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New Super Mario Bros 3 DS Game
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Parameter Info
Console: NDS
Original Game: New Super Mario Bros.
Type: Complete
Genre: Action > Platformer
Modifications: G,L
Creator: SKJmin
Date Created: 12/31/2013
Last Modified: 07/30/2014
Parameter Info
File Name: NSBMB3 - V3a Rev10.7z
Downloads: 14147
Requirements: No Special Requirements
Version: 3.0a Rev 1

New Super Mario Bros 3 DSDescription

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

New Super Mario Bros 3 DSRead Me

READ ME Version 3.0a - Revision 10
(Last Version: April 24th, 2013)
(Last Revision [Rev. 10]: December 31rd 2013)

1. First Words
2. How To Patch
3. Known Problems
4. FAQ
5. Some Hints and Tips
6. Changelog
7. Credits




First of all, be sure to have the original cartidge from NINTENDO, called "New Super Mario Bros."!
Otherwise, delete this patch immediately!! I'm not supporting illegal activities!!
It wouldn't be fair against Nintendo! Thanks!

Secondly! This is a non-profit ONE-MAN-FAN-PROJECT!! This game is completly for free!

Thirdly! Only install/run this game when you have downloaded it from my official site!
There are a lot of spyware filled patches or even full .nds-files!

This patch will replace all of the old levels with these from "Super Mario Bros. 3" (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1988) and some other special courses from several 2D-Mario games and even other famous games :)
The game has a lot of puzzles, obstacle courses, sick mazes and even more harder levels! You won't be dissapointed...surely not!

But beating the game is not the main difficulty! 
The true mission is to get all 240 "Star Coins" and beat the game then! (more below)
They were hidden truly well, and it needs a bit more just some "Jump N' Run" actions to get these!

I prefer a real DS, because it makes much more fun and you can see the true graphics power of New Super Mario Bros. 3! 
DO NOT use emulators!! They are illegal and they cause a lot of glitches! Also render issues! 



This is the most important part of the READ ME I guess :)

I'll say it again, don't perform any of the steps, when you don't have the original game by Nintendo (ORIGINAL means = having the cartridge "in the hand")

Everything you need for patching is in the pack! (besides the main rom)
Be sure you have installed the Microsoft .NET Framework-pack! The tool won't work without these files! Get them from!!

01. Get your ROM (don't ask where to get one, it's illegal to download them, even when you have the original cartridge!) Usage at own risk!!
02. The ROM must be the [U]-Version of the game, the others won't work! (but the MULTI is also included in my patch! MULTI --> ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, SPANISH)
03. Download the file from me (Yeah, you're reading the READ ME right now...) and extract it, recommended Tool: WINRAR! 
04. You'll have some separate files and folders now! When you don't have one of these files, then you haven't the ORIGINAL content from me, SKJmin!! Visit to get the latest version!
05. Open "xdeltaUI.exe" in the "-2- Patch Tools" - folder!
06. Remember, we want to patch our rom, so we have to click on the tab "Apply Patch" (It should be marked in the default setting)
07. You'll see 3 empty boxes with 3 buttons to the right from each of them... (1. box - Patch, 2. box - Source File, 3. box - Output File)
08. Click on the first button "Open" right of the "Patch"-box!! A new window will open!
09. Search for my xdelta-patch now and double click on "[U] New Super Mario Bros. 3 [Version 3.0a].xdelta" (the 1. box should be filled with the path!)
10. Now to the second button, click "Open" right of the "Source File"-box and search for the "clean, not trimmed" (downlaoded) ROM! Remember: Only the [U]-version will work!
11. And at last, the third button! Click on "..." right of the "Target File"-box and choose a place on your harddisk to save the patched rom!!
12. After saving the new file, you'll realize it has no extension, right mouse click on the file and press "rename"!!
13. You have to add ".nds" behind the given filename! [Example: after saving "NSMB", after renaming "NSMB.nds"]
14. Your game now is successfully patched!
15. Get it on your flashcard or use an emulator to play the game! Have Fun!!
16. Support Nintendo by buying a "real" Nintendo DS!! Playing on the emulator is not recommend!!



- some missing sounds like the bubble-effects in some courses!
- larger levels cannot be played on some flashcards!! --> [3-A], [5-B] and [8-T1]. See GBAtemp for more infos!
- when you watch the INGAME-INTRO till the end you will see the older elements of the original title screen...


4. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get a rom?
A: Move the complete pack in the trash, press on delete all files, and the rom will show up...

Q: I'm getting an error by patching the game! (i.e. Xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3:_INVALID_INPUT)
A: Be sure to use the [U]-Version of the game! It must be clean, not trimmed nor dumped or whatever! 
   This error means you have used a wrong ROM!!

Q: I've patched my rom, but I can't open the file! 
A: Did you write the ".nds" extension behind the filename?

Q: My game starts but I cannot see the main screen, an error shows up like "WRONG OR CORRUPT SAVEFILE - DELETING THE SAVEFILE"
A: You have to start a new savefile!! Using 100%-savefiles from others or your old saves fomr the original game, will lead you to this error (or the error in the next Q/A)
   It may be skipped when you have luck :) But I wouldn't risk it!

Q: Before I start to play, is the game even beatable on a flashcard?
A: Yes, it was tested on several flashcards for compatibility, and it works!
   I myself tested the game and it works PERFECTLY!! EVERTHING!! 100% beatable!!

Q: I can't see any RED FLYING BOXES/HAMMER BRO'S in my level! When I was on the worldmap, it was on the same spot!
A: Yeah, so start a NEW GAME and disable your cheats! ("unlock all levels/worlds"-cheat will cause this error!)

Q: Where can I find the Tanooki suit or even the feather item...
A: Sorry, but this game doesn't have these items, maybe in future, try to beat it without them first!

Q: Did you place the Star Coins in the game, can't find any of them!
A: Yeah, I've put them in the levels, but they're much harder to find than in the original game!

Q: I can see a Star Coin, but I can't reach to it...
A: Hmm... Sometimes it's useful to kill every foe or collect each coins in the room...

Q: Do the STAR COINS in the CANNON-level count? 
A: No! I just added it just for fun. That's the reason why they're easy to find :)

Q: Some levels are freezing... 3-A for example!
A: Yeah, that's a known bug which cannot be solved... This happens only on some flashcards
   Some courses are pretty huge!! That's the reason! In other words, the flashcard doesn't have enough power to render the course!! :)

Q: Is the course 6-A even beatable??
A: Yeah, it took myself uncountable tries to beat the first part of the level, the second is not beatable. (just joking)
   It's pretty hard, but beatable! Everything you can see in there was beaten by me!!! (without cheats!!)

Q: Does 7-6 a secret exit? I'm beating the level on the normal exit but I'll be always leaded to 7-4 always!
A: Sorry, but this is something which have you solve on your own... HINT: Secret Exit!

Q: How long is the second part of 7-Castle? The SPIKEY-FALL...
A: It's even hard with the both power-ups... try to memorize the course, it's not that long...
   The problem is: There is a third castle-part aswell :)

Q: Oh, the FINAL CASTLE has a secret route?
A: Yeah, it has a normal and a secret route! The secret route will give you a pretty nice reward!
   You have to give the correct codes to see the very last part of this secret course!
   PS: This will be removed in version 4.0!

Q: Where can I find these codes?
A: In each of the A-B-C levels are numbers at the stairway (final jump to the flagpole)
   You have to notice the numbers somewhere, there are twelve A-B-C-levels in total!
   And they're hard as shit... :D (not all but almost all)

Q: Some of the graphics are looking strange, for example the fog/cloud effects in the ghosthouses!
A: I'm sure you're playing the game on the emulator... As I said, do not use emulators! Please get a REAL Nintendo DS and play on that thing!!

Q: Why did you put so much 1-UP mushrooms in the game?? Isn't it too easy now....
A: No it isn't, I made that, because a lot of you will be frustrated very fast^^
   The game is balanced, it's not easy nor hard!! Ok maybe tending to hard :)

Q: Dammit, I found Alucard on a level and Bowser was lying finished-off on the ground, how did Alucard wound him, I couldn't see that! :(
A: He used his "Dark Hellfire" to paralyze him and performed the "Dark Metamorphosis" to steal his last remmaining life...

Q: Can I make profit with this hack!
A: No, not even I'm doing this! It's illegal and you can go to jail!!
   This is a non-profit project! Respect Nintendo and Mario!!

Q: Can I post this game on other forums, boards etc.? 
A: Yeah you can, but please send me the link to the post! 
   And do not forget to give some credits^^
   (Editor by Treeki/Remake by SKJmin)

Q: How old are you?
A: Older than you...

Q: Where are you from?
A: Raccoon City

Q: What's your favorite videogame?! 
A: New Super Mario Bros.? 

Q: Do you have a website?

Q: Do you have a Youtube channel?

Q: Do you have a wife?
A: Come on man, don't waste my time!


5. Some Hints and Tips
- Save whenever you can!!
- Do not spent out all of your Star Coins so fast!! You probably need them to unlock new paths and save your game!!
- You're stuck in a room? Kill every enemy who is in there...
- Learn how to do some speedy tricks! (fast wall-kicks, or "fast-falling" when you "slide" into a hole...)
- Collect all coins!
- Try to collect all Star Coins in each level... (I know, even I have to search for them xD)
- Save whenever you can!
- Do not use cheats!
- Do not use shortcuts or warps...You have to BEAT all levels :)
- Be familar with the ORIGINAL SUPER MARIO BROS. 3!! Each course was put in my hack and each course got advanced!!
- Learn how to use the TURTLE Shell and STARMAN!! You'll need them often!
- Open your eyes! Almost every secret has a hint in the game, if it's a changed tile, or a leak in the wall... nothing is unfairly hidden!!
- At last: Save whenever you can! (I can't say it often enough...)


6. Changelog

Release 1.0	FIRST release!!
Release 2.0	Huge major update! new laquering, advanced course, new backgrounds, new FINAL castle, 30 new CAMEOS, 84 new Bonusrooms, REWARDS!
Release 2.0a	Bad patch chekcsum fixed
Release 2.0b	Changed nick from the CREDITS section [INGAME]
Release 2.0c	Fixed the double given STAR COIN ID in 2-6
Release 2.0d	Fixed the wrong given DOOR ID in 3-C
Release 2.0e	Lava turned into water bugfix [8-TOWER-2]
Release 2.0f	Bugfixes in 2-6 [non-important^^]
Release 2.0g	Fixed warp in 5-B, fixed tile in 3-B and fixed ?-Block in 5-1
Release 2.0h	Decreased the difficulty (hugely) to get the last switch on 1-A!!
Release 2.5a	49 new bonuslevels
		18 new cameos
		75 % of all bonusrooms were edited
		advanced bossfights
		reduced difficulty
		fixed timers
		a lot of graphical changes (almost each level)	

Release 2.5b    [ALL] camera issues when "falling down into a hole" fixed!
                [ALL] centered some orange/red/blue switches!
                [ALL] changed the dual-screen priorities of some exit doors! "Show Mario" in TOP/BOTTOM screen!
                [1-5] fixed the "spark"-coin issue on the vine!
                [1-CASTLE] fixed some ship-tiles
                [2-1] fixed the misplaced door/exit!
                [2-6] freezing-error in the cave section fixed
                [3-A] Turtle-Shell-Hanging-Block modified! Caused a glitch!
                [5-3] door in the STAR-ROOM was misplaced! Fixed!!
                [6-TOWER2] missing tile in the STAR COIN #2 room!
                [6-A] celling of the final section was destructable, fixed!!
                [7-2] pipe-exit was not correct placed, fixed!
                [7-3] disabled the "connected-pipe" in the second castle-room!
                [7-6] added a nice fake STAR COIN :)
                [7-A] added a "RICKROLLED" easteregg room!
                [7-CASTLE] fixed the route of the "GREEN-SNAKE"
                [8-1] View/Camera settings advanced!
                [8-3] destructable bridge position fixed!
                [8-TOWER1] removed a complete section! Caused a glitch!
                [8-CASTLE] grammar fixed... REPLY -> REPLAY! :P
                [8-FINAL] Changed some names (Credits)
                [8-FINAL] Added the "new" passwords section and revealed the new bonus content! (available in Version 3.0a)

Release 2.5c	[SECRET] Bugfixes in some courses  

Release 3.0a	
	Rev. 1	completly new custom musics were added
		all bossfighths got changed (harder, but much cooler)
		added/replaced 25 bonusrooms
		fixed over 150 bonusrooms
		the difficulty in every course was lowered
		some STAR COINS re-placed
		added alot of hints to find some STAR COINS
		course 3-C completly removed and replaced through another course
		course 5-B completly removed and replaced through another course
		changed backgrounds of some courses
		Rewards Section expanded!
		and much more to count... :)
	Rev. 2	Lava bug in 1-TOWER fixed
	Rev. 3	Removed some sprites from 2-CASTLE and 3-TOWER to improve the frames
	Rev. 4	P-Switch fix in 3-GHOSTHOUSE
	Rev. 5	Orange Switch fix in 1-5 (Star Coin #1 was impossible to get)	
	Rev. 6	2-3 Star Coin fix
	Rev. 7	2-5 Star Coin fix
		1-A Mini Mario "ceilling-bug" when entering Bonus area
	Rev. 8	4-4 Main Exit Pipe fix!
		8-1 Bowser Jr. Battle fix (very weird, it worked once...)
	Rev. 9	8-Tower-1 Door bug fixed
		8-Tower-2 Blue Koopa changed! It was impossible to get the 3rd coin :/
	Rev. 10	2-1 Tileset fix!!

Release 4.0a	
- This new version will have completly changed tilesets! (like New Super Mario Bros. Origins)
- The secret route with the passwords will be removed!
- some other nice additions! Be surprised!!


7. Credits

This is a product of NINTENDO! Making profit with this patch will cause you a lot of problems!!

Credits for Nintendo:
Shigeru Miyamoto, for creating Mario :)
Asuka Ota Hajime Wakai and Koji Kondo for the great music!!

And the rest of the Nintendo-Team!!

Credits for others:
The most work goes on Treeki! Enough said!
The other dick who is currently developing the editor makes enough advertisement with me already Google: -> "SKJmin"

Then goes credit to my beta testers (alphabetical order)

Beta Testers:

Sound Hack:

Editor & Tech Team:

And at last but not least, to me!! 
For making this work for just representing a remake^^

Kindly Regards