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The Legend of Zelda - Link's Shadow Game
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Parameter Info
Console: NES
Original Game: The Legend of Zelda
Type: Complete
Genre: Action Adventure
Modifications: G,S,L,T,GP,Other
Creator: The3Dude
Date Created: 09/11/2020
Last Modified: 09/12/2020
Parameter Info
File Name: TLoZ - Link's Shadow v1-6 (9-11-2020).zip
Downloads: 206
Requirements: No Special Requirements
Version: 1.6

The Legend of Zelda - Link's ShadowDescription

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

The Legend of Zelda - Link's ShadowRead Me

The Legend of Zelda - Link's Shadow Readme file

FIRST THINGS FIRST!!!! This file is a manual that will tell you everything!

PLEASE email me from RHDN if you find any bugs... And no!! The dungeon floors sometimes having a blue,and gray palette is not a bug!

This hack of The Legend of Zelda for the NES had nine months of hacking put into it, also it was made impressively using a Chromebook! if anyone is looking for a great new Zelda experience then this is the hack to download!

This hack features, an entirely brand new overworld made from scratch, completely edited new (HARD) dungeons, challenging puzzles and gameplay, the Auto Map feature ~Thanks to snarfblam~, and ALL NEW completely edited graphics! 

~Story~ In the peaceful land of Hyrule... 
Evil had begun to flow out of the hidden sacred realm. It was the evil of Ganon. The evil took the form of a dark mirror, and out of that mirror came the shadow of "The Hero". Word got to the Princess Zelda that a mirror had appeared out of nowhere, Link's shadow had come out of it, and that Link's shadow had taken the mirror with him. Nevertheless Link's Shadow used the mirror to create powerful shadow crystals that have the power to seal and unseal people and objects. He has placed the crystals in the hidden temples to steal the temple's power. If the crystals steal enough power from the temple's, then Link's shadow can use the power to unseal Ganon! Find the crystals in the hidden temples before it's too late, and use the crystals power to seal the mirror away! But before that Link must defeat his own shadow!

V1.1 CHANGES--------------------------------------
Bugs fixed.

V1.2 CHANGES--------------------------------------

1. FIXED BROKEN IPS. Fixed many messed up/bugged rooms. 
2. The maximum amount of heart containers to obtain in the 2nd quest is now only 8.
3. Touched up credits.
4. Changed the Lamp location.
5. More useful hints.

V1.3 CHANGES--------------------------------------
Hopefully the final release! (guess not!)

1. Changed some text
2. Fixed the exit forest early exploit.
3. Fixed numerous other exploits.
4. Made some rooms pitch black in the 2nd quest ;)
5. Made bombs free in a shop.
6. Changed Sword price= Made it cheaper.

V1.4 CHANGES--------------------------------------

1.Made blue potions scarce...(I was WAY too generous with them in the dungeons!)
2.Fixed some more text.


1.Added a Key to Map-6 in the 2nd Quest, so now you don't have to buy one!

2.Touched up Map-1 slightly (Warning to those who already played it, things ARE different in there!)


1.Touched up many of my outdated graphics.

2.Touched up the minimap so now it is easier on the eyes.)

SIDENOTE1 - If you can complete this hack without savestates then you're CRAZY at Zelda! 
"I've done it with 0 deaths ;)"
SIDENOTE2 - Playing dungeons in random orders will force you to buy VERY EXPENSIVE KEYS.
SIDENOTE3 - I most likely will make another Zelda hack! I did, find it here ""

PATCHING INFO-------------------------------------
You need to download the zip from and extract the files with File manager 

(Windows PC) File manager (Mac OS)??????????? ES file manager/explorer(Android) 

Included in the Zip is… 

1.TLoZ - Link's Shadow v1-5.ips 

2.README.txt  (What you're reading)

To Patch use... 

1. Lunar Ips (Windows PC) 
2.“The Rom Patcher” from Google Play Store(Android)
3. ??????(Mac OS) Y
Patch the ips file to Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG 0).nes, because Legend of Zelda, The (U) (PRG 1).nes
will cause glitches! Then apply the included Ips to the prg0 Zelda rom using Lunar Ips.

Guide/HINTS AND TIPS-----------------------------------------
Once you start the game watch the beautiful new intro! 
Create a file (typing DARK as your name starts you in the 2nd quest instead of typing ZELDA) 

Quick-start guide.

Step-1 Go north twice, west once, and go in cave.
Step-2 Go back to the starting field, go west once, and then north once.
Step-3 Buy the arrow.
Step-4 Go in the tree two fields north from the start, and beat -MAP-1.
Step-5 At the end of -MAP-1 take note of the Lost woods path.

Hint 1. The armos statues love bombs!
Hint 2. In -MAP-1 you'll need Bombs, arrows, and rupees.
Hint 3. You'll learn the Lost woods path at the end of -MAP-1
Hint 4. Get Lamp and Explore for rupees.
Hint 5. Buy a sword.
Hint 6. Explore Northeast.
Hint 7. Ocarina Teleportation????
Hint 8. Walk into waterfalls?
Hint 9. You are all could this be??! Because you never play the Ocarina!

What to expect in this hack-----------------------
1.SUPER HARD DUNGEONS (to some people) mostly in 2nd quest.
2.Very Hidden dungeons.
3.PITCH BLACK rooms (sometimes)
4.Enemies everywhere.
5. Difficulty level= INSANE
7. Walking through walls ALOT
8. Weird places that you wouldn't think to ever bomb.
9. Blocks you have to push in PITCH BLACKNESS that you can't even see.
10. Haters that bash the game because they think it's too difficult.. lol

All dungeons have been Quintuple checked for bugs(NOT KIDDING) so if you find a bug email me! PLZ!

TEMPLE NAMES-----------------------------

~1st Quest~


Map1. Deku Tree---- Obvious location
Map2. Dodongo's cavern---- Head to the Red Mountains
Map3. Deep pond temple---- Northeast/Use Lamp
Map4. Palace of Gold---- Use Ocarina
Map5. Woodland Temple---- Secret near the twin ponds.
Map6. Bloody Temple---- Near the Red Mountains
Map7. Temple of the Hidden Falls---- Use Raft
Map8. Forbidden Palace---- Northwest
Map9. Shadow Temple---- Southeast

~2nd Quest~

Map1. Temple of Darkness----Refer to Map5's location 1st quest
Map2. Narrow Catacombs---- Refer to Map2's location in 1st quest
Map3. Temple of the Frozen shores---- West of the lake
Map4. Palace of Gold 2---- Play the Ocarina
Map5. The Farland Temple---- At a Heart Container's location from the 1st quest.
Map6. The Fire Temple---- Near the Palace of Gold 2
Map7. Temple of the Hidden Falls 2---- Refer to Map7 from the 1st quest.
Map8. Desert Temple---- Northwest
Map9. Shadow Temple 2---- Southeast

SPECIAL THOUGHT----------------------------
To anyone who downloaded this hack ------- Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, I mean c,mon! 
I made this hack using a website called cameyo on an old ARM processor Chromebook! If I can do it then you can too! ;)


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