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File Name: Pokemon - Fire Red Version (U) (V1.1).zip
Region: US Country (US)
Genre/s: Role-Playing
Console: GBA (Get Emulator)
File Size: unknown
Downloads: 218250
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Very good game to replay. Reminds me of the good old time.

Written by ashley

Pokemon Fire Red is a game in the highly popular Pokemon series. It was released alongside Pokemon Leaf Green in January 19th 2004. The game is surprisingly entertaining. You play as Red, a kid in the Kanto region of Japan. You and your rival Green are given creatures called Pokemon by Professor Oak. You are sent on a journey to become the champion of the Kanto Region by defeating tough trainers known as gym leaders and catching adorable Pokemon.

Written by some internet dude

This Game Is Like The Two Games With LeafGreen & FireRed

Written by Jorge Luis Rivera Jr

you use slaves to fight for entertainment

Written by slave owner juan

a remake of the shi**iest pokemon games

Written by epic gamer

Favorite Pokemon game

Written by Niks

It’s a game where u catch all the Pokémon’s and use them to fight level them up by battling

Written by Hamza ali