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Zelda3 Parallel Remodel Game
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Parameter Info
Console: SNES
Original Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Type: Complete
Genre: Action Adventure
Modifications: G,S,L,T,GP
Creator: Euclid
Date Created: 08/09/2012
Last Modified: 07/26/2019
Parameter Info
File Name: Zelda3 Parallel Remodel v1-1
Downloads: 565
Requirements: No-Header (SNES)
Version: 1.1

Zelda3 Parallel RemodelDescription

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Zelda3 Parallel RemodelRead Me

                             0                 0
                            000               000
                           00000             00000
                          0000000           0000000
                         000000000         000000000
                        00000000000       00000000000
                       0000000000000     0000000000000
                      000000000000000   000000000000000
                     00000000000000000 00000000000000000

                              The Legend of Zelda
                             Parallel Remodel v1-1

                                Original game
                             The Legend of Zelda
                              A Link to the Past
                      developed and published by Nintendo
                       for the Super Nintendo, 1991-1992

                             Original Rom Info!
             Name: Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (U) [!]
                                  No Header
                  Date of last change: August 23rd 2004
                              Size: 1.024 KB
               This is the US rom, don't patch to other roms!

           Original Hack Parallel Worlds by Euclid and SePH (2006)
                           Remodel by PuzzleDude (2012)
                          Version 1-1, August 9 th, 2012

 /\  /\                          NEW IN VERSION 1-1

1. In comparisment to 1-0 the Texts have been updated, since the 1-0 had the old texts from
   PW 1-0. The PR 1-1 takes the PW 1-1 texts and updates them further to fit the remodel.
   Specially the clues were changed to fit the new Tower.

2. In the village you could land on one of the NPC-s, which prevented further playing. The
   issue was fixed, but the hill-jumps from that cliff are still quite odd (can't be fixed).

3. Second quest (changed the content of the chest after Ganon).

4. Second quest (changed the first room of Impa's ways to prevent defeat (and the bug that
   comes with it).

5. Second quest (changed the first room of Sheik's hideout to prevent defeat (and the bug that
   comes with it).

Note: After you finish the second quest (and come to the end screen) and reset the game, you will
start as a bunny in the dark world. You can get the 3 heartpieces there. However, if you jump
down the left cliff of the Castle site, or if you want to go back to the light world; you must
press Select and choose Save and Quit. (Because of the characteristics of the game, this can
not be fixed otherwise).

 /\  /\                              GAME INFO

Parallel Remodel is a remodeled version of the famous Zelda3 hack Parallel Worlds, that we
all know as an extremly difficult game. Parallel Worlds is altogether a great technological
marvel, with new gfx, various asm patches, completely new overworld and dungeons etc. It has
the potential of being even better than Alttp, but the gameplay is somewhat to radical. The
backtracking was (in not so rare occasions) escalated to the extreme, the same goes for the
health of some enemies. Some intelectual problems in the dark world dungeons are algorithm
marvels: sure this is a good thing for math (Euclid really fits his nickname), but this is
not a good thing for the player, who can easily give up.

Thus the idea of a remodel was born and was approved by SePH. Parallel Remodel therefore
brings the difficulty to normal: backtracking was reduced almost to zero, algorithm problems
were replaced, various semi bosses were reduced, special stunts like bomb jumping etc were
removed, dark rooms are now lit etc.

Parallel Remodel is a game, that's fair to the player and doesn't want to force any super
tricks, stunts or logic to finish the game, while still having a decent difficulty. It makes
Parallel Worlds enjoyable. You don't have to use save states or cheats to finish the game.
You don't have to be a veteran or a super player either. You will not be frustrated while playing.

Parallel Remodel recreates Parallel Worlds according to the 6 years of revisions from players
all over the globe. It is suitable for beginners and veterans, for those who have failed at
Parallel Worlds and for those who have finished it, since this game is a lot more than just
a plain reduction of sprites.

 /\  /\                      NEW PARALLEL TOWER CLUES

1. Don't forget the chest at the beginning.
   Refers to a big chest near the beginning of the Tower, that you can easily miss,
   since you need to finish the Tower and then go through the first room again to 
   come to this chest.

2. The fire dance of four shall move the stony wall.
   Refers to the 4 torches, that must be lit in order to proceed.

3. From here find the sacred forest meadow.
   Is ignored because of the 4th clue.

4. Ignore the previous message.
   This clue make the previous one irrelevant.

5. Before there were 9, now there are 3.
   Refers to Parallel Tower keys. In PW there were 9 keys altogether. But in PR there
   are only 3 keys, and they are all in the Tower.

6. Push and hold the blue and L-shoulder buttons.
   Press the X+L buttons to be able to see underneath indoor bridges. This will help you
   in any dungeon, not just the Tower.

7. Bring potions, arrows and boms.
   This clue warns the player not to go into the Tower unprepared.

 /\  /\                          REMAINING AESTHETIC BUGS

Parallel Worlds is a very locked up game, thus radical changes were not possible. 
Any remaining display problems are therefore impossible to fix. Remaining problems:
1. Links sprite can be displayed darker, or with false palette of the face.
   The problem is triggered by ether medallion, electric shock and both bracelets.
2. Some jumps down the hill can lead to a bug state (very rare).
3. Dark world Church area (dont go left). I couldnt fix this problem because
   of the heavy lock, otherwise I could fix it easily.

 /\  /\           SECOND QUEST (info is only for those who have quit PW)

Collect all stone tablets in the game to play it. This quest was also remodeled, since
the original was quite confusing (you could enter all dungeons, but couldn't finish them).
The unlocked secret can be quite confusing. It says: enter TotT. This means instead of your
name at the beginning of the game, you must enter TotT and the game will be different and
shorter (different ending and some other minor things).

 /\  /\                         HOW TO PLAY (IPS PATCHING)

1. You must have the original rom Zelda A Link to the past. Here are the details:

   Name: Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (U) [!]
   No Header
   Date of last change: August 23rd 2004
   Size: 1.024 KB

If you dont have this specific rom, google it. Type this into search field:
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (U) [!]
and you should find it quick.

Don't patch to other roms!

2. Unzip my file using Winzip. If you can't unzip go to Acmlm board2 site and under
   Uploader click Ips patches and get the IPS directly.

3. When you unzip, you'll get:
   A Lunar ips program,
   B Zelda Parallel Remodel v1-1 IPS patch (you can NOT play this),
   C Read me file.

4. You must have all files in one folder = Rom file, Zelda ips file, Lunar ips program.

5. Open Lunar IPS and select apply patch.

6. Select Zelda IPS file = Zelda Parallel Remodel v1-1.ips

7. Now select the file to patch = Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (U) [!].smc

8. The patching is successful. Now rename the rom file from
   "Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (U) [!]"   to   "Zelda Parallel Remodel v1-1".

 /\  /\                         HOW TO PLAY (EMULATORS)

This game was finished from beginning to end with the Snes9x emulator for Windows.
You can also use ZSNES emulator, the best SNES emulator, so they say. Google those
emulators and download them. Then choose load game (and select the patched smc, Not ips).

Note: Other emulators like SNES emulators for Wii or DS, are NOT recommended and are NOT
compatible with this game. They don't emulate the way they should. Only PSP emulators
tend to work.

 /\  /\                           LEGAL STATEMENT!

The authors of this game do not support putting it prepatched onto public internet
sites. Putting a rom or iso or emulator online is against the law according to Nintendo.
Thus we support only IPS patches. Do the patching yourself and get roms or emus yourself,
since nobody can legaly get it for you. Thus Don't ask us for a rom, original or

Not to mention the selling of the snes cartridges with our modified games. This is not
only against the law, but you are also earning money while breaking the law. You are
breaking it twice. Moding is on a non-solid ground as it is. By those kind of actions
you only prove that Nintendo's statements are just. If you continue doing this, they might
also ban ips files, closing the moding altogether.

Note, this IPS file is a freeware and should not be sold to anyone. It is meant to be used
by private individuals and it is not meant to be redistributed, certainly not in a 
combination with any isos, emus or roms; original or patched, digital or on a cart.