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File Name: Pokemon - Black Version 2 (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced) [b].zip
Region: US Country (US)
Genre/s: Role-Playing
Console: NDS (Get Emulator)
File Size: unknown
Downloads: 115818
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About Pokemon - Black 2 (Patched-and-EXP-Fixed) Game

Its a story about zekrom and reshiram but there lurks among the 2 legendarys there lurks a icy dragon this icy dragon can merge among the 2 legendarys after merging they become a powerful foe

Written by Blue129

Finally a .zip file

Written by Guy who almost got viruses three times

top game

Written by memyself

It's a story about Zekrom and The Mysterious Legendary Pokemon Combined. There is a Child who's dream is to see the mightiest pokemon. Will his dream come true? Or it will not? It depends on you!

Written by Ury Jesus Lazona