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atari 7800 roms The Atari 7800 with the complete name Atari 7800 ProSystem is a home video game console which was formally released by Atari Corporation since January 1986. It's almost completely backward-compatible with Atari 2600. It was considered an affordable video game console because of its low-priced of US$140 (equivalent to 320 dollars in 2018). The Atari 7800 was significantly improved its graphics hardware over 2600, but both of them still uses a similar audio chip. The main goal is to iterate the victory of Atari 2600, in the beginning, the Atari 5200 did not become very victorious as its precursor. Atari 7800 ProSystem console was bind with an average joystick (instead of an analog) and it was well-suited with games created for Atari 2600, without needing additional adapters. Atari 7800 couldn't compete by the leading company in the market which is the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which emerge or exist on time and fulfilled the necessities of the community.

The Atari 7800 ProSystem or commonly known as Atari 7800 was born to face the chaos and fire. Atari was going down even if competition from the growing numbers of opponents former to a crash, particularly ColecoVision which changed deep into a 5200's market shares. James Morgan the CEO was passionate to move forward through a new culture-defining product, and Atari spent too much of surveying customers by thousands to determine what the public was wanted in the console. The strife created what was to its time a high-tech or technological wonder - a progressive, near arcade-quality video game systems that were affordable, simple, and attractive to play. 7800 custom graphics chips saturate each screen with 256 hues or colors and 100 sprites (unlike to Nintendo they have only 64 sprites and 56 colors).

In spite of some difficulties, Atari 7800 ProSystem or Atari 7800 was ranked as top 17th in the record of the greatest gaming home video consoles ever since it is according to IGN last 2009 and we are here to offer every single Atari 7800 ROM released to date. Some of these games include Alien Brigade, the Crossbow, Joust, Public Domain, Jinks, Klax, Pac-Man Collection, Desert Falcon, Galaga, Food Fight, Dark chamber. Besides these you can download all other Atari 7800 ROMs at Retrostic for free. Download all video games for Atari 7800 ProSystem for free and play some of them by the support of emulator.