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Mega Man 3 Revamped Game
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Parameter Info
Console: NES
Original Game: Mega Man 3
Type: Complete
Genre: Action > Platformer
Modifications: G,L,GP
Creator: TheSkipper1995
Date Created: 12/08/2019
Last Modified: 12/08/2019
Parameter Info
Downloads: 7
Requirements: No Special Requirements
Version: 1.1

Mega Man 3 Revamped Description

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Mega Man 3 Revamped Read Me

Mega Man 3 Revamped
Version 1.1
- by TheSkipper1995, DangerDoodle, KujaKiller, DurfarC, MartsINY.

This is a ROM hack of Capcom's Mega Man 3 for NES. All stages have had alterations to them. Some major, some minor; all with the goal of making the stages more interesting, fully developed, and polished.
What started off as a small update to "Mega Man 3: Ultimate" quickly turned into a much more extensive project with many new changes and additions at the behest of RHD user DangerDoodle.
This hack uses KujaKiller's "Mega Man 3 Improvement" hack as a base.


1. Version history
2. What is "MM3_Revamped_ClassicEnergyMeter.ips"?
3. How to Play
4. Bugs/Gameplay/Graphical/Sound/Story Changes (!!spoilers!!)
5. Known Bugs
6. Credits
7. Disclaimer

1. Version history:

Version 1.0 (Nov 4, 2019)
-Initial release.

Version 1.1 (Dec 8, 2019)
-Items now flash 1 second before disappearing (courtesy of KujaKiller!).
-Weapon icons now no longer appear at the very beginning of a stage (courtesy of KujaKiller!).
-Weapon icons now no longer become glitched if the player switches weapons above the screen (courtesy of KujaKiller!).
-Smaller hitboxes for shells dropped by Kamegoro Maker (courtesy of KujaKiller!).
-Bomber Pepe's explosions no longer deflect the player's shots (courtesy of KujaKiller!).
-Doc Heat's flame towers' hitboxes are smaller (courtesy of KujaKiller!).
-Very minor tweaks to level design and damage value balancing based on feedback.
-The second Doc Robot fought in each revisted stage now takes 1 damage from the buster instead of 2.
-Doc Crash is now weak to Top Spin instead of Hard Knuckle to be more in-line with his weakness to Air Shooter from Mega Man 2.
-Hammer Joes are no longer invulnerable to Search Snake.
-Yellow Devil and Clones' bullets now do 3 damage instead of 2. Clones' firing rate was slowed down by about a quarter of a second to compensate.
-Gamma form 2's bullets now do 4 damage instead of 3. Also his firing rate is very slightly quicker.
-Gamma form 2 now takes 1 damage from Search Snake instead of 2.


2. What is "MM3_Revamped_ClassicEnergyMeter.ips"?

-This patch is exactly the same as the main patch. The only difference is that instead of your energy meters filling instantly, you will get the classic style energy meter refill effect where the game pauses.


3. How to play:

This is a ROM hack, not an executable. In order to play it, do the following:
- Take an unmodified ROM of Mega Man 3 (USA version)
- Make a copy of the ROM and, if you wish, rename it to something like "Mega Man 3 Revamped.nes"
- Get yourself an IPS patching software (
- Use your IPS patching software to open the MM3_Revamped.ips file.
- Apply MM3_Revamped.ips to the copy of the ROM.
- You're ready to go! I highly recommend either the Nestopia or FCEUX emulators to play the game.


4. Bugs/Gameplay/Graphical/Sound/Story Changes (!!spoilers!!)

-All changes from KujaKiller's Mega Man 3 Improvement hack. See for further details.

  -Gemini Laser now despawns properly if it goes off the top of the screen.
  -Mega Man will no longer take damage from enemies at the bottom of the screen if he jumps off the top of the screen.
  -Inconsistent timing of the trash chutes in Spark Man's stage fixed.
  -Landing the killing blow on Top Man with the Hard Knuckle during the boss rush will no longer freeze Mega Man in place.
  -In addition to MM3 Improvement's addition of being able to switch weapons with the SELECT button, you can also cycle backwards in the rotation by holding DOWN and pressing SELECT.
  -Almost all stages have received alterations. Some minor, some major. Examples include adding more altered enemy placements, altered screen layouts, level gimmicks being utilized more, easier Doc Robot stages, and longer/more difficult Fortress stages.
  -Hitboxes of several enemies altered to be more accurate to their sprites. Most notably Snake Man's body, Gemini Man's body, Spark Man's big spark, Needle Man's needles, Doc Robot's body, Doc Wood's shield, Yellow Devil's bullets, and Wily Machine form 2's bullets among others.
  -Due to some minor a.i. alterations and aforementioned hitbox edits, it is now realistically feasible to defeat all the bosses with just the Mega Buster without needing to spend hours practicing. Bosses will still provide a challenge, however. The only exception is the second form of Gamma, which is still only vulnerable to Search Snake and Top Spin. Some bosses were also altered to be *more* challenging.
    -Shadow Man now pauses for slightly longer after landing from a jump, takes slightly longer to fire his blades, and slides much faster. This allows a full jump to always clear his slide and still allows time for dodging the blades.
    -Spark Man's room layout has been adjusted to remove the possibility of being trapped. To compensate, Spark Man now hops around the room faster and can stun Mega Man with his mini sparks.
    -Doc Wood jumps higher.
    -Doc Air's tornado patterns are now all possible to dodge.
    -Doc Quick's pattern is now more accurate to Quick Man's original pattern in Mega Man 2.
    -Kamegoro Maker now has more health and spikes on either side of the arena.
    -Mega Man clones now have a consistent firing rate and the first position of the "real" clone is now randomized.
    -Wily Machine form 2 now stays lowered to the ground longer to allow ample time to get buster shots in.
    -Gamma's first form can now be damaged by the Mega Buster.
  -Some weapons have received buffs. Needle Cannon fires faster, Gemini Laser will move much faster after bouncing off a wall once, Hard Knuckle can be moved up and down faster.
  -Most weapon damage tables have been altered to make weapons more practical against enemies they should logically be effective against.
  -Stars added to opening cutscene.
  -Graphical updates to several stages. Doc Robot stages now have unique palettes distinct from the original 8 stages. Top Man, Hard Man, Gemini Man, Snake Man, and several other stages have added background/foreground detail, refinement, and palette alterations.
  -Graphical updates to the stage select using graphics from Mega Man III for Gameboy.
  -Large Mega Man graphic used on the title and weapon get screens has been redrawn to resemble its Wily Wars counterpart.
  -Search Snake, Needle Cannon, and Hard Knuckle now have unique firing sound effects.
  -Wily stage 3/4 music will continue to play throughout the boss rush.
 -Break Man's "secret" will not be revealed until your final battle with him before the fortress stages.


5. Known Bugs

-On the jnes and retroarch emulators, the pause menu will be glitched if brought up in an area with any kind of parallax scrolling such as Gemini Man's planet and Gamma's arm.
 Most other emulators should work perfectly fine, however.


6. Credits

-TheSkipper1995: Level redesign, boss redesign, some minor programming.
-DangerDoodle: Graphics.
-KujaKiller: Most programming including, but not limited to boss code changes and bug fixes.
-DurfarC: Some programming including, but not limited to adding additional yoku block patterns and adding extra space for fortress stages.
-MartsINY: Assistance with editing the Mega Man clone boss.
-Nico Thulin of Snupster: Playtesting/feedback.
-ReploidRevo: Playtesting/feedback.