Download Neo Geo Pocket(Neo Geo Pocket) ROMs

Neo Geo Pocket Information

neo geo pocket roms Neo Geo Pocket is one of those devices that are extremely rare today. The device was a handheld gaming platform that had a monochrome display. It was released in Japan in 1998 and in Hong Kong but wasn't available anywhere else in the world. The reason is the fact this device was considered a failure and was ended in 1999. The new version known as Neo Geo Pocket Color became available and it had a colorful display.

Neo Geo Pocket was manufactured by SNK and it was their first device of this kind. Despite the low sales figures, there were some of the best games available today in the Neo Geo Pocket ROMs form. Neo Geo Pocket was a well-built and durable device, yet it was obsolete as soon as it was released. At that time Game Boy Color already was considered as a more powerful handheld device.

An interesting fact is that this device had a 16-bit processor made by Toshiba and it was known as "high performance". The display had 256x256 lines and the storage on the device was 4 bits only. The device itself was square without specific elements. It was considered relatively simple and affordable in 1998.

You can play the games available in Neo Geo Pocket ROMs version using emulators such as Mednafen, Open Emu, RetriX, NeoPop, and RetroArch.

Each of these emulators will allow you to play games such as Metal Slug - 2nd Mission, Metal Slug - 1st Mission, Mizuki Shigeru Youkai Shashin Kan, Neo Baccarat and others.