies and All-Stars via ASM.
::File name: court.asm
::Revision 18--
::October 26, 2018
::Via ASM, revised the team order for play, including display of 
::Last and Next Opponent.
::File name: order.asm
::Revision 19--
::Ocotber 26, 2018
::Via TileMolestor, changed the Rookies scoreboard text to "Others".
::File name: othersscoreboard.ips
::Revision 20--
::October 26, 2018
::Via TileMolestor, changed the box score text and team select
::for Rookies to "Others".
::File name otherstiles.ips
::Revision 21--
::Revision 61--
::October 27, 2018 (rev 21)
::November 12, 2018 (rev 61)
::Via an ASM hack, edited Rookies court and uniforms palettes.
::Also reset All Stars court pointer to red/blue (New Jersey).
::File name: otherscourt.asm
::Revision 22--
::October 27, 2018
::Via an ASM hack, edited Nets court and uniforms palettes.
::File name:bkncourtunis.asm
::Revision 23--
::October 27, 2018
::Using TileMolestor changed the New Jersey scoreboard text to "Brooklyn".
::File name: bknscoreboard.ips
::Revision 24--
::October 27, 2018
::Via an ASM hack, reset the Nets logo palette and sprite pointer
::to read the NBA logo.
::File name: bknlogo.asm
::Revision 25--
::October 27, 2018
::Via an ASM hack, reset the Sonics logo palette and sprite pointer
::to read the NBA logo.
::File name: okclogo.asm
::Revision 26--
::October 27, 2018
::Using TileMolestor changed the Seattle scoreboard text to "O.K.C.".
::File name: okcscoreboard.ips
::Revision 27--
::October 27, 2018
::Via an ASM hack, edited Seattle court and uniforms palettes.
::File name: okccourtunis.asm
::Revision 28--
::October 27, 2018
::Via an ASM hack, edited text names of Seattle and New Jersey
::to read as O.K.C. and Brooklyn.
::File name: okcandbkn.asm
::Revision 29--
::October 27, 2018
::Via an ASM hack, reset the Washington logo palette and sprite pointer
::to read the NBA logo.
::File name: wizlogo.asm
::Revision 30--
::October 27, 2018
::Patched in a hex edit to revised the end credits.
::File name: credits2.ips
::Revision 31--
::Via TileMolestor and a .bin file and ASM provided by phonymike,
::replaced Seattle and New Jersey within the Team Select screen.
::File name: selokcbkn.asm
::File name: 06009Falt.bin
::Revision 32--
::October 30, 2018
::Via TileMolestor and a .bin file and ASM provided by phonymike,
::replaced Seattle and New Jersey within the Final Score screen.
::File name: bknokcbox.asm
::File name: 074C24alt.bin
::Revision 33--
::November 1, 2018
::Via xvi32, replaced instances of "all" where referring to the 27
::NBA teams to "our", since there's really 30 as of 1/1/17.
::File name: our27.ips
::Revision 34--
::November 1, 2018
::Modified the first legal screen via hex editor and Lunar IPS.
::File name: legalscreen.ips
::Revision 35--
::November 1, 2018
::Via hex editor and Lunar IPS, revised formatting of the
::Attention NBA Fans attract mode screen.
::File name: nbafans.ips
::Revision 36--
::November 1, 2018
::Minor adjustments made to second legal screen.
::File name: 2ndlegal.ips
::Revision 37--
::November 1, 2018
::Using Double Z Mod ASM, removed Acclaim text from roll call screen
::in favor of NBA logo.
::File name: starring.asm
::Revision 38--
::November 1, 2018
::Copied hex code for Rodman portait and palette from original
::NBA Jam TE ROM into player #$9B.
::File name: rodman#$9B.ips
::Revision 39--
::November 1, 2018
::Via ASM, edited player #$9B stats and pointers to read as Rodman.
::Initials are D_R (hold Start and press Y for each).
::File name: rodman#$9B.asm
::Revision 40--
::November 1, 2018
::Via TileMolestor, altered player #$9B name tile 
::to read as Rodman.
::File name: rodmantile.ips
::Revision 41--
::November 1, 2018
::Via ASM, revised the last 2 roster entries for All-Stars
::to provide Pippen and Rodman.
::File name: asroster.asm
::Revision 42--
::November 1, 2018
::Via njtepe036 and xvi32, relocated the pointer tables for
::the visuals for player stats so that the new Pippen and
::Rodman team's stats would display.
::Added those stats based on the original game.
::File name: visualptr.ips
::Revision 43--
::November 1, 2018
::2k17 features edit: Increased "17 stars" to 18, given the
::addition of Dennis Rodman.
::File name 18stars.ips
::Revision 44--
::November 1, 2018
::Pulled ASM from NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod to add a derivative Konami code
::that will allow expanded rosters AND the Rookies/Others team to be used.
::This allows NOL/MEM/TOR players to be selected after defeating the 27 teams.
::Code is B, A, B, A, Up, Down, B, A, Left, Right, B, A inside the Start Menu.
::File name: onemorecode.asm
::Revision 45--
::November 1, 2018
::Pulled and revised ASM from NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod to increase max injury
::value from 25 to 50.
::File name: injuries.asm
::Revision 46, 49--
::November 2, 2018 (rev 46)
::November 3, 2018 (rev 49)
::Developed revised logo for OKC.
::Obtained ASM from phonymike to inject and point to a logo in expanded ROM.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Seattle logo.
::File name: okclogo2.asm (superseded)
::File name: okc1.pic (rev 49 version)
::File name: okc2.pic (rev 49 version)
::File name: okc.clr (superceded)
::File name: newokclogo.asm
::Revision 47, 50--
::November 2, 2018 (rev 47)
::November 3, 2018 (rev 50)
::Developed revised logo for Brooklyn.
::Obtained ASM from phonymike to inject and point to a logo in expanded ROM.
::Modified ASM and replaced the New Jersey logo.
::File name: bknlogo2.asm (superceded)
::File name: bkn1.pic (rev 50 version)
::File name: bkn2.pic (rev 50 version)
::File name: bkn.clr (superceded)
::File name: newbknlogo.asm
::Revision 48--
::November 2, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Washington.
::Obtained ASM from phonymike to inject and point to a logo in expanded ROM.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Bullets logo.
::File name: wsnlogo2.asm
::File name: wsn1.pic
::File name: wsn2.pic
::File name: wsn.clr
::Revision 51--
::November 4, 2018
::Modified features and end credits screens.
::File name: featurecredits.ips
::Revision 52--
::November 5, 2018
::Revised portrait for player #$A3.
::File name: newbri#$A3.ips
::Revision 53--
::November 8, 2018
::Inserted ASM to revise sound pointer tables
::for Supersonics and Bullets.
::File name: 2nightsmatchup.asm
::Revision 54, 55--
::November 9, 2018 (rev 54)
::November 10, 2018 (rev 55)
::November 21, 2018 (rev 82)
::Created, injected and pointed to a new logo
::for the "Others" expansion teams.
::File name: expslogo.asm (rev 54)
::File name: exps1.pic (rev 54)
::File name: exps2.pic (rev 54)
::File name: expsimpaled.pal (rev 54)
::File name: expslogo2.asm (rev 55)
::File name: expsa1.pic (rev 55)
::File name: expsa2.pic (rev 55)
::File name: expsaimpaled.pal (rev 55)
::File name: expsa1x.pic (rev 82)
::File name: expsa2x1.pic (rev 82)
::File name: expsaimpaled.pal (rev 82)
::Revision 56--
::November 10, 2018
::Via TileMolestor, modified banners to flip them for view on the court floor.
::File name: bannerusdwn.ips
::Revision 57--
::November 11, 2018
::Replaced stats, initials, and initials code for player #$77 via ASM.
::Initials are BNY; hold Start and press Y for each letter.
::File name: benny#$77.asm
::Revision 58--
::November 11, 2018
::Replaced nametile for player #$77, using dext3r's name editor.
::File name: bennytile#$77.ips
::Revision 59--
::November 11, 2018
::Replaced portrait for player #$77, using copy/paste of $6D0 bytes
::from the original NBA Jam TE game.
::File name: portraitbny#$77.ips
::Revision 60--
::November 12, 2018
::Via ASM, re-sorted the Others roster to order as
::1) Memphis, 2) Toronto, 3) NOLA.
::File name: othersroster.asm
::Revision 62--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced stats, initials, and initials code for player #$A5 via ASM.
::Initials are BO_; hold Start and press Y for each letter.
::File name: bo#$A5.asm
::Revision 63--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced nametile for player #$A5, using dext3r's name editor.
::File name: jacksonname#$A5.ips
::Revision 64--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced portrait for player #$A5, using copy/paste of $6D0 bytes
::from the NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod game.
::File name: boportrait#$A5.ips
::Revision 65--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced stats, initials, and initials code for player #$A4 via ASM.
::Initials are SK_; hold Start and press Y for each letter.
::File name: kemp#$A4.asm
::Revision 66--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced nametile for player #$A4, using dext3r's name editor.
::File name: kempname#$A4.ips
::Revision 67--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced portrait for player #$A4, using copy/paste of $6D0 bytes
::from the original NBA Jam TE game.
::File name: kempportrait#$A4.ips
::Revision 68--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced stats, initials, and initials code for player #$87 via ASM.
::Initials are CD_; hold Start and press Y for each letter.
::File name: drexler#$87.asm
::Revision 69--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced nametile for player #$87, using dext3r's name editor.
::File name: drexlername#$87.ips
::Revision 70--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced portrait for player #$87, using copy/paste of $6D0 bytes
::from the original NBA Jam TE game.
::File name: drexportrait#$87.ips
::Revision 71--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced stats, initials, and initials code for player #$88 via ASM.
::Initials are LS_; hold Start and press Y for each letter.
::File name: sprewell#$88.asm
::Revision 72--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced nametile for player #$88, using dext3r's name editor.
::File name: sprewellname#$88.ips
::Revision 73--
::November 12, 2018
::Replaced portrait for player #$88, using copy/paste of $6D0 bytes
::from the original NBA Jam TE game.
::File name: spreportrait#$88.ips
::Revision 74--
::November 12, 2018
::Added BO KNOWS JAM banner from the NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod game
::via TileMolestor.
::File name: bobanner.ips
::Revision 75--
::November 12, 2018
::Edited roll call screen to swap in Drexler and Sprewell.
::File name: revrollcall.ips
::Revision 76--
::November 17, 2018
::Revised team selections for OKC to fix an error in which Kanter
::and Adams were never paired.
::File name: okcrosterfix.asm
::Revision 77--
::November 17, 2018
::Vanity update to first legal screen.
::File name: adublzmod.ips
::Revision 78--
::November 18, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Golden State.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Golden State logo.
::File name: gswlogo.asm
::File name: gsw1.pic
::File name: gsw2.pic
::File name: gswI.pal
::Revision 79--
::November 18, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Cleveland.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Cleveland logo.
::File name: cavslogo.asm
::File name: cavs1.pic
::File name: cavs2.pic
::File name: cavsI.pal
::Revision 80--
::November 18, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Houston.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Houston logo.
::File name: houlogo.asm
::File name: rock1.pic
::File name: rock2.pic
::File name: houI.pal
::Revision 81--
::November 18, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Dallas.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Dallas logo.
::File name: dallogo.asm
::File name: dal1.pic
::File name: dal2.pic
::File name: dalImpaled.pal
::Revision 83--
::November 21, 2018
::Inserted ASM to remove expansion of rosters at start of game.
::Players must again beat all 27 teams or use a code to
::access expanded rosters.
::File name: unexpand.asm
::Revision 84--
::November 21, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Minnesota.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Minnesota logo.
::File name: minlogo.asm
::File name: Min1.pic
::File name: Min2.pic
::File name: MINi.pal
::Revision 85--
::November 21, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Charlotte
::Modified ASM and replaced the Charlotte logo.
::File name: charlogo.asm
::File name: Char1.pic
::File name: Char.pic
::File name: CHARi.pal
::Revision 86--
::November 21, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Sacramento.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Sacramento logo.
::File name: saclogo.asm
::File name: sac1.pic
::File name: sac2.pic
::File name: SACi.pal
::Revision 87--
::November 21, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Orlando.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Orlando logo.
::File name: orllogo.asm
::File name: Orl1.pic
::File name: Orl2.pic
::File name: ORLi.pal
::Revision 88--
::November 21, 2018
::Developed revised logo for L.A. Clippers.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Clippers logo.
::File name: laclogo.asm
::File name: lac1x.pic
::File name: lac2x.pic
::File name: lacI.pal
::Revision 89--
::November 21, 2018
::Developed revised logo for Milwaukee.
::Modified ASM and replaced the Milwaukee logo.
::File name: millogo.asm
::File name: Mil1.pic
::File name: Mil2.pic
::File name: MILi.pal
::Revision 90--
::November 21, 2018
::Developed revised logo for San Antonio.
::Modified ASM and replaced the San Antonio logo.
::File name: spurlogo.asm
::File name: Spur1x.pic
::File name: Spur2x.pic
::File name: spurxI.pal
::Revision 91--
::November 21, 2018
::Features screen revision.
::File name: otreadme.ips
::Revision 92--
::November 23, 2018
::Revised Portland roster to remove duplicate selection.
::File name: rosterupdate.asm
::Revision 93--
::November 23, 2018
::Revised acknowledgements screen.
::File name: specialthanks.ips
::Revision 94--
::November 23, 2018
::Added Wizards .brr to expanded ROM and adjusted Bullets pointer
::to read the sample at the Tonight's Matchup screen.
::Supersonics header used.
::Sample by Wake.
::File name: Wizers!.ips
::Revision 95--
::November 23, 2018
::Added Thunder .brr to expanded ROM and adjusted Supersonics pointer
::to read the sample at the Tonight's Matchup screen.
::Sample by Wake.
::Supersonics header used.
::File name: Thunder!.ips
::Note: Stopping here creates the NBA Jam 2k17 - Overtime Edition [U] [h] [x] (rev 95).smc ROM.
::Version 1.95.1
::November 27, 2018
::Banner modifications, including 2K20 banner revision.
::File name: 1.95.1banners.ips
::Version 1.95.2
::November 27, 2018
::Legal screen modifications for 2K20.
::File name: 1.95.2xlegal.ips
::Version 1.95.3
::November 27, 2018
::Features edits for 2K20.
::File name: 1.95.3features.ips
::Version 1.95.4
::November 27, 2018
::Edits to Attention NBA Fans attract mode screen.
::File name: 1.95.4attention.ips
::Version 1.95.5
::November 27, 2018
::Revisions to end game credits.
::File name: 1.95.5credits.ips
::Version 1.95.6
::November 27, 2018
::Revisions to Congratulations screen text.
::File name: 1.95.6ending.ips
::Version 1.95.7
::November 27, 2018
::Mass edits to uniforms.
::Grayscaling them to create more conformity for roster swapping.
::File name: 1.95.7BWs.ips
::Version 1.95.8
::November 27, 2018
::Amplified Thunder .wav and reinserted BRR.
::File name: 1.95.8thunderamp.asm
::File name: OKCSpeed70Amp5.brr
::Version 1.95.9
::November 27, 2018
::Injected "Toasty!" BRR to replace "Heating up!"
::File name: 1.95.9toasty
::File name: toastySpeed75Amp5.brr
::Version 1.95.10
::November 27, 2018
::Revised Yao Ming's name tile to use surname.
::File name: 1.95.10yao.ips
::Version 1.95.11
::November 27, 2018
::Edit of visual stats pointer table to provide stats
::for select secret players.
::File name: 1.95.11visualstats.ips
::Version 1.95.12
::November 30, 2018
::Volume adjustment for Thunder sound clip.
::File name: 1.95.12thunderamp.asm
::File name: OKCSpeed70Amp2.brr
::Version 1.95.13
::November 30, 2018
::Replaced Wizards sound clip.
::File name: 1.95.13wizardsamp.asm
::File name: Wizards2Speed70Amp5.brr
::Version 1.95.14
::November 30, 2018
::Added Stars replacement sound to expanded ROM.
::File name: 1.95.14stars.asm
::File name: stars1Speed70Amp5.brr
::Version 1.95.15
::November 30, 2018
::Portrait replacements to pop in Markkanen, Kitzrow,
::T-800, and The Rock.
::Also, various portrait cleanup.
::Added ASM and name tiles to swap in Markannen, Kitzrow,
::T-800, and the Rock.
::Markkanen sits on the Knicks (in Noah's spot) until
::the roster update is completed after the trade deadline.
::File name: 1.95.15lm,tk,term,dj.ips
::File name: lmknametile#$4C.ips
::File name: markkanen#$4C.asm
::File name: kitzrow#$78.ips
::File name: kitzrow#$78.asm
::File name: terminator#$98.asm
::File name: terminator#$98.ips
::File name: #$A9rock.ips
::File name: rock#$A9.asm
::Version 1.95.16
::December 1, 2018
::Added expansion team replacement sound to expanded ROM.
::File name: 1.95.16crowd.asm
::File name: 3crowdSpeed75Amp2.brr
::Version 1.95.17
::December 1, 2018
::Swapped in Crabbe, Augustin, and Harkless
::for Ezeli, Ellis, and Jefferson.
::Also, completed first roster update via ASM.
::File name: 1.95.17portraits.ips
::File name: #$49augustin.ips
::File name: #$50crabbe.ips
::File name: #$59harkless.ips
::File name: acrabbe#$50.asm
::File name: djaugustin#$49.asm
::File name: mharkless#$59.asm
::File name: 2k20rosterupdate.asm
::Version 1.95.18
::December 3, 2018
::Via ASM, injected Nick Anderson (player #$99) visual stats.
::File name: 1.95.18anderson.asm
::Version 1.95.19
::December 3, 2018
::Portrait updates for Crabbe and Augustin.
::Added Shumpert, Iuzzolino, Hardaway, and Temple portraits
::to replace outgoing players.
::Revised visual stats, actual stats, and roll call screen for players.
::Roster update for Hayward/Boston, Milwaukee, Brooklyn/Mourning, Sacramento/Shumpert/Anderson,
::Temple/Memphis, and NYK/Hardaway Jr.
::File name: 1.95.19portraits.ips
::File name: imanshumpert#$27.asm
::File name: flips #$27shumpert.ips
::File name: timhardawayjr#$91.asm
::File name: #$91hardawayjr.ips
::File name: garretttemple#$A1.asm
::File name: #$A1gtemple.ips
::File name: 2k20rosterupdate.asm
::Version 1.95.20
::December 4, 2018
::Added stats (visual and actual) for Iuzzolino.
::Roll call modifications and roster edits.
::File name: xkas #$2Aiuzzolino.asm
::File name: iuzzolino#$2A.ips
::File name: 1.95.20rollcallfix.ips
::Version 1.95.21
::December 4, 2018
::Modified end of roll call screen to insert NBA logo as player #$8C.
::File name: 1.95.21NBAlogo.ips
::Version 1.95.22
::December 4, 2018
::Updated court colors within the limitations of the palette.
::File name: 1.95.22courts.ips
::Version 1.95.23
::December 4, 2018
::Feature edit (minor).
::File name: 22edit.asm
::Version 1.95.24
::December 7, 2018
::Portrait edit (#$A3).
::File name: 1.95.24#$A3fix.ips
::Version 1.95.25
::December 7, 2018
::Minor "header" edit (limited impact to certain emulators).
::File name: 1.95.25header.ips
::Version 1.95.26
::December 8, 2018
::Roster updates for old school players.
::Visual stats updated (players #3B, #$5F, #$3D, #$67 and #$80).
::File name: 2k20rosterupdate.asm
::File name: visuals#$6780.asm
::File name: 1.95.26newrollcall.ips
::File name: 1.95.26portraits.ips
::File name: 1.95.26tilesdm,bl.ips
::File name: 1.95.26webbtile.ips
::File name: webb#$3B.asm
::File name: mutombo#$5F.asm
::File name: laimbeer#$3D.asm
::Version 1.95.27
::December 9, 2018
::Bill Laimbeer set up as a secret player.
::Spud Webb set up as a secret player.
::Dikember Mutombo set up as a secret player.
::Revised features edit.
::File name: laimbeer#$3D.asm
::File name: webb#$3B.asm
::File name: mutombo#$5F.asm
::File name 22edit.asm
::Version 1.95.28
::December 12, 2018
::Revised name tiles for first initials where surnames are duplicates.
::Created a "Sixth Man" character, accessible only via PAR code.
::Hex code fix for Crabbe stats (#$50).
::Swapped players' compressed portaits and name tiles for #$83 and #$9A
::so Bradley is now #$9A and Coleman #$83.  Coleman will assume Millsap's
::stats by default (original programming in ROM).
::Edited hex to add visual stats for all secret players, in case any are added to rosters.
::Version 1.95.29
::December 14, 2018
::Added portraits for ... Hogan to expanded ROM.
::Edited pointers for compressed players #$79 and #$7A to point
::to ... Hogan, respectively.
::Edited name tiles for the above players.
::Edited stats and visual stats for the above players.
::Edited heads for the above players.
::Set up above players as secret players (replacing Price and Miner).
::Revised head graphic pointers for Yao and Sprewell.
::Revised feature to acknowledge 21 available original Jammers.
::Version number update.
::File name: 1.95.29...hulkdoneyaospreheads21stars.ips
::Version 1.95.30
::December 15, 2018
::Head graphic pointer revision for Yao.
::File name: 1.95.30yaohead.ips 1.95.31.smc
::Version 1.95.31
::December 15, 2018
::Court color revision for Thunder.
::File name: 1.95.31thundercourt.asm
::Version 1.95.32
::December 15, 2018
::Revisions to "Last Played" text to call out
::Expansions and All-Stars.
::Features text edit.
::Second court color revision for Thunder.
::Edit to Lin's head pointer.
::File name: 1.95.32lastplayed.ips
::File name: 1.95.32bird.ips
::File name: 1.95.31thundercourt.asm
::File name: 1.95.32linhead.ips
::Version 1.95.33
::December 22, 2018
::Revision to roster update to set Detroit to only
::6 team combos till 27 teams are defeated.
::Swapped out "Slams it!" BRR for "BOOMSHALAKA!"
::File name: boomclip.asm
::File name: boom.brr
::Version 1.95.34
::December 29, 2018
::Swapped in "No f---ing way" BRR (replaces "Hello!").
::File name: NOWAYclip.asm
::File name: NOWAYa5p20.brr
::Version 1.95.35
::December 29, 2018
::Swapped in "...dat s--- outta here" BRR (replaces "Rejected!").
::File name: DATclip.asm
::File name: DatS--A2xx.brr
::Version 1.95.36
::December 29, 2018
::Added rating splash screen.
::Added acknowledgement.
::File name: intro.asm
::File name: intro.col
::File name:
::File name: intro.set
::File name: dackr.asm
::Version 1.95.37
::January 5, 2019
::Swapped in "Is it the shoes" clip (for one "Hello!").
::Swapped in "Oh my!" clip (for one "Score!").
::Timing edit for splash screen.
::File name: SHOESclip.asm
::File name: Isitdashoes.brr
::File name: OHMYclip.asm
::File name: ohmy5.brr
::File name: intro.asm
::Version 1.95.38
::January 19, 2019
::Swapped out "Yes!" clip for Ric Flair's "WOOO!"
::File name: woo80pct.asm
::File name: woo80pct.brr
::Version 1.95.39
::January 19, 2019
::Fixed pops in "Toasty!" clip.
::File name: 1.95.39toasty.asm
::File name: toasty625a425.brr
::Version 1.95.40
::January 22, 2019
::Added credits screens as intro splash.
::Conducted a NOP #4 to skip displaying legal screens.
::File name: credits.asm
::File name: credits.col
::File name:
::File name: credits.set
::File name: precredits.asm
::File name: 1.95.40legalout.asm
::Version 1.95.41
::February 17, 2019
::Swapped out All-Stars roster for 2019 squad and Oladipo.
::File name: 1.95.41allstars.asm
::Version 1.95.42
::February 24, 2019
::Portrait replacements: Jordan, Barkley, Shaq.
::Player replacement: De'Aaron Fox for Zach Randolph.
::File name: 1.95.42mj,cb,shaq.ips
::File name: 1.95.42fox#$14.asm
::File name: 1.95.42fox.ips
::File name: 1.95.42foxname.ips
::Version 1.95.43
::February 24, 2019
::Player replacement: Dennis Smith, Jr. for Carmelo Anthony.
::File name: 1.95.43smithport.ips
::File name: 1.95.43smithname.ips
::File name: 1.95.43smithjr#$2F.asm
::Version 1.95.44
::February 25, 2019
::Player replacement: Joe Harris for Jeremy Lin.
::Added first initial for Joe Harris and Tobias Harris.
::File name: 1.95.44harrisport.ips
::File name: 1.95.44harrisname.ips
::File name: harris#$2D.asm
::File name: 1.95.44harrisinits.ips
::Version 1.95.45
::February 26, 2019
::Revision to Kings logo.
::File name: saclogo.asm
::File name: sac1x.pic
::Version 1.95.46
::February 26, 2019
::Player replacements to add Doncic, Holiday, Vonleh, Collins & Ayton.
::File name: doncic#$8D.asm
::File name: ayton#$02.asm
::File name: holiday#$5D.asm
::File name: vonleh#$13.asm 
::File name: collins#$56.asm
::File name: doncicname.ips 
::File name: aytoncollinsname.ips 
::File name: holidayname.ips
::File name: vonlehname.ips 
::File name: agordoninitsmithfix.ips 
::File name: 1.95.46ports.ips 
::Version 1.95.47
::February 27, 2019
::Roster update for trade deadline.
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::Version 1.95.48
::March 1, 2019
::Player replacement to add Dewayne Dedmon.
::Roll call edit for Dennis Smith Jr.
::Name tile fix for Tony Parker.
::Portrait fixes.
::Fix to use secret player #$A8.
::Commenting out this last fix.  There's some bug, looks like since 2K17 OT,
::that will register the secret player initials for #$A8 as SECRET PLAYER
::even if the proper button press isn't used.  But, the secret player itself
::isn't selectable.  So... going back to removing the button press code.
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm 
::File name: dedmon#$95.asm 
::Flie name: dedmonname.ips 
::File name: smithjrroll.ips 
::File name: Tparkername.ips
::File name: dedmonport.ips
::File name: portraitfixes.ips
::File name: 1.95.48#$A8fix.asm
::Version 1.95.49
::March 2, 2019
::Resolved the #$A8 issue.  Must use button presses in secret player codes
::or the NO RECORD versus SECRET PLAYER bug will happen.
::Created a new Jeremy Lin secret player (replaces Webb).
::Portrait fixes.
::File name: 1.95.48#$A8fix.asm
::File name: 1.95.49lin#$3B.asm
::File name: 1.95.49linsanity.ips
::File name: 1.95.49linport.ips
::Version 1.95.50
::March 2, 2019
::Roll call fix for Jeremy Lin.
::File name: 1.95.50rollcallfix.ips
::Version 1.95.51
::March 4, 2019
::Potrait fix for Jeremy Lin.
::Features edit.
::Pao Gasol contact buyout reflected in roster update.
::Acclaim screen player edit.
::File name: 1.95.51linportfix.ips
::File name: 1.95.51-20edit.asm
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::File name: 1.95.51acclaim.asm
::Version 1.95.52
::March 9, 2019
::Replaced Latrell Sprewell secret player with Nikola Mirotic.
::2K20 logo ASM provided by phonymike.
::File name: 1.95.52mirotic#$88.asm
::File name: 1.95.52threekolaname.ips
::File name: 1.95.5120edit.asm
::File name: 1.95.52threekolaport.ips
::File name: 1.95.52title_screen_2K20.asm
::File name: title_screen_tiles_modded_2K20.bin
::File name: 2_extra_tiles_2K20.bin
::Version 1.95.53
::March 29, 2019
::Replaced Shawn Kemp secret player with phonymike.
::Bulls logo revisions.
::File name: 1.95.53phonymike#$A4.asm
::File name: 1.95.53phonymikename.ips
::File name: 1.95.53phonymikeport.ips
::File name: 1.95.53bullslogo.ips
::April 14, 2019
::Roster update for OKC and Sacramento.
::Team order update for non-playoff teams.
::File name:
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::April 19, 2019
::Secret player revision.
::File name:
::May 18, 2019
::Removal of Tyreke Evans due to 2-year NBA suspension.
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::May 19, 2019
::Team order for playoff teams.
::File name:
::May 26, 2019
::Final team order update.
::File name:
::May 27, 2019
::Use of expanded ROM to re-route a pointer to a compressed portrait
::(player #$75) and create Drake as a secret player.
::File name:$75.asm
::File name:
::File name:
::File name:
::File name: 1.95.5120edit.asm
::Version 1.95.56
::May 29, 2019
::Use of expanded ROM to re-route pointers to compressed portraits.
::File name: 1.95.56Ballname.ips
::File name: 1.95.56ballpalette.ips
::File name: 1.95.56Ball#$7B.asm
::File name: 1.95.56Brownname.ips
::File name: 1.95.56brownpalette.ips
::File name: 1.95.56Brown#$6A.asm
::File name: 1.95.56Tatumname.ips
::File name: 1.95.56tatumpalette.ips
::File name: 1.95.56Tatum#$68.asm
::File name: 1.95.56Turnername.ips
::File name: 1.95.56turner#$8Bport.ips
::File name: 1.95.56turnerpalette.ips
::File name: 1.95.56Turner#$8B.asm
::File name: 1.95.56Youngname.ips
::File name: 1.95.56youngpalette.ips
::File name: 1.95.56Young#$7D.asm
::File name: 1.95.56Zionname.ips
::File name: 1.95.56zionpalette.ips
::File name: 1.95.56Zion#$7C.asm
::File name: 1.95.56portraits6xxx.ips
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::File name: 1.95.56-15edit.asm
::File name: 1.95.56Pip.ips
::Version 1.95.57
::May 31, 2019
::Use of expanded ROM to re-route pointers to compressed portraits.
::File name: 1.95.57Beverley#$66.asm
::File name: 1.95.57BeverleyName.ips
::File name: 1.95.57Capela#$67.asm
::File name: 1.95.57CapelaName.ips
::File name: 1.95.57Zubac#$9C.asm
::File name: 1.95.57ZubacName.ips
::File name: 1.95.57ZubacPalette.ips
::File name: 1.95.57portraits3.ips
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::File name: 1.95.2xlegal.ips
::File name: BeverleyImpaled.pal
::File name: CapelaImpaled.pal
::File name: ZubacImpaled.pal
::Version 1.95.58
::June 2, 2019
::Addition of Pascal Siakam to Toronto.
::Zion and Young stats revisions.
::Typo fix - CMART -> SMART
::File name: 1.95.58Siakam_$5B.asm
::File name: 1.95.58siakamname.ips
::File name: 1.95.58siakamport.ips
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::File name: 1.95.58CMARTtypo.asm
::File name: 1.95.56Zion#$7C.asm
::File name: 1.95.56Young#$7D.asm
::Version 1.95.59
::June 7, 2019
::Insertion of Taurean Prince into expanded ROM and roster update.
::File name: 1.95.59Prince#$6E.asm
::File name: 1.95.59princename.ips
::File name: 1.95.59princeport.ips
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::File name: princeimpaled.pal
::Version 1.95.60
::June 9, 2019
::Insertion of Dellavedova and Majerle into expanded ROM and roster update.
::File name: 1.95.60Della#$76.asm
::File name: 1.95.60DellaName.ips
::File name: 1.95.60DellaPort.ips
::File name: 1.95.60Majerle#$A6.asm
::File name: 1.95.60MajerleName.ips
::File name: 1.95.60MajerlePort.ips
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::File name:
::File name: DellavedovaImpaled.pal
::File name: MajerleImpaled.pal
::Version 1.95.61
::June 10, 2019
::Insertion of Seth Curry into expanded ROM and roster update.
::File name: 1.95.61SethCurry#$7E.asm
::File name: 1.95.61SethName.ips
::File name: 1.95.61StephName.ips
::File name: 1.95.61SethPort.ips
::File name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::File name: SethCurryImpaled.pal
::Version 1.95.62
::June 12-14, 2019
::Portrait revision for Lauri Markkanen.
::Text clean-up.
::Added R. Kurucs to expanded ROM.
::Stats edit for Ben Simmons.
::Portrait swap for DJ Augustin.
::Nick Anderson name tile change.
::Added Evan Fournier to expanded ROM.
::A. Bradley name tile edit.
::Steph Curry portrait swap.
::Added Donovan Mitchell to expanded ROM,
::using unfinished Clifford Rozier player value.
::File Name: 1.95.62revlauri.ips
::File Name: 1.95.62cleanuptext.asm
::File Name: 1.95.62Kurucs80.asm
::File Name: KurucsImpaled.pal
::File Name: 1.95.62anderson.ips
::File Name: 1.95.62kurucsname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.62kurucsport.ips
::File Name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::File Name: 1.95.62Simmons3s.asm
::File Name: 1.95.62djportfix.ips
::File Name: 1.95.62Fournier9A.asm
::File Name: FournierImpaled.pal
::File Name: 1.95.62fourniername.ips
::File Name: 1.95.62fournierport.ips
::File Name: 1.95.62bradleyname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.62curryportfix.ips
::File Name: 1.95.62Mitchell93.asm
::File Name: 1.95.62MitchellName.ips
::File Name: 1.95.62MitchellPort.ips
::Version 1.95.63
::June 14-15, 2019
::Court and uniform adjustments for Raptors.
::Inserted new D. Booker portrait.
::Inserted new Blake Griffin portrait.
::Inserted new Klay Thompson portrait.
::Text edit in attract mode.
::File Name: 1.95.63raptorsunisct.asm
::File Name: 1.95.63bookerportfix.ips
::File Name: 1.95.63klayblakeport.ips
::File Name: 1.95.63leonard.asm
::Version 1.95.64
::June 15-16, 2019
::Court and uniform adjustments for Raptors.
::Replaced Ingram with Kuzma.
::Replaced Randle with Jamal Murray (Nuggets).
::Roster updates for Anthony Davis trade.
::Swapped Mutombo for Murray (Nuggets).
::New Russell and Clarkson portraits.
::Millsap/unfinished player value stats edits.
::Face sprite swap for Klay and Ball.
::Added Marvin Bagley III into expanded ROM.
::File Name: 1.95.64Kuzma#$62.asm
::File Name: 1.95.64KuzmaName.ips
::File Name: 1.95.64kuzmaport.ips
::File Name: 1.95.64Murray#$05.asm
::File Name: 1.95.64MurrayName.ips
::File Name: 1.95.64MurrayPort.ips
::File Name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::File Name: 1.95.64russclarkportfix.ips
::File Name: 1.95.64Millsap#$54.asm
::File Name: 1.95.64faceedits.asm
::File Name: 1.95.64Bagley83.asm
::File Name: 1.95.64BagleyName.ips
::File Name: 1.95.64BagleyPort.ips
::Version 1.95.65 (beta)
::June 18, 2019
::Portrait updates (new portraits).
::Features screen edit to acknowledge the beta edition (removed).
::Unused legal screen update (removed).
::File Name: 1.95.65portfixes.ips
::File Name (removed): 1.95.65beta.ips
::File Name (removed): 1.95.65version.ips
::Version 1.95.66
::June 19, 2019
::Fallout of Utah/Memphis trade.
::Crowder/Korver to Memphis.
::Conley to Utah.
::Replaced Avery Bradley player with Ricky Rubio.
::File Name: 1.95.66Rubio#$28.asm
::File Name: 1.95.66rubioname28.ips
::File Name: 1.95.66rubioport.ips
::File Name: 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm
::Version 1.95.67
::June 22, 2019
::Replaced Acclaim banner with We The North one.
::File name: 1.95.67wethenorth.ips
::Version 1.95.68
::June 23, 2019
::Updates We The North banner.
::New Demarcus Cousins portrait.
::File Name: 1.95.68wethenorth2.ips
::File Name: 1.95.68cousinsport.ips
::Version 1.95.69
::June 27 and 29, 2019
::#$A8 portrait revision.
::Replacement of Collison for Sabonis
::(due to Collison's retirement).
::File Name: 1.95.69...2k20.ips
::File Name: 1.95.69Sabonis#$0D.asm
::File Name: 1.95.69sabonisname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.69sabonisport.ips
::Version 1.95.70
::June 30 - July 3, 2019
::Acclaim screen player adjustment.
::Adjustment for Trae Young stats.
::Adjustment for Zion Williamson stats.
::Portrait setups for free agency outcomes.
::Stats ASM coding for new/replacement players.
::Name tile edits for new/replacement players.
::Roster update.
::File Name: 1.95.51acclaim.asm
::File Name: 1.95.56Young#$7D.asm
::File Name: 1.95.56Zion#$7C.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Bogdanovic#$97.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Brogdon#$0C.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Dinwiddie#$80.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70GAlexander#$A1.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Gibson#$2A.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Huerter#$0F.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Ingles#$06.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Okogie#$39.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Randle#$6E.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Rozier#$3E.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70Nash#$A6.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70porter#$99.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70randle.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70portername.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70okogiename.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70nashname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70inglesname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70huertername.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70gibsonname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70dinwname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70brogname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70bogname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70roziername.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70galexname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70barrettname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70Barrett#$18.asm
::File Name: 1.95.70sixteenports.ips
::File Name: 1.95.70rosterupdate.asm
::Version 1.95.71
::July 4 and 6, 2019
::Added Ja Morant to Grizzlies.
::Added T. Bryant to Wizards.
::Removed Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard.
::Removed Korver for Danny Green.
::Roster update for Kawhi Leonard, etc.
::(Leonard and George to LAC.
::Gallinari and G-Alexander to OKC.)
::Zion W. attribute edit.
::File Name: 1.95.71Morant#$4B.asm
::File Name: 1.95.71morantname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.71rosterupdate.asm
::File Name: 1.95.71Tbryant#$48.asm
::File Name: 1.95.71bryantsname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.71Green#$1B.asm
::File Name: 1.95.71greensname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.71threeports.ips
::File Name: 1.95.56Zion#$7C.asm
::Version 1.95.72
::July 8 and 9, 2019
::Revision for CPU special opponents
::after defeating 27 teams.
::Attract mode screen revision.
::File Name: 1.95.72cpuplayers.asm
::File Name: 1.95.72attractmode.asm
::Version 1.95.73
::July 10, 2019
::Increase number of CPU special/secret opponents
::that are randomized after beating campaign mode.
::Portrait edit for #$8C.
::File Name: 1.95.73#$8Cfix.ips
::File Name: 1.95.73cpuplayers.asm
::Version 1.95.74
::July 10 and 12, 2019
::Fixes for We the North Banner.
::Kevin Knox to Knicks (Vonleh out).
::Roster update for Westbrook/CP3 trade.
::Replaced Kenneth Faried with P.J. Tucker.
::File Name: 1.95.74northbannerfix.ips
::File Name: 1.95.74knoxport.ips
::File Name: 1.95.74knoxname.ips
::File Name: 1.95.74knox#$13.asm
::File Name: 1.95.71rosterupdate.asm
::File Name: 1.95.74tucker#$10.asm
::File Name: 1.95.74tuckername.ips
::File Name: 1.95.74tuckerport.ips
::Version 1.95.75
::July 12, 2019
::Extension of roll call screen to cover full player list.
::Corresponding flip of #$8C and #$A9 players.
::File Name: 1.95.75redickstd.asm
::File Name: 1.95.75fullroll.asm
::File Name: flip#$8Cand#$A9.asm
::File Name: 1.95.75flip8CA9ports.ips
::File Name: 1.95.75A98Cnameflip.ips
::Version 1.95.76
::July 13, 2019
::Re-pointed first sound in Acclaim screen to
::one in expanded ROM.
::File Name: 1.95.76monsterjam.asm
::phonymike for ASM tutorials and coding, 
::plus guidance on logo and team tile location and editing.
::phonymike (again!) for portrait dumping and insertion tool, plus insertion of the 2K20 logo.
::Mattrizzle for his tutorial on portraits and forum replies regarding character data. 
::EMiller518 for the NBA Jam 2k17 hack.
::JCE3000GT for the NBA Jam Tournament Edition Player Editor. 
::dext3r for the NBA Jam Player Editor.
::Wake for sound samples and 2K20 logo.
::DarkSamus993 and gauveldt for sound insertion guidance.
::DackR for splash screen ASM tutorial.
::*****PLAYER CODES*****
::Hold Start and press Y when entering each initial for the following:
::Hakeem Olajuwon - " HO_ "
::David Robinson - " DR_ "
::Karl Malone - " KM_ "
::John Stockton - " JS_ "
::Dominique Wilkins - " DW_ "
::Larry Johnson - " LJ_ "
::Zion Williamson - " ZW_ "
::Scottie Pippen - " SP_ "
::John Starks - " J_S "
::Reggie Miller - " RM_ "
::Drake - " RAP "
::Jeremy Lin - " JL_ "
::Hulk Hogan - " HH_ "
::Patrick Ewing - " PE_ "
::Horace Grant - " HG_ "
::Sound Guy - " WAI "
::Dikembe Mutombo - " DM_ "
::Clyde Drexler - " CD_ "
::Dennis Rodman - " D_R "
::Nikola Mirotic - " NM_ "
::Larry Bird - " LB_ "
::Magic Johnson - " EJ_ "
::Michael Jordan - " MJ_ "
::Charles Barkley - " CB_ "
::Shaquille O'Neal - " SO_ "
::Vince Carter - " VC_ "
::Ray Allen - " RA_ "
::Yao Ming - " YM_ "
::Kobe Bryant - " KB_ "
::Kevin Garnett - " KG_ "
::Tim Duncan - " TD_ "
::phonymike - " PM_ "
::Bill Laimbeer - " BL_ "
::Benny the Bull - " BNY "
::NBA Jam Announcer Tim Kitzrow - " TK_ "
::The T-800 Terminator - " CPU "
::Bo Jackson - " BO_ "
::Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - " RCK "
::Hold Start and press Y when entering each the 1st and 3rd initials for the following:
::Double Z - " BRI "
::*****START MENU CODES*****
::At the title screen, open the start menu and press the following:
::(For expanded roster and to unlock All-Stars:)
::Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A
::(For expanded roster but to keep the MEM/TOR/NOLA team:)
::B, A, B, A, Up, Down, B, A, Left, Right, B, A
::Team Swap (Does not work if using Rookies/Others or All-Stars):
::At the Substitution screen, hold Up and B for 3-5 seconds.  
::Team Swap will then flash on screen.
::Press Left or Right to cycle through teams.
::Tonight's Match-Up Screen Codes:
::Power-Up Dunks: Left, Right, A, B, B, A
::Power-Up Offense: A,B, Up, A, B, Up, Down
::Display Shot Percentages: Up, Up, Down, Down, B
::Power-Up 3-Pointers: Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Down
::Power-Up Blocks: Down, Right, A, B, A, Right, Down
::Quick Hands: Left, Left, Left, Left, A, Right
::Power-Up Turbo: B, B, B, A, Down, Down, Up, Left
::Power-Up Goaltending: Right, Up, Down, Right, Down, Up
::Power-Up Fire: Down, Right, Right, B, A, Left
::Push Opponent and Both Fall: Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, A, A
::Push Opponent and Other Falls: Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, A, B
::Rainbow Shot: Down, Up, Down, Right, Up, A, A, A, A, Down
::Slippery Court: A, A, A, A, A, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right
::Speed Mode: Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, B, A
::Strong Mode: Right, Right, Left, Right, B, B, Right
::Teleport Pass: Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, A, Down, Left, Left, Right, B
::PAR Code:
::Just for fun, try this PAR code to make player 1 
::automatically any player in the game:
::7E169F:?? (A1 instead of 9F for P2; A3 for P3; A5 for P4)
::7E16A0:00 (A2 instead of A0 for P2; A4 for P3; A6 for P4)
::?? is the player value, e.g., 77, for Benny the Bull.
::(All hex values from 00 through A9 (in hex) can be used for player value.)
copy "jamte(pristine).smc" "2k17test.smc"
flips "NBA Jam 2k17.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "NBA Jam 2k17 [bugfix].ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas OrigBugsFixed.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips textedits.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas ...#$A3.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips nametile#$A3new.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips westout#$A3.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips portrait#$A3.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips ...tile#$A8.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas ...#$A8.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips portrait#$A8.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 2K17textfix.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips banners.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas konami.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips credits.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas court.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips uniforms.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas order.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips othersscoreboard.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips otherstiles.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas otherscourt.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas bkncourtunis.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips bknscoreboard.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas bknlogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas okclogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips okcscoreboard.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas okccourtunis.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas okcandbkn.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas wizlogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips credits2.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas selokcbkn.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas bknokcbox.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips our27.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips legalscreen.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips nbafans.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 2ndlegal.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas starring.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips rodman#$9B.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas rodman#$9B.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips rodmantile.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas asroster.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips visualptr.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 18stars.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas onemorecode.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas injuries.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas wsnlogo2.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas newokclogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas newbknlogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips featurescredits.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips newbri#$A3.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 2nightsmatchup.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas expslogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas expslogo2.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips bannerusdwn.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas benny#$77.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips bennytile#$77.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips portraitbny#$77.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas othersroster.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas bo#$A5.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips jacksonname#$A5.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips boportrait#$A5.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas kemp#$A4.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips kempname#$A4.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips kempportrait#$A4.ips "2k17test.smc" 
xkas drexler#$87.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips drexlername#$87.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips drexportrait#$87.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas sprewell#$88.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips sprewellname#$88.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips spreportrait#$88.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips bobanner.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips revrollcall.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas okcrosterfix.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips adublzmod.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas gswlogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas cavslogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas houlogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas dallogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas expslogo3.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas unexpand.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas minlogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas charlogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas saclogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas orllogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas laclogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas millogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas spurlogo.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips otreadme.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas rosterupdate.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips specialthanks.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips Wizers!.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips Thunder!.ips "2k17test.smc"
::2K20 updates start here...
flips 1.95.1banners.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.2xlegal.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.3features.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.4attention.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.5credits.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.6ending.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.7BWs.ips "2k17test.smc"
::xkas 1.95.8thunderamp.asm "2k17test.smc"
::Preserves Supersonics sound clip.
xkas 1.95.9toasty.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.10yao.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.11visualstats.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.12thunderamp.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.13wizardsamp.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.14stars.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.15lm,tk,term,dj.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas markkanen#$4C.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips lmknametile#$4C.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas kitzrow#$78.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips kitzrow#$78.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas terminator#$98.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips terminator#$98.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas rock#$A9.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips #$A9rock.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.16crowd.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.17portraits.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips #$49augustin.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips #$50crabbe.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips #$59harkless.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas acrabbe#$50.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas djaugustin#$49.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas mharkless#$59.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 2k20rosterupdate.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.18anderson.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.19portraits.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas imanshumpert#$27.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips #$27shumpert.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas timhardawayjr#$91.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips #$91hardawayjr.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas garretttemple#$A1.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips #$A1gtemple.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas #$2Aiuzzolino.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips iuzzolino#$2A.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.20rollcallfix.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.21NBAlogo.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.22courts.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 22edit.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.24#$A3fix.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.25header.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas visuals#$6780.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.26newrollcall.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.26portraits.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.26tilesdm,bl.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.26webbtile.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas webb#$3B.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas mutombo#$5F.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas laimbeer#$3D.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.28firstinits.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.286thmanskin.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.28crabbe50fix.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.28839aswapandvisual.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.28specplyrvisuals.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 2k20rosterupdate.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.29...hulkdoneyaospreheads21stars.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.2xlegal.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.30yaohead.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.31thundercourt.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.32lastplayed.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.32bird.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.32linhead.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas BOOMclip.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas DATclip.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas NOWAYclip.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas intro.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas dackr.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas SHOESclip.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas OHMYclip.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas woo80pct.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.39toasty.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas credits.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas precredits.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.40legalout.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.41allstars.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.42mj,cb,shaq.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.42fox#$14.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.42fox.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.42foxname.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.43smithport.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.43smithname.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.43smithjr#$2F.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.44harrisport.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.44harrisname.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "harris#$2D.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.44harrisinits.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas doncic#$8D.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas ayton#$02.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas holiday#$5D.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas vonleh#$13.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas collins#$56.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips doncicname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips aytoncollinsname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips holidayname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips vonlehname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips agordoninitsmithfix.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.46ports.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.47rosterupdate.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas dedmon#$95.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips dedmonname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips smithjrroll.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips Tparkername.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips dedmonport.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips portraitfixes.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.48#$A8fix.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.49lin#$3B.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.49linsanity.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.49linport.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.50rollcallfix.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.51linportfix.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.51-20edit.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.51acclaim.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.52mirotic#$88.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.52threekolaname.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.5120edit.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.52threekolaport.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.52title_screen_2K20.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.53phonymike#$A4.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.53phonymikename.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.53phonymikeport.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.53bullslogo.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas "2k17test.smc"
xkas "2k17test.smc"
xkas$75.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips "2k17test.smc"
flips "2k17test.smc"
flips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56Ballname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56ballpalette.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.56Ball#$7B.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56Brownname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56brownpalette.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.56Brown#$6A.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56Tatumname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56tatumpalette.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.56Tatum#$68.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56Turnername.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56turner#$8Bport.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56turnerpalette.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.56Turner#$8B.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56Youngname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56youngpalette.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.56Young#$7D.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56Zionname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56zionpalette.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.56Zion#$7C.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56portraits6xxx.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.56-15edit.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.56Pip.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.57Beverley#$66.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.57BeverleyName.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.57Capela#$67.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.57CapelaName.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.57Zubac#$9C.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.57ZubacName.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.57ZubacPalette.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.57portraits3.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.58Siakam_$5B.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.58siakamname.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.58siakamport.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.58CMARTtypo.asm" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.59Prince#$6E.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.59princename.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.59princeport.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.60Della#$76.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.60DellaName.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.60DellaPort.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.60Majerle#$A6.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.60MajerleName.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.60MajerlePort.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.61SethCurry#$7E.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.61SethName.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.61StephName.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.61SethPort.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62revlauri.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.62cleanuptext.asm "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.62Kurucs80.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62anderson.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62kurucsname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62kurucsport.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.62Simmons3s.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62djportfix.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.62Fournier9A.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62fourniername.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62fournierport.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62bradleyname.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62curryportfix.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.62Mitchell93.asm "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62MitchellName.ips "2k17test.smc"
flips 1.95.62MitchellPort.ips "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.63raptorsunisct.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.63bookerportfix.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.63klayblakeport.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.63leonard.asm" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.64Kuzma#$62.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.64KuzmaName.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.64kuzmaport.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.64Murray#$05.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.64MurrayName.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.64MurrayPort.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.47rosterupdate.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.64russclarkportfix.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.64Millsap#$54.asm" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.64faceedits.asm" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.64Bagley83.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.64BagleyName.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.64BagleyPort.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.65portfixes.ips" "2k17test.smc"
::flips "1.95.65beta.ips" "2k17test.smc"
::flips "1.95.65version.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.66Rubio#$28.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.66rubioname28.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.66rubioport.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.67wethenorth.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.68wethenorth2.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.68cousinsport.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas "1.95.69Sabonis#$0D.asm" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.69...2k20.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.69sabonisname.ips" "2k17test.smc"
flips "1.95.69sabonisport.ips" "2k17test.smc"
xkas 1.95.70Bogdanovic#$97.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Brogdon#$0C.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Dinwiddie#$80.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70GAlexander#$A1.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Gibson#$2A.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Huerter#$0F.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Ingles#$06.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Okogie#$39.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Randle#$6E.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Rozier#$3E.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Nash#$A6.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70porter#$99.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70Barrett#$18.asm 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70randle.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70portername.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70okogiename.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70nashname.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70inglesname.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70huertername.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70gibsonname.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70dinwname.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70brogname.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70bogname.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70roziername.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70galexname.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70barrettname.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.70sixteenports.ips 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.70rosterupdate.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.71Morant#$4B.asm 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.71morantname.ips 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.71rosterupdate.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.71Tbryant#$48.asm 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.71bryantsname.ips 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.71Green#$1B.asm 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.71greensname.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.71threeports.ips 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.72cpuplayers.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.72attractmode.asm 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.73#$8Cfix.ips 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.73cpuplayers.asm 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.74northbannerfix.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.74knoxport.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.74knoxname.ips 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.74knox#$13.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.74tucker#$10.asm 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.74tuckername.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.74tuckerport.ips 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.75redickstd.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.75fullroll.asm 2k17test.smc
xkas flip#$8Cand#$A9.asm 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.75flip8CA9ports.ips 2k17test.smc
flips 1.95.75A98Cnameflip.ips 2k17test.smc
xkas 1.95.76monsterjam.asm 2k17test.smc
::ren "2k17test.smc" "NBA Jam 2k20 - Tournament Edition v1.95.xx [U] [h] [x].smc"
::copy "NBA Jam 2k20 - Tournament Edition v1.95.xx [U] [h] [x].smc" nj.smc
::flips "no#$A8.ips" nj.smc
::ren nj.smc "NBA Jam 2k20 - Tournament Edition v1.95.xxnj [U] [h] [x].smc"
ren 2k17test.smc "NBA Jam 2k20 - Tournament Edition v1.95.76 [U] [h] [x].smc"
::fc /B a.smc b.smc > hexcompare.txt