Download Final Fantasy (J) [T+Eng0.91_Kalas] ROM

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File Name: Final Fantasy (J) [T+Eng0.91_Kalas].wsc
Region: JP Country (JP)
Genre/s: Role-Playing
Console: Wonderswan Color (Get Emulator)
Filesize: 4 MB
Downloads: 79
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About Final Fantasy [T+Eng0.91_Kalas] Game

For me this is the definitive edition. The original game in all its glory is restored and repaired. The magical system is the same as it was in the NES game, but all the spells and effects now work as they should. A few non-essential characters still speak in Japanese text, but if anything it adds character. The sound and graphics are amazing and this masterpiece stands the test of time.

Written by Actua