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Super Metroid: Redesign Game
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Parameter Info
Console: SNES
Original Game: Super Metroid
Type: Complete
Genre: Action Adventure
Modifications: G,L,GP
Creator: Drewseph
Date Created: 06/01/2006
Last Modified: 10/29/2015
Parameter Info
File Name: Super_Metroid_Redesign_v2.1_FINAL.7z
Downloads: 233
Requirements: No-Header (SNES)
Version: 2.1 FINAL

Super Metroid: RedesignDescription

Don’t think this is gonna be a 100% Gold Remake, it’ll have its differences. Extra battles (some’ll be optionals, tough but rewarding), Hoenn Pokemon (in every area, and hard to find) New areas, Remapped some dungeons (so your old guides wont work) , Extra recurring characters (some’ll hate you, some’ll help you)

Note that the hack is incomplete but feel free to enjoy the hack as-is.

Super Metroid: RedesignRead Me

                                         -sdNNm:`hdo  +dh..mmdddy/`sdmddd. ommddhs:                                     
                                       `yMm:.:o sMm`  dMy -MMs.sMMo-MMs`.-  hMm-:dMd.                                   
                                       sMMMd/  /MM-  :MM/ +MMs-yMMy NMNyyh` `mMd+hMMs                                   
                                       .sNMMM`-NMs   dMN  yMMMMNNy. yMMhos/  -MMMdNNy:                                  
                                    o`   sMMs`mMM`  +MMs  mMM/      +MMd      +MMs :dMm/                                
                                  `yMNyymMM+ /MMMdsdMMd` .MMM:      .MMMo++oy  hMMo  /NMd:                              
                                 `dMMMMMmo`  .NMMMMMm+   sMMM/      `MMMMMMMM: -MMMs` `hMMh-                            
                     ....`      .-:/+:/:.......-/o+:....-++//+.......::::::::-.-+:::- `-++++``......`                   
                    :MMMM:   `/dMMN+  yMMMMMMMs`mMMMMMMMMMMy hMMMMMMMms`   /mMMMMMdo-  :mMMm` /NMMMMMMmy+.              
                  .yMMMMd  .oNMMMN-  /MMMo::/y.yyo+dMMMs+ohy oMMM+/sMMMm` /MMMNsoyNMMd- `dMMd` `hMMNo/ohMMd+`           
                `sMMMMMM:-yMMMMMN.  /MMMs          NMMN`     sMMM.  hMMM/ hMMMo   `oMMMs``dMMm.  oMMN+  `+mMMy-         
               +NMNoNMMMdMmsmMMN-  /MMMMdhhd.     +MMMh      yMMMo+sMMMm. yMMMy     /MMMd``dMMN:  :NMMh`   /mMMh:       
             /mMMy.sMMMMd/-mMMN.  /MMMMMMMM/      mMMM+      hMMMMMMMMs`  /MMMN.     oMMMm``dMMM/  .dMMN:    oMMMh.     
           -dMMd- :MMMh: /NMMm.  /MMMN-.../      :MMMM.      dMMMhsdMMMm-  dMMMd      dMMMh `dMMMo  `yMMMy`   -mMMMo    
         .hMMMo  `mMy-  +MMMN.  :MMMM-           dMMMd       mMMM+  +MMMN: .NMMMy     +MMMM/ `dMMMy   +MMMm-   `mMMMd.  
       `sMMMh.   ss.   sMMMm.  :MMMM/    `-     -MMMMo       NMMMo   oMMMN- -NMMMm:   sMMMMd  `dMMMh`  -NMMMo   /MMMMN- 
      oNMMm:     `   `dMMMN.  :MMMMNsssyhm.     hMMMM-      `NMMMy    hMMMN- .dMMMMMmNMMMMMm   `dMMMm.  `dMMMdsymMMMMMN.
    +mMMMy`         -mMMMN.  +MMMMMMMMMMN:     -MMMMN`      -MMMMd    .MMMMN.  +NMMMMMMMMMMy    .NMMMN-  `hMMMMMMMMMMMMs
 .oNMMMMs         .yMMMMMs -hMMMMMMMMMMM+     :NMMMMM:     `dMMMMM/    dMMMMm-  `/yNMMMMMNs`     oMMMMMy. `NMMMMMMMMMMN/
 .......`         .......` .............      ........     `.......    .......      .:::-`       `.......  ..........`  
                           ohyshho`   shysss  `hhysyy+`  /hhssy`  ohdyy+  ohh   :sdhyyy  `shy: `sh:                     
                          +MM+/mmo   -MMy//   :MM- `dMm` oMM+//  `hMdo/-  :MM- -MMs `///` .NMmmo-mm.                    
                         /MN/+MN+    dMh---   hMm  -mMh  yMN---   :.-+NMo `NMs `hMm:`/NMs  /Mh.sNmMm.                   
                        /mm/  dmd`  ommdhhs  -mmdhhds:  `hmmhhh+  yddmmh-  hmd.  -ohddmmd.  ymo `/dmh.    

Version 2.1 I swear this is the final FINAL one!
  Super Metroid: Redesign                       by Drewseph
Fixes-  Removed several annoying glitches when loading from save stations and not having the icon match up with x/y
	Made sure there are fewer problems upon trying to unmorph after springballing through a maze.
	Fixed a few small graphical issues in a  couple of rooms.

	The zip containing the patch is password protected.  Please read the document to get the password to the zip, and also refer back to the document for any help.

IRC channel:      
Room:					#smr
		Once again many rooms have been tweaked a bit to offer better tile continuity.  A few of the morphball passages have been fixed so hopefully its less
		frequent to get "stuck" in ball form after exiting.  I made a few of the morphball passages a bit more obvious, specifically the passage to the left 
		of norfair elevator.  added slopes in certain lava pit of doom, so exiting is easier.  Thank you for playing, Read on!

Table of contents:



-New Features-




	Redesign started as an introduction for me (Drewseph) to SMILE and to 

learn what its uses and limitations were.  I have always loved Super Metroid 

and have played it constantly since I was a teenager, in fact, I have been 

drawing up Metroid 1 maps since I was in kindergarten.  This hack is simply a 

Re-telling of a classic game with drastic changes to the physics and the abilities 

gained during the adventure.  

	In reality this hack has been scrapped and redone around 3 times in the 

past 2 years.  It started with Re-tiling all of Crateria's rooms, and then 

rearranging all of Brinstar's door destinations....  Then Norfair, 

where for the first time I changed the room dimensions and door destinations.  I 

had completed 3 whole areas  when I finally realized a GOOD hack had to have NO 

rooms that could be distinguished from the original in any fashion.

	I then set out on remapping Brinstar and Norfair again until I discovered 

I could EXPAND every single room past the original size limitations.  That's when 

I once again started over entirely with one goal in mind...

	Turn a 30-minute Adventure in to a 2-hour adventure.

By this time a huge list of ideas and new abilities had come to mind.  The 

physics had been changed, but needed the skill of a few very talented friends to 

make my vision come true...

	So now I give you Redesign; a Simple name, but clearly states my 

intentions for the hack, a COMPLETE  Redesign of Super Metroid, while staying true 

to the story and atmosphere of the original.  

The zip file is pasworded so you can read this text before diving into 

the game.  The password is:  redesign_of_a_classic

	Thank you for playing my dream, even if you hate what I have done, at 

least you'll see a new original hack.




-Unzip by using the correct password to get Super_Metroid_Redesign.ips

 -I used Winzip9.0, and win RAR to test unzipping, both worked.

-Apply the ips patch directly to "Super Metroid (JU)" rom using lunar ips 

 ( or any other ips application (this is just the one i use)




-Physics Changes:  	Something that always bothered me has been the horribly slow falling speed in this game. 

			Every time I jumped I felt like I was wasting time waiting to land on the ground. 

			My reason for changing it is backed up by a Pirate data in Metroid Prime that states Zebes total 

			mass nearly equivalent to Tallon VI.  I also Favored changing the physics because in every SM 

			hack I've played I get bored rather quickly because I already know everything there is.  I know 

			where I can wall jump, that I can bomb jump places, that I can easily get around this place by 

			doing  another thing.   I have also modified bomb jumping to return to the fast falling speeds of

			M1 and Metroid Prime.  Many tricks you knew in the original will need to be relearned which brings

			back that "unfamiliar" feeling of gameplay.  THATS why I changed the physics.

-New Items:		There are 2 new major upgrades that Samus will need to complete her adventure.  One of them is 

			required, the other a simple weapons addition to enhance your fire power.  Hi-Jump boots now

			come packaged with Spring-Ball.

-Abilities:		Wall jumping has become a bigger part in this hack.  IF a wall is rocky and has a gripping surface

			then Samus will be able to wall jump off of it.  However if the wall is a smooth pipe, or an algae

			covered seawall, then Samus won't be able to get ANY grip to jump from.  A new technique that was 

			Alien to SM has finally been added to the game as well, and you'll need to use it carefully if you 

			wish to get all 100% items.



Q:  I am using Zsnes and the game doesn't work/appears as a garbled mess.  How do 
    I get it to work?

A:  Zsnes 1.4x does not seem to support the game, however previous versions like 
    1.36 works, as will future versions of Zsnes.

Q:  I seem to be stuck in an area where it looks like I have to use the infinite 
    bomb jump to get out, and it seems too difficult for me to do it.  What do I do?

A:The Infinite bomb jump is NEVER required to beat this hack, so if you find yourself doing this to get somewhere, you might want to turn around and get
 the item that you need.  It is, however, nessicary to get 100% items.  

Q:  Crateria seems rather dark and I can't see much.

A:  Adjust the settings on your monitor so it's brighter.  It's an obvious 
solution, but some people (I am looking at you, Jigglysaint) may not get it right 

Q:  It burns!!!!

A:  Just keep on running...


Project Leader/Level Design:			-Drewseph-
Main Programmer:				-Kejardon-
Additional Programmers:				-Jathys-

Beta Testers:					-Atma-
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this folder are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders. Thanks nintendo for making such a great game!