Download Sega NAOMI(NAOMI) ROMs

NAOMI Information

sega naomi roms Sega Naomi is rare and less-known gaming platform which was released in 1998 after Sega Model 3. The name refers to the New Arcade Operation Machine Idea and it is probably something most of you don't know. The console itself was similar to Dreamcast. It had Hitachi SH4 CPU, Yamaha components for audio and PowerVR2 GPU. The biggest difference was in memory. It had two times more system and video memory and an impressive 4 times more audio memory.

Games for this console were available in the form of GD ROM, which actually was basic optic disks. Users were able to use solid memory with a capacity of 168 MB which was impressive back in a day. It was known as ROM. The third options players had is to use Dimm which required from you a computer with Windows operating system to run. You had to transfer the game manually.

One of the best-known facts about Sega Naomi was the agreement with other developers. For example, Nintendo also made the game for this console. They made just one known as Rhythm Tengoku: HD Remixed Edition. Bandai made the games as well.

Now you are ready to start playing games developed for this console. You may want to try Monkey Ball, Melty Blood, Mamonoro or others. They are referred to as Sega Naomi ROMs and they can be downloaded at any given moment. You will need an emulator as well. We recommend Makaron, NUllDC, and DEmul. They are all available in stable versions.