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Pac-Man Xtreme Game
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Parameter Info
Console: NES
Original Game: Ms. Pac-Man (Namco)
Type: Complete
Genre: Action
Modifications: G,S,L,T,GP
Creator: KaBooM!
Date Created: 09/17/2016
Last Modified: 09/17/2016
Parameter Info
File Name: Pac-Man Xtreme - File Package [1-0-000-00].zip
Downloads: 15
Requirements: No Special Requirements
Version: 1-0-000-00

Pac-Man XtremeDescription

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Pac-Man XtremeRead Me

WRITTEN AND UPDATED: September 17, 2016

  A refurbishment of the Nintendo Entertainment System game "Ms. Pac-Man"
as published and distributed by Namco Ltd. and Namco Hometek, Inc.
  Refurbished, produced, and distributed by KaBooM! in affiliation with
KaBooM! Games, Namco Ltd., and Namco Hometek, Inc.
  Pac-Man Xtreme concept as well as all associated .IPS patches, .TBL files,
cartridge label artwork, "ReadMe" files and associated written works of fiction
and other accompanying documentation included within the
"Pac-Man Xtreme - File Package" folder are created, written, and conceived by
  Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man, Shadow Blinky, Speedy Pinky, Bashful Inky,
Pokey Clyde, Sue, Tim, and all other related characters and general concepts
specifically created and written by KaBooM! for Pac-Man Xtreme are licensed
copyrights and trademarks of Namco Ltd. and Namco Hometek, Inc.


Best viewed with a proportionally spaced font.  ----->
This document uses hard carriage returns.       ----->
Expand text window horizontally to 80 columns   ----->
of width for most effective reading format.     ----->

Note: Pac-Man Xtreme has been tested and found, as of the writing of this
      ReadMe, to not operate as intended in the current version of the NES
      emulator "JNES". Usage of different NES emulators other than JNES as
      well as the actual NES hardware to play Pac-Man Xtreme have produced no
      incompatibility issues. See "Pac-Man Xtreme - Minor Issues, NOT ERRORS!"
      in the "Pac-Man Xtreme - Written Documentation" folder for full details.






  "Pac-Man Xtreme, released on September 17 in 2016, is a refurbishment of the
Nintendo Entertainment System game 'Ms. Pac-Man' as distributed by Namco Ltd.
and Namco Hometek, Inc., created by myself and marketed as Pac-Man's
not-so-direct but definitely final yet unofficial sequel story-wise. Pac-Man
Xtreme offers the same tried and true formulas, objectives, and styles of play
familiar to longtime fans of the Pac-Man series, all while introducing new
Stages, options, play mechanics, and a host of new features and functions which
serve to make the playing of Pac-Man Xtreme a unique Pac-Man gaming experience
like no other before it yet pleasingly familiar to longtime players of the

  "These versions of Pac-Man Xtreme which have been released to the public
carry my 'Official KaBooM! Seal Of Quality' and have thus been thoroughly
playtested by myself and a few select other individuals and found, to the best
of our knowledge, to be one hundred percent free of all major errors, snafus,
and bugs. Great care has been taken, therefore, to assure that the issues
which plaque many similar ROM refurbishments due to poor coding, bad stage
design, lack of knowledge, laziness, inattention to detail, and improper
quality control have been eliminated, and a variety of testing platforms
including several emulators as well as actual Nintendo Entertainment System
hardware have been employed in order to better facilitate this process. In
essence, one can play Pac-Man Xtreme assured and confident that these issues
will not be encountered thus promoting confidence in their enjoyment of the
game. ROM refurbishment may only be a part-time hobby for me, but it is a
part-time hobby which I take very seriously when it comes to producing a
quality product which I feel is more than capable of standing on its own
amongst other commercially viable game releases."

  "Pac-Man Xtreme comes loaded with several distinguishing game features, some
of them classic, some of them improved, and some of them brand new. All of
these are described fully and in greater detail within the scope of this
documentation. The list of features is as follows:"

* Thirty-two new Stages based on twenty-eight original maze designs.
* Stages arranged into eight distinct Zones composed of four Levels each.
* Seven brand new prizes to chase around the mazes.
* One new prize per four-Level Zone, all appearing at random in Zone 8.
* A distinct "?" graphic in the right-side prize indicator for random prizes.
* Four Stage progression play modes: Linear, Singular, Random A, and Random B.
* Newly designed colorful title screen with loads of selectable game options.
* Begin the game on any Stage desired, from 1-1 all the way to 8-4.
* Three selectable blue-Monster "vanishing mazes" options, like Pac-Man Plus.
* Brand new characters including Pac-Xavier, with classic characters returning.
* Four selectable speed options for Pac-Xavier before the game starts.
* Names for Pac-Xavier and the Monsters displayed on the main title screen.
* Choose to begin the game with as little as one or as many as seven lives.
* Opportunities to earn bonus lives every x20000, x50000, and x80000 points.
* The ability to choose whether or not to earn bonus lives at all.
* New status header above each maze, indicating current Stage and prize value.
* New CPU runtime indicator, alongside the top score and game score indicators.
* Only one free "pause" opportunity per Stage... be resourceful, use it wisely.
* Different Monster AI. Things have changed since the days of yore...
* Monsters' "blue" times lengthened and adjusted for fairness and balance.
* Reprogrammed game code and mazes which utilize vertical tunnels.
* Dynamically varying game difficulty based on player performance per Stage.
* Special barrier pellets which can't be eaten but instead block certain paths.
* The ability for Pac to cast relocation spells upon himself and the Monsters.
* Opportunities to earn new spells by catching both prizes in each Stage.
* Opportunities to earn spells and 2000-point bonuses for perfect Stage clears.
* The ability to save and store spells for later use, up to three.
* Begin the game with as many spells as desired, from none to three.
* Energy to cast spells acquirable via prizes, indicated by a "CAST" light.
* Remaining alive as being a condition for a "Perfect Clear" is selectable.
* Complete color and graphics makeover for all characters and mazes.
* Brand new, original twelve-frame death animation for Pac-Xavier.
* Brand new and/or tweaked sound effects. Every game sound has been changed.
* New original start music, unique and composed exclusively for Pac-Man Xtreme.
* Two versions: One regular, and one optimized for the "PocketNES" emulator.



  "Pac-Man Xtreme and all of the accompanying materials in its file package
come in the form of a .ZIP file download which will have to be decompressed
to a standard folder before any of the materials can be properly used. There
are numerous programs on the World Wide Web, including WinZip and 7-Zip, that
you can use to do this, so go ahead and find yourself one. (I personally find
it easier to just right-click the folder and choose the 'Extract All...'
option, but your mileage may vary.) When the folder is opened, you will find
that it contains five other file folders within it. A basic description of
these folders as well as their contents is as follows:"

  1. Pac-Man Xtreme - .IPS Patches - "This folder contains the .IPS patches to
                                      be applied to the Namco versions, NOT THE
                                      TENGEN VERSIONS, of the 'Ms. Pac-Man'
                                      .NES ROM files to change them to Pac-Man
                                      Xtreme. You may use a standard IPS
                                      patching program, such as Lunar IPS, for
                                      this. (Note: The use of IPSWin to patch
                                      these ROMs is, as of this release, not
                                      recommended, as it has been known to
                                      cause errors in the patched ROMs.)
                                      There are two different .IPS patches
                                      included here: 'Pac-Man Xtreme' which is
                                      the standard-issue version, and 'Pac-Man
                                      Xtreme (PN)' which is optimized for use
                                      on Loopy's and Flubba's PocketNES
                                      emulator for Gameboy Advance. Please
                                      be sure tp apply these patches to a good
                                      verified NTSC (U) headered version of
                                      the Namco 'Ms. Pac-Man' .NES ROM."

  2. Pac-Man Xtreme - .TBL Files - "Are you a ROMhacker who would like to hack
                                    Pac-Man Xtreme's title screen text? As
                                    jumbled around in the ROM as some of these
                                    alphanumeric symbols now are, this
                                    otherwise simple task has been made all
                                    the more difficult, unfortunately stemming
                                    out of matters of efficiency. Which is why
                                    I am more than happy to provide, as an
                                    added courtesy, the correct .TBL files to
                                    use with Pac-Man Xtreme for this type of
                                    ROMhacking, most likely to be utilized
                                    with your hex editor of choice. The details
                                    concerning all .TBL files included with
                                    Pac-Man Xtreme are included in their own
                                    'ReadMe' file which can be found in the
                                    'Pac-Man Xtreme - Written Documentation'
                                    folder. While by no means a definitive
                                    guide to ROMhacking Pac-Man Xtreme, the
                                    included .TBL files along with their
                                    provided 'ReadMe' file can serve as a step
                                    in the right direction."

  3. Pac-Man Xtreme - Cartridge Label - "This folder contains a ready-made
                                         label in the form of a printable .BMP
                                         file, color-gamut corrected to CMYK
                                         standards for maximum color printing
                                         accuracy and sized to the correct
                                         dimensions used by certain entities
                                         which provide cartridge-making
                                         services. is one
                                         which I highly recommend."

  5. Pac-Man Xtreme - Font Files - "This folder contains copies of the four
                                    font files I created to be used in Pac-Man
                                    Xtreme, in the form of .NES ROM files.
                                    These can be opened up in any graphics
                                    editing program, such as Tile Layer Pro,
                                    and used in your own .NES ROMhacks, so feel
                                    free to do so."

  5. Pac-Man Xtreme - Written Documentation - "This folder contains this
                                              'ReadMe' file and any and all
                                              associated documentation
                                              included and distributed within
                                              the 'Pac-Man Xtreme - File
                                              Package" folder with all of its
                                              accompanying materials."



  Pac-Man Xtreme's "PN" version optimized for use on the PocketNES emulator is
best optimized for proper viewing by performing the following actions in the
following order:

  1. Once Pac-Man Xtreme has been loaded into PocketNES and activated on the
     Game Boy Advance, activate the settings menu by pressing the "L" and "R"
     buttons at the same time. Scroll to "Display" and select this by
     pressing "A". Set the various settings under this heading to
     "SCALED (w/sprites)" and "No Flicker". Press "L" and "R" together twice
     to escape from this menu.

  2. Holding the "L" button, press "Select" repeatedly to change the scanline
     rendering function in order to optimize Pac-Man Xtreme for the best,
     least distorted view on the Game Boy Advance. Finding the best setting
     has been made easier by the black-striped "optimization bars" which
     appear on either side of the Pac-Man Xtreme logo on the title screen.
     Simply press "L"+"Select" until you see those stripes vanish, and then
     Pac-Man Xtreme will be at the setting best optimized for playing and
     viewing on Game Boy Advance. Be sure to optimize scanline rendering with
     flicker turned off in the previous step, or the optimization bars may
     still appear when they're not supposed to.

  The previous instructions give the best method for achieving best optimized
fullscreen viewing of Pac-Man Xtreme on the Game Boy Advance using PocketNES.
However, you may alternately choose to play the game in the UNSCALED mode with
sprite following, which will make the screen vertically larger than can fit on
the Game Boy Advance's screen but will sacrifice none of the original graphic
detail and will allow the screen to scroll vertically in order to follow
Pac-Xavier's movement. In order to achieve this, bring up the settings menu by
pressing both the "L" and "R" buttons at the same time, scroll to "Display" and
select this by pressing "A", then set the display mode under this setting to
"UNSCALED (Auto)" mode. Press "L" and "R" together twice to escape from this

   In order for sprite following to work properly it must be set up to do so
when you first build your PocketNES ROM. The details on how to build PocketNES
ROMs for use in Game Boy Advance are beyond the scope of this guide... please
refer to the PocketNES documentation for details on how to achieve this. When
building your PocketNES ROM using the PocketNES Menu Maker, use the following
procedures to get sprite following in Pac-Man Xtreme in "UNSCALED (Auto)" mode
to work properly with PocketNES 9.98:

  1. Select the "Pac-Man Xtreme (PN)" game from the "Rom List" menu.

  2. Check off the box next to the "Follow Memory (32)" option. Then, in the
     small bar next to it, type in a value of 98. Finally, click the "OK"
     button just below that in order to have the Menu Maker "remember" these

  3. Build your ROM using the "Make Rom" button.



  As in most Pac-Man style games, the player has two primary objectives... to
consume all edible pellets and energizers within the current maze to facilitate
moving through the game's Stages, and to score as many points as possible in
the process.

   Pac-Xavier's actions are directly controlled by using Control Pad 1.
(Control Pad 2 is not used during normal gameplay.)

   Four dangerously colored Monsters will roam the Stage of the game Pac-Xavier
is in, hunting down and attempting to capture him. If any of the Monsters come
into contact with Pac-Xavier, he will die and lose one of his remaining lives.
Once Pac-Xavier has exhausted all of his available lives, the game will end.

   Eating one of the flashing energizers within the maze will cause the
Monsters to return to their original blue weak forms for a period of time,
allowing Pac-Xavier to turn the tables on his enemies and eat them, earning
exponentially increasing amounts of bonus points. Any Monsters whom have been
"chomped" in this manner will lose their bodies, and their disembodied life
forces, represented by their still-visible eyes, will return to the Monster Pen
as fast as possible to regenerate new bodies and resume their pursuit of

   Twice per Stage a bonus prize will emerge from one of the maze's horizontal
tunnels and begin bouncing around the maze, later returning to disappear back
into a horizontal tunnel. If Pac-Xavier manages to capture this prize before it
disappears, he will earn additional bonus points. Bonus prizes' point values
increase in higher numbered Stages.

   The game will continue until all reserve lives have been exhausted or the
player simply quits the game.



Game Stages (Zones And Levels)

   There are thirty-two Stages in Pac-Man Xtreme, consisting of eight Zones
comprised of four Levels each. A "Zone" and corresponding "Level", when
referenced together as a whole, is referred to as a "Stage". More details on
the specific Stages (Zones and Levels) encountered in Pac-Man Xtreme can be

Prize Distribution

   Pac-Man Xtreme's prizes are distributed differently than in other Pac-Man
style games, due to its new Stage layout described above. Prizes are now
distributed across full Zones rather than individual Levels, with a new prize
appearing every four Levels. There are eight Zones in Pac-Man Xtreme and seven
different prizes. In Zone 8, the Mystery Zone, the prizes that appear within
the Levels are at random.

Four Different Stage Progression Modes

   The player may choose, when in "START" mode at Pac-Man Xtreme's title
screen, to play the game in one of four different modes: Linear, Singular,
Random A, or Random B, which determines the manner in which the player
progresses through the game's Stages. Additionally, the player may also
choose which Stage to start the game on in the Linear, Singular, and Random A
modes. More details can be found in the "PAC-MAN XTREME'S COMTROLS" section.

Selectable Game Options

   The player may choose, when in "OPTION" mode at Pac-Man Xtreme's title
screen, to change several key options which determine the rules and regulations
under which the game is played: Amount of starting lives, whether bonus lives
are dispensed at x20000, x50000, and x80000 points or not, amount of starting
spells, whether or not completing a Stage without dying is necessary to achieve
a "Perfect Clear", whether or not mazes "vanish" during times when Monsters are
blue, and Pac-Xavier's overall speed settings. More details can be found in the

Limited Pausing Of The Game

   Unlike many NES games, players may only use the "PAUSE" feature in Pac-Man
Xtreme only once per individual Stage. The purpose of this is to create balance
and encourage fair play and also to defeat the "slow motion" feature found on
many controllers which pause the game repeatedly, yet still allow the player a
reasonable leniency to pause the game if and when the need arises. Be
resourceful and use this ability wisely and prudently. (Hint: You may need it
at times to take a breather to locate stray pellets.)

Different Monster AI

   The artificial intelligence under which the Monsters act in Pac-Man Xtreme
has been altered from Ms. Pac-Man... therefore, Monsters many often act in ways
that are unexpected by players of previous Pac-Man style games. Detailed
descriptions of the Monsters' new behavioral tendencies and quirks can be found
in the supplemental written documentation "Pac-Man Xtreme - Enemy Monster
Itinerary", included in the "Pac-Man Xtreme - Written Documentation" folder.

Vertical Tunnels

   Pac-Man Xtreme contains new code which allows the engine to fully utilize
maze designs which feature vertical tunnels, and several Stages within the game
take advantage of this. Both Pac-Xavier as well as the Monsters are capable of
using these new passages, and will do so often. It's important to note that
vertical tunnels are different from typical horizontal ones in several ways.
First, vertical tunnels will not slow Monsters down like horizontal ones will,
an important point to note when outrunning aggressive pursuers. Second,
vertical tunnels are neither capable of producing, swallowing, or allowing
passage of prizes moving through the mazes, and any prize which finds itself
heading into a vertical tunnel will immediately reverse course and go in the
opposite direction.

Variable Performance-Based Difficulty

   Ms. Pac-Man's original difficulty selection switch has been re-utilized as a
dynamic function of Pac-Man Xtreme which changes the difficulty of the game
on a per-Stage basis based on the amount of blue Monsters and bonus prizes the
player is able to collect during a particular Stage, making the game easier or
harder as a result as the player goes along. The better one does within a
particular Stage, the harder the game will get on the next one. The opposite
gameplay mechanic also holds true.

Barrier Pellets

   There is a new obstacle to negotiate within the Stages of Pac-Man Xtreme...
Barrier Pellets. These harmless yet inedible pellets, distinguishable by their
hollowed-out look, block certain passages within the mazes and are presented as
a minor inconvenience and with the purpose of creating confusion. Obviously,
they do not need to be eaten to clear a Stage as eating them is impossible. But
be on the lookout for these, keep a cool head, and don't get caught off guard.

New Sound Effects And Music

   In an effort to further set it apart from its predecessor Ms. Pac-Man,
every single sound effect in Pac-Man Xtreme has been changed or altered from
its original version, and a few new sound effects have even been added.
Furthermore, the game's opening theme music has been entirely recomposed and
rewritten from scratch into a brand new song unique to Pac-Man Xtreme.

Perfect Stage Clears Rewarded

   Pac-Man Xtreme encourages the player to achieve what is known as a "Perfect
Clear", that is, the eating of all four Monsters per energizer eaten as well as
the eating of both prizes which appear in a Stage, by offering special rewards
for doing so. Whenever the player manages to do this and then completes the
Stage, not only will their Spell Cache be refilled to the maximum amount of the
three spells which they can carry at one time but they will also earn a nice
fat two-thousand point bonus for their efforts.

Casting Relocation Spells

   The granddaddy of all of the new features which make Pac-Man Xtreme unique.
A new play mechanic has been introduced which allows the player to cast
relocation spells both on Pac-Xavier and the Monsters, magically transporting
all of them simultaneously to more advantageous positions within the maze
depending on whether the Monsters are blue, dangerously colored, or both at the
same time. Further details regarding this function can be found in their own



  One of Pac-Man Xtreme's gameplay aspects which makes it unique is the ability
of the player to cast relocation spells upon both Pac-Xavier and the Monsters,
teleporting these characters to more advantageous positions within the current
Stage's maze. Two different catalysts are employed for this function: The
"Spell Cache" and the player's "Inert Energy" represented by a "CAST" light.
Pressing the "B" button at any time during gameplay will cause Pac-Xavier to
cast a spell if there are spare spells to cast in the "Spell Cache" and if
Pac-Xavier's "Inert Energy" is currently full, represented by a lit "CAST"
light. These spells can be used during gameplay either offensively or
defensively as the player chooses.

Spell Cache

  The "Spell Cache" is where spare spells are stored during the course of the
game. The number of spells stored in the "Spell Cache" at any given time
during gameplay are indicated via the amount of spell graphics present under
the "CAST" light in the right-side column display.

  The player begins the game with a predetermined amount of spells already in
the "Spell Cache" as determined by the "SPELLS" option that was set on Pac-Man
Xtreme's title screen before gameplay began.

  There are two ways to add spells to the "Spell Cache" during the game.
Capturing both prizes within a given Stage's maze will add one spell to the
"Spell Cache". Achieving a "Perfect Clear" in any Stage will refill the
player's "Spell Cache" to the maximum capacity.

  The "Spell Cache" is capable of storing up to a maximum of three spells at
any given time.

  Any spells which the player has acquired during the course of the game cannot
be lost until they are cast and will not disappear when Pac-Xavier loses a
life. (However, "Inert Energy", as indicated by a lit "CAST" light, will be
lost assuming that the "CAST" light was lit when Pac-Xavier died.) Any spells
which reside in the "Spell Cache" when the current Stage's maze is cleared will
be carried over for use into the next Stage. 

Inert Energy

  Stored "Inert Energy" within Pac-Xavier must be used by the player as an
ignition source to cast the spells which Pac-Xavier carries.

  "Inert Energy" is either "completely full" or "completely empty", and its
state within Pac-Xavier is indicated by the "CAST" light in the right-side
status display. Pac-Xavier may cast a spell whenever the "CAST" light is lit,
assuming he is carrying at least one spell in the "Spell Cache".

  It uses up all of Pac-Xavier's stored "Inert Energy" to ignite and activate a
single spell.

  Each new Pac-Xavier that is introduced into gameplay either at the beginning
of the game or after the previous Pac-Xavier has died begins with no "Inert
Energy" stored up. This must be earned with the limited opportunites available
to do so during the course of standard gameplay.

  Eating any prize bouncing around the maze will restore Pac-Xavier's "Inert
Energy" to "completely full", lighting the "CAST" light. "Inert Energy" will
be completely lost either when Pac-Xavier casts a spell or when Pac-Xavier
loses a life and a new Pac-Xavier is put into gameplay, causing the "CAST"
light to go dark.

  If Pac-Xavier clears a Stage before expending his "Inert Energy" reserves by
losing a life or casting a spell, this stored "Inert Energy" will be carried
over for use into the next Stage.

Results Of Casting Spells

  Whenever the player presses the "B" button and successfully casts a spell on
Pac-Xavier and the Monsters, the following actions will take place:

  1. One spell will disappear from Pac-Xavier's "Spell Cache".
  2. Pac-Xavier's "Inert Energy" used to cast the spell will deplete, turning
     off the "CAST" light.
  3. Pac-Xavier will be teleported to the right side of the passage beneath
     the Monster Pen, heading to the left.
  4. All dangerously colored Monsters who are not disembodied and/or not
     within the protective confines of the Monster Pen will be teleported to
     the four corners of the maze.
  5. All vulnerable blue Monsters who are not disembodied and/or not within
     the protective confines of the Monster Pen will be teleported to the left
     side of the passage beneath the Monster Pen, headed to the right,
     straight towards Pac-Xavier.

  Implemented efficiently, casting spells can be an effective and advantageous
weapon to use as one sees fit, either offensively or defensively as the given
situation warrants. Use this wisely, prudently, and judiciously.

Situations In Which Spells Are Ineffective

  Any spell successfully cast by the player will always affect Pac-Xavier's
position within the maze. However, this is not always the case with the
Monsters, as there are certain times when spells cast by the player will not
affect them. The following Monsters will not be affected by spells when they
are cast:

  1. Those who are entering, leaving, residing in, and/or anywhere within
     and/or touching the inner confines of the Monster Pen. This area is
     magically shielded against the effects of spells and is therefore a safe
     haven for all Monsters.
  2. Those who have been eaten by Pac-Xavier but whom have not yet returned to
     the Monster Pen to restore themselves from being disembodied.

One Last Thing To Note

  It is sometimes possible during the course of the game to end up with either
only spells in the "Spell Cache" or only the "Inert Energy" needed to cast
these spells rather than having both at the same time, rendering the player
incapable of casting a spell until this situation is remedied.



------------------------------------       ------------------------------------
CONTROLLER 1                               CONTROLLER 1
------------------------------------       ------------------------------------

Left/Right - Selects "START" or            Left/Right - Selects "START" or
             "OPTION" mode.                             "OPTION" mode.
    Up     - Increases the game's              Up     - Changes the amount of
             starting Stage. The                        starting lives. From
             player may start the                       one to seven starting
             game on any Stage                          lives may be chosen.
             from 1-1 to 8-4. The                       The default amount of
             default is 1-1.                            starting lives is four.
   Down    - Decreases the game's             Down    - Turns bonus lives on
             starting Stage. The                        or off. ("ARE"/"NOT")
             player may start the                       If on, bonus lives are
             game on any Stage                          dispensed every x20000,
             from 1-1 to 8-4. The                       x50000, and x80000
             default is 1-1.                            points. (20000, 50000,
  Select   - Begins a "Singular"                        80000, 120000, 150000,
             mode type of game.                         180000, 220000, and so
             Game begins at the                         forth and so on.) When
             chosen starting Stage                      off, bonus lives are
             and remains there for                      never dispensed. This
             the entire game.                           function is turned on
  Start    - Begins a "Linear"                          by default.
             mode type of game.              Select   - Chooses the amount of
             Game begins at the                         starting "SPELLS". The
             chosen starting Stage                      player may begin the
             and progresses upward                      game with anywhere from
             through the Stages one                     none to three spells.
             by one. This is the                        The default is one.
             default starting mode.          Start    - Turns "Perfect Clear"
             (When Stage 8-4 is                         "LIVING" on or off.
             cleared in a "Linear"                      When on, whether or not
             game, the Stages roll                      Pac-Xavier dies during
             back to 1-1.)                              the Stage will affect
    B      - Begins a "Random B"                        whether or not the
             mode type of game.                         player has achieved a
             Game ignores the                           "Perfect Clear". When
             pre-chosen starting                        off, Pac-Xavier dying
             Stage and selects all                      during a Stage or not
             Stages at random from                      is not a consideration
             the beginning.                             for this.
    A      - Begins a "Random A"               B      - Chooses blue-Monster
             mode type of game.                         maze "VANISH" mode.
             Game begins at the                         "NO" means mazes never
             chosen starting Stage                      vanish when blue
             but selects all Stages                     Monsters are present.
             after it at random.                        "YES" means mazes
                                                        always vanish when blue
------------------------------------                    Monsters are present.
CONTROLLER 1                                            "???" means mazes only
(DURING REGULAR GAMEPLAY)                               vanish sometimes when
------------------------------------                    blue Monsters are
                                                        present. Mazes always
 Up/Down/  - Moves Pac-Xavier up,                       re-appear after blue
Left/Right   down, left, or right                       Monsters are gone. Only
             depending on the                           mazes vanish, never the
             direction selected.                        pellets and energizers.
  Select   - [UNSPECIFIED]                              "???" is the default.
  Start    - Places the game CPU               A      - Switches Pac-Xavier's
             in "PAUSE" mode or                         in-game "SPEED" option
             back to "RUN" mode,                        between one of four
             if not previously                          modes: "Always Normal",
             used in the current                        "Always Fast", "Normal
             Stage. The game can                        With Colored Monsters,
             only be placed in                          Fast With Blue Ones",
             "PAUSE" mode once per                      and "Fast With Colored
             Stage.                                     Monsters, Normal With
    B      - Causes Pac-Xavier to                       Blue Ones". "Normal
             attempt to cast a                          With Colored Monsters,
             spell. In order to                         Fast With Blue Ones" is
             do so successfully,                        the default.
             Pac-Xavier must be
             carrying at least one         ------------------------------------
             spell and the "CAST"          CONTROLLER 2
             light must be lit up.         (NOT REQUIRED)
    A      - [UNSPECIFIED]                 ------------------------------------

                                           (Pac-Man Xtreme is for one player
                                            only. Controller 2 is not used
                                            during standard game play.)



Eating Pellet                      - 10 points
Eating Energizer                   - 50 points
Eating 1st Monster After Energizer - 200 Points
Eating 2nd Monster After Energizer - 400 Points
Eating 3rd Monster After Energizer - 800 Points
Eating 4th Monster After Energizer - 1600 Points
Eating Bonus Prize (Grapes)        - 100 Points + CAST On
Eating Bonus Prize (Milk Bottle)   - 200 Points + CAST On
Eating Bonus Prize (Cheeseburger)  - 500 Points + CAST On
Eating Bonus Prize (Ice Cream)     - 700 Points + CAST On
Eating Bonus Prize (Bell Pepper)   - 1000 Points + CAST On
Eating Bonus Prize (Pineapple)     - 2000 Points + CAST On
Eating Bonus Prize (Smoked Ham)    - 5000 Points + CAST On
Eating Both Prizes Within Stage    - Prize Points + CAST On + 1 Spell **
Clearing Stage ("Perfect Clear")   - 2000 Points + Spell Cache Full (3) ** ***
Clearing Stage (Normal)            - No Extra Value
Earning x20000 Points              - 1 Additional Life * ** ***
Earning x50000 Points              - 1 Additional Life * ** ***
Earning x80000 Points              - 1 Additional Life * ** ***

    * A player will only receive additional bonus lives at the
      aforementioned point values if the "BONUS PACS --- ACTIVE" option
      was previously set to "ARE" at Pac-Man Xtreme's title screen before
      the game began.

   ** The maximum amount of lives that may be carried by the player cannot
      exceed seven at any time, and the maximum amount of spells that may be
      carried by the player cannot exceed three at any time. Therefore,
      players will only earn additional bonuses if they are not in
      possession of the maximum amounts of these amenities at the time of
      their earning.

  *** The maximum amount of points the player may achieve in a single game
      of Pac-Man Xtreme is 9999999. After 9980000 points, bonus lives will
      no longer be awarded, and after 9998000 points "Perfect Clear" bonuses
      will also cease to be awarded any further.



  Welcome to the Xtreme Realm. Good luck, Pac-Xavier. Get Ready!

  Zone Number: 1
  Prize Type:  Grapes
  Prize Value: 100 Points

    1-1: Indigo Interstate
    1-2: Banana Split Stadium
    1-3: Raspberry Rafters
    1-4: Electric Avenue

  Zone Number: 2
  Prize Type:  Milk Bottle
  Prize Value: 200 Points

    2-1: Regions Of Rust
    2-2: Perennial Pepper Palace
    2-3: Twisted Nut Factory
    2-4: Violet Video Valley

  Zone Number: 3
  Prize Type:  Cheeseburger
  Prize Value: 500 Points

    3-1: Multi Color Caverns
    3-2: Kingdoms Of Ketchup
    3-3: Xtreme Fun Palace
    3-4: Omega Overpass

  Zone Number: 4
  Prize Type:  Ice Cream
  Prize Value: 700 Points

    4-1: Dew Spray Throughway
    4-2: Hippocras Highlands
    4-3: Field Of Dreams
    4-4: Cotton Candy Catacombs

  Zone Number: 5
  Prize Type:  Bell Pepper
  Prize Value: 1000 Points

    5-1: Eggplant Everglades
    5-2: Ninety Degree Nooks
    5-3: Quick Silver Plains
    5-4: Domicile Of Dormitories

  Zone Number: 6
  Prize Type:  Pineapple
  Prize Value: 2000 Points

    6-1: Tangerine Terrace
    6-2: Glow Stick Savanna
    6-3: Underthawed Underground
    6-4: Algae Alcoves

  Zone Number: 7
  Prize Type:  Smoked Ham
  Prize Value: 5000 Points

    7-1: Zero Gravity Promenade
    7-2: Labyrinth Of Luminescence
    7-3: Yellow Pellet Divide
    7-4: Colorblind Courtyard

  Zone Number: 8
  Prize Type:  Random prizes appear...
  Prize Value: ???? Points

    8-1: Aquatic Quadrants
    8-2: Jumbled Jigsaw Junction
    8-3: Worlds Of Watermelon
    8-4: Stairway To Hell