Download Nintendo Virtual Boy(Virtual Boy) ROMs

Virtual Boy Information

virtual boy roms Virtual Boy was released in 1994 by Nintendo and it was impressive game back in a day. It was advertised as a 3D gaming console which was partially true. The console or platform used parallax in order to create a sense of depth. The device itself had a shape like a small table and the idea was a player would position his head over the console and watch into small screen directly, which were able to simulate 3D graphics. However, the console was a failure and it was ended in 1996. The same console is known under VR32 name. There are only 22 games available for Virtual Boy and all of them are available here.

Virtual Boy ROMs can be played using emulators such as RetroArch, OpenEmu, Red Dragon or Mednafen. With them, you can play games such as Vertical Force, Tobidase! Panibon, V-Tetris, Virtual Bowling, and several others.