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Super Mario World: Just Keef Edition Game
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Parameter Info
Console: SNES
Original Game: Super Mario World
Type: Complete
Genre: Action > Platformer
Modifications: G,S,L,T,GP,Other
Creator: Bensalot
Date Created: 05/05/2020
Last Modified: 05/05/2020
Parameter Info
File Name: SMW Just Keef
Downloads: 4179
Requirements: No-Header (SNES)
Version: 5.5

Super Mario World: Just Keef EditionDescription

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Super Mario World: Just Keef EditionRead Me

Super Mario World
Just Keef Edition


Just Keef 


After saving the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser and his Koopa Kids in Super Mario 3, Mario and Luigi
needed to recuperate from their adventures. Toad makes a suggestion to travel to a remote island that 
few have ever seen where Dinosaurs roam the earth. Mario and Luigi couldn't believe that 
there was place where Dinosaurs still existed. Of course they had to see this for themselves, so together 
with Toad and the Princess, they hopped into a balloon and set off for the mysterious Dinosaur Land.

After a week of flying over the open Mushroom Sea, the Princess woke up one morning and saw an island on the horizon.

"Hey! I think I see it!" she exclaimed.

Sure enough, Dinosaur Land was in sight! 

Everywhere they looked, Dinosaurs covered the land. Animals both small and completely massive roaming free.
It was as if the gang had stepped back in time! This was going to be a vacation to remember.

It was an amazing morning of taking in the sights and Mario, Luigi, and Toad decided to take a nap on the beach. 
Princess Toadstool was still full of energy so she chose to take a nice walk along the shore. Little did she know,
their vacation was about to come to a screeching halt.

A short time later, Mario was having a nice pasta filled dream when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his side. He awoke to two Koopa 
Troopas kicking him and his brother. 

"Koopa Troopas!" Toad exclaimed.

Mario and Luigi made quick work of the two intruders. When the dust settled they took a look around and realized
The Princess hadn't come back yet.  

"If there are Koopa Troopas around, that can only mean that Bowser and his brats can't be far behind. We have to 
find the Princess and get out of here," said Luigi to the others.

The team searched up and down the beach but couldn't find any trace of the Princess. Toad ran up to Mario and Luigi and 
told them he found a small house that had a note on it.

"Sorry I am not at home. 
Bowser has kidnapped my friends and 
I have gone to rescue them. - Yoshi"

"If Bowser is here causing trouble, then like it or not we have to put our vacation on hold and stop him!" said Mario.

"But what about the Princess?" asked Luigi.

Then Toad noticed a twinkle on the ground next to some Bowser sized footprints. It was one of the gems from the Princess's crown!

"Looks like Bowser got to her first. Now we have two reasons to go after that Koopa jerk! But who is this Yoshi? We should try to 
find him and help him out." 

"Good idea Toad. Looks like a Plumber's job is never done! Let's go guys!" said Mario with that old Super Mario charm.

And so Mario and Luigi with the help of their trusty fungus friend Toad set out on yet another adventure. Will they find 
Yoshi, his friends, and Princess Toadstool? Only you can decide that! So grab a fire flower and hold on to your wits! 

                                               WELCOME TO DINOSAUR LAND

This Hack:

Being the younger sibling is rough, especially with video games. For us, Luigi was our guy. What always bothered me 
when I was a kid was seeing Luigi as a simple color swap of Mario. Every time I beat a castle and it said Mario did it, a
twinge of anger would run up my spine. Fast forward 20 some years later. I stumbled across a site called I come
to find that I am not the only one who loved Super Mario World, but I am also not the only one who felt the game could use some 
I grew up playing Mario games amongst other cartoony character games, but Super Mario World was my first and all time favorite. I 
bought the toys, watched the show, you name it. Once I figured out how to make Luigi a full fledged character in the game, I got 
inspired to make many other changes I wanted to see. Of course some of the mechanics needed fixing. It was super annoying when I had
a feather in the box and suddenly I grab a mushroom and boom, no more feather. So that had to go. There are countless other fixes I 
wanted and I am happy to say I was able to fix most of them with the help of the community at SMWcentral.

The lack of Toad always bugged me. I loved the Super Mario cartoon and when Toad was just written out when 
SMW came to be, I always felt he was one of the largest missing pieces. Thanks to sprite editing, Toad is now an NPC who dispenses
advice and light hearted commentaries.
Another major issue I had was that for a game that advertises itself to be a Mario adventure in the land of dinosaurs, there are
surprisingly very few dinosaurs in the game. In fact, by my count there is a grand total of 6. That too includes Yoshi and I am not
even entirely sure if Eerie is considered a dinosaur. So after heavily modding existing sprites from other games, the game now has
16 different dinosaurs and 32 if you include the different versions of these dinos. Now the game truly is a Blast from the Past!

Essentially, this is the Mario World game you grew up with and in many ways is the game I personally feel we should have grown up with. I kept
the original game in tact but just added some finess. Continuity is important to me, so I gave Yoshi a double jump to connect it with other
Mario/Yoshi games. Luigi has different mechanics from Mario, the koopa kids have their official artwork color, the different Yoshi's are now
hidden in the main world instead of star world to add some challenge, added a couple of original levels, added Boom Boom cause he's awesome, 
changed the names of the areas because the food thing is stupid (I don't care if you agree or not, they were dumb) improved every single
character graphic (the originals felt very lazy, why do some characters have outlines and others dont? Why does Yoshi have this weird 
orange arm? What the hell is that thing flying around the haunted houses? It all had to be improved) so many changes I can't 
even remember them all. I even included some minor references to the cartoon (points if you notice em). However, with that I believe when you 
play, you'll hardly notice a difference from the original game. The idea is to get you thinking "why wasn't this stuff already in the game?" 
That is just my opinion, but I hope you agree. 

So if you are looking for an original hack, this isn't it. However, if you are looking for a trip down memory lane with some added twists and 
tricks, give my hack a shot. Sure it's a little Lucas, but who cares? If you hate it don't play it. If however you are like me and wanted to 
see this game be all that it could be and really bring out the concept it was trying to sell I'm sure you'll have a Goomba Stompin Good Time!


  This Hack utilizes many of the sprites and patches that other members of SMWcentral created. I did not create any of the patches, sprites, or music
  myself because I really don't know how. I have been hacking this game for almost 2 years now and in my time learned how to do some minor things like
  small fixes in pre existing codes. Credit has been given at the bottom of this Readme file to those of you who put in the hard work when it comes to
  understanding code. Thanks for all the help on making this hack a reality. 

  *SPOILERS AHEAD* if you care about that sort of thing with your Mario World hacks

- All character and object graphics have been altered in this Patch. I wanted to polish off all the graphics for clarity and consistency. It took me 
  forever to change every character so I'm going to pat myself on the back for that. Hope you enjoy. Give credit if used in your own hacks.  

       - Luigi has his own separate graphics now! I hated how the Mario All Stars Luigi was done so lazily but also hated the complete redesign 
         they did for SMA2. So I essentially took the things I liked and rebuilt the character from scratch. He also has his own overworld
       - Luigi now has a higher jump than Mario when only the jump button is pressed. He shoots fireballs straight instead of having them bounce.
         He also has less traction than Mario. 

       - Player 1 and Player 2 now share only one controller. This eliminates the need for 2 controllers when playing and makes it easier
         to have 2 players on mobile devices. It also gives you the ability to play as both Mario and Luigi without switching controllers if 
         you enjoy playing with both Mario Bros like I do.

       - The Mario/Luigi version of this patch gives you the ability to use Mario or Luigi in single player mode but takes away the 2 Player 
         option. I wanted to have this all be in one patch but I couldn't figure out how to make it work so if anyone figures out how to 
         combine the idea, please let me know. 


       - Yoshi no longer turns blue when you grab magic wings. In the vanilla version he always turned permanantly blue. More of a nit pick than 
         anything but I hated it when I specifically got a red, green, or yellow Yoshi and these wings would turn him blue. 

       - The different colored Yoshis are no longer found in Star World. Instead, they are now hidden in the main world.

       - Once a colored Yoshi has been hatched and grown, it will appear randomly in all Yoshi egg boxes like in SMA2 (although in my hack
         it is much easier to get a green one to show up than in SMA2) Also, like in SMA2 if you have a cape, it will always be Blue Yoshi and if you 
         have fire powers, Red Yoshi will always show up. Once you rescue Green Yoshi for the first time, he can be found at Yoshi's house if you 
         do not already have a Yoshi. 

       - Yoshi now has a double jump. Press the jump button in mid air to make yoshi get an extra jump. This does come with a sacrifice of not being 
         able to scroll the camera with the R and L buttons in levels, but I really doubt anyone really cares about that.  A couple levels have 
         also been redesigned so that you don't have to ditch Yoshi anymore like in Vanilla Dome level 2. 
       - Sorry boys and girls, Yoshi can no longer eat enemies that are bigger than him. This includes Mega Moles and Porcu Puffers. Let's face it
         Yoshi is kind of a cheap character and makes the game too easy. Love him, but still. So this makes things a bit more of a challenge.  


       - For a game that advertises itself as "Mario in Dinosaur Land" I noticed an extreme lack of dinosaurs. The original game only 
         has 6 different ones including Yoshi (that excludes baby Yoshi and Dino Torch, and I counted Eerie even though that is more of a ghost). 
         To make the game more Dino themed, using sprites from other Mario games, I created 10 new types of dinosaurs. I also have color 
         variations on some of these dinos that have different behaviors.  Now just about every level in the game has at least 1 dinosaur in it. 
         Most of these dinos are enemies, but I also added Dori, Plessie, and introducing Bronto Bert who act as platforms and generally just fill
         out the dino themed world. For a complete list of the dinosaurs in this game, check out the image files.
       - Version 2.0 introduces 10 new dinosaurs to the mix. So with the 10 I already added, this brings the total number of custom dinos up to 20. That
         on top of the 6 already in the original brings it to 26, with baby versions brings it to 30, and with color variations brings it to 42. So if 
         you want more dinos go make your own ROM hack lol. 

- This patch is SA-1 enabled. For those of you who don't know, the SA-1 chip allows for more things to happen on screen without slow down and generally
  just makes the game perform faster and better.

- Toad is now an NPC. Press Up on the D pad to talk to him. He replaces the speaker box (which never made sense to me anyway)
  and will give you tips and fun comments along the way.
  (A couple of surprise NPC's have also been added. Keep an out for em. One in particular will offer a special prize.)

- 4 types of Goombas. Green walk in straight lines, Red sleep until you approach them and then chase you, yellow walk
  behind background objects, and blue are winged goombas (winged goombas can no longer be cape spinned, it was an issue with the graphics, if 
  anyone finds a fix let me know.)

- 4 types of winged Koopas. Green and Red are the same as the vanilla version. Blue koopas fly around in circles and yellow now fly forward
  with a wave motion.

- Capes and Flowers now take priority over Mushrooms in the item box. This way Mushrooms won't overwrite better items.

- Some enemies in levels have been moved or replaced due to additional enemy types and graphic limitations.

- New music added to certain levels. 2.0 adds even more

- The ability to cape bounce over each level has been made more difficult or practically impossible. Play the game, don't cheat! 

- Bowser's Castle has new rooms and traps. I always felt the original was too easy. New enemies with familiar faces have been added 
  including a special returning Mid Boss (It's Boom Boom lol)

- Areas have been renamed to reflect the idea of Dinosaurs. The food name thing was stupid, I don't care if you agree or not. Some of the 
  names and themes take elements from the Mario World cartoon. (Points if you can point out the references). 

- Some minor changes have been added to the original text but still keeps the same idea the original game had. Mostly I wanted to make it so that 
  if Luigi beat a castle it wouldn't say that Mario did it.

- Bowser and the Koopalings now take more hits to take down to increase difficulty.

- Dino Rhinos can now shoot fire like it should have been all along. 

- New enemies from other Mario games have been added such as chain chomps, hammer/fire/ice/boomerang bros, the spiders from Mario Land, and 
  flying wigglers from Yoshi's Island. 2.0 introduces skeeters from Mario 64

- For better or for worse, Poison Mushrooms are back! I always liked these in Mario Lost Levels. They were a pain, but made you more careful when bashing 

- Thwomp's now look at you no matter what side of them you are on. I never noticed as a kid, but they originally only looked in one direction. Minor 
  detail but hopefully appreciated as much as I did when I found the patch.  

- Areas like the "Top Secret Area" from the original have been added throughout the world. You still have to find them, but it makes it easier to stock
  up on items without having to go all the way back to that same ghost house over and over. 

- 3 new original levels have been added. Each of these levels utilize the gimmicks of my new plus sized dinos. 2.0 adds 3 more levels bringing the total
  up to 6.  

- The total count for paths found has been upped to 105 since 2.0 release

- Additional sound effects have been added when certain actions are performed, such as the pipe noise when pipes are used on the overworld. 

- Each level now only contain 5 Dragon Coins. The game saves if all 5 have been collected in a level and an icon will display next to the level name
  when they have all been found. Unfortunately nothing happens if you get all of the coins in the game, it's just something extra for the completionists. 
  Plus I never noticed this til I did it myself, but this seems to be a fun way for level designers to make gamers experience the whole level so that's 

- You can now save the game on the overworld by pressing "Start." I was going to leave this alone to leave in some challenge but with this sort of thing
  you always walk a fine line between challenging and just tedious. Unfortunately this came with the sacrifice of not being able to scroll around on the
  overworld, but again, I really doubt anyone cared about that.

- All of the colored blocks now contain items. Yellow are always Mushrooms and Green are always capes like the original, but now red have Flowers 
  and blue have Stars. I didn't realize how some enemies aren't programmed to handle star interaction so I made sure to test every enemy and adjust
  them accordingly.

- Taking damage when Fire or Caped will now cause you to return to being Super Mario instead of jumping straight to be regular small Mario. This
  was another thing I debated on but with a lot of the new enemies I added it to the game I felt it only fair to make things a little easier on the 


Step back in time to the land of Dinosaurs in the 90's with SUPER MARIO WORLD: JUST KEEF EDITION. It's the game we grew up on with updated graphics,
additional enemies and Dinosaurs, new tricks traps and paths, updated mechanics, and all new surprises along the way. Mario and the gang have decided to 
take a break from adventuring only to find that there is yet another adventure to be had! You know the story, Bowser kidnaps the Princess blah blah blah.
This is a reimagining of the original game with sort of a Lucas twist. Now Dinosaur Land actually has a wide variety of Dinosaurs, Luigi is his own man 
and not just a color swap of his brother, Toad joins the adventure with tips and useful item stops, all new original levels, and much much more! So if you 
feel like reliving the fun of Super Mario World with some added challenge, give my hack a whirl. It's a BLAST FROM THE PAST!            


(* modded by Bensalot)


All original graphics were done or modded by Bensalot, if you choose to use them in your hack please give credit

- Geno2925 - *Toad
- Moltz - *Boom Boom
- Kiatus - *Mario Maker Underground graphics
- ToxicIsland - *Mahemoth


- Sonikku - *Boss Bass 
- mikeyk - Albatoss, Boomerang, Boomerang Brother, Tweeter, Dino Rhino, Hammer Bro, Birdo, Giant Koopa, snifit
- Erik557 - Blue/Yellow Parakoopa, shy birds, 
- Telinc1, dahnamics - Fake Boo Door
- Carol - *Boom Boom 
- S.L - *Giant Friendly Mega Mole
- SMWEdit - Chain Chomp
- RussianMan - Chasin Rex
- Romi, Blind Devil - Dragon Coin
- Dispari Scuro and Alcaro - NPC sprite
- smkdan, Blind Devil - *Gau/Nyololin, *Suu, *yurarin boo
- mirumo999 - Fire Brother
- smkdan, Blind Devil - *Flying Wiggler, pionpi
- imamelia - Fuzzy, shyster
- Mandew - Goombaround
- NamelessProtagonist - Ice Bro
- Davros - Fire Birdo, Treasure Chest
- Thomas/kaizoman666 - *Sleeping Goomba
- yoshicookiezeus - cave in generator, acro
- dahnamics - giant masked koopa
- Blind Devil - leaves
- Dispari Scuro - Mouser, skeeter
- Darolac - Abyssal Fish


- Smallhacker, DiscoMan, Snowshoe - Separate Luigi Graphics
- aiyo - *Separate Luigi physics 
- SkywinDragoon - *Luigi slip physics
- Erik557 - SMA2-Styled Yoshi Blocks, *Overworld Mario Tilemap Rewrite and Expand, Save Prompt Start
- Scepile3 - *Flutter Jump
- Alcaro - 100 exits, *Thwompface, Time up Fix
- MarioFanGamer - Better Powerdown
- leod - Solid Sprites
- Koyuki, Chdata/Fakescaper - Bobomb explode effect
- JackTheSpades, worldpeace - Dragon Coin save
- RussianMan - Bobomb explode on fire 
- Mattrizzle - Iggy Hair Fix
- andy_k_250 - magikoopa fix
- Ladida - Overworld counters
- Ersanio, Moltz - Map tile sounds
- mikey, JackTheSpades - Poison mushroom
- Yan - Start/Select sound effects
- Roy - switchblock
- Blind Devil - Reprogrammed Vertical Scrolling
- DiscoTheBat - *Mario & Luigi - Selection


- MidiGuy - SMB3 Boss Battle
- Tornado - Super Mario Sunshine Bianco Hills
- Zagronia - SMW Haunted
- SNN and Jimmy52905 - Crystal Cave
- Koji Kondo - Delfino Plaza
- ggamer77 - LoZ ALttP Dark World
- GammaV - Mario Land 2 theme
- Iguy - Zelda Theme

Special Thanks 

- MarioFanGamer
- Thomas
- Blue Televison Games for bringing this hack into popularity.
- Rubes Cubes for being my number one game tester.
- ToxicIsland for letting me use Mahemoth
- Everyone else who helped me with my endless questions.
   Thanks for putting up with my shit guys. 

If I forgot anyone, I do apologize. Drop me a line and let me know I didn't include credit for 
your work and I'll be sure to add you.